Can we change the world?

As 2012 is gaining momentum, I am in the process of digesting a piece of under-cover news given to me yesterday… something like: – what is REALLY going on in the world of politics and counter-politics, and bullies, bullying each other.

Now, I have given up on politics a long time ago… kind-of washing my hands of it… yet, politicians do affect our world, and so do financial markets… whether we like to buy into this or not: – we still have to live in the world!

So, on reading this, I thought to myself: – is having a different government in this country, and having someone else calling the shots, (or the collective shots, rather) really going to make such a difference to the world at large?  It is really going to change ANYTHING?

I have always had a great passion for reading history because, like Joseph Campbell states the collective MYTHS and LEGENDS of the world, all point to Archetypes struggling with the same issues that we are confronted with: – history tends to repeat itself.  On this planet, more so than on any other planet… and I am in the process of writing books on what happened to the first colonization of this planet…. and what went wrong.

At first we had Utopia… we lived in bliss in the 7th dimensional state… until this planet got infiltrated by a certain element, which acted upon it like a virus.  Yet, what is really did, WAS INFILTRATE THE MINDS of mankind!

Now, this is an interesting concept:  INFILTRATE THE MINDS of people, and then you change their hearts.  For when the mind rules the heart, the heart is stripped: – heart-less.  That is when you start killing for the sake of killing, and when you start manipulating all around you, in your great hunger for power and control.

Power in itself is a neutral force… it is practically powerless… until we GIVE it power.  The downside though is that the more power we give to power, the more it starts to rule us… and we lose control over the power!

2012, is going to be a massive learning curve in the way we learn to have a change of HEART and then to let our HEARTS RULE OUR MINDS.  Now, this does not mean that we lose our rational thinking… no, it simply means, that if we change from our core and inner being… our hearts and souls: we then change our PERCEPTION OF THE WORLD AND OUR REACTION TO IT!

When our hearts change, the rest changes.  That is why all the great Masters who ever graced this planet, pointed to this fact: – THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS WITHIN YOU!

We have all the resources, the inner wisdom, love, and knowledge to change the world at a deep and profound level.  Yet, we first have to get in touch with our own inner core self, and do great house cleaning there.  Once we change at a heart level, and find our own inner equilibrium, we find the Keys to EXUBERANT and EUPHORIC LIFE!

The trick is, that we have to find our INNER BALANCE, and finding that inner balance, then tips the scales of the rest of world.  That is how inherently POWERFUL we are!

Yet, we play small.  We tend to forget our own power…. most often shrink away from it. 

We all have the power to change the world… and this power lies WITHIN us!

THE INWARD REVOLUTION!   This is already happening, as people’s HEARTS are changing.

Dr. Victor Frankl, calls it: MAN’S SEARCH FOR MEANING!

Once one is firmly anchored in finding the inner core MEANING of one’s life, and why one is on this planet at this time, you tend to hone in on a CALLING that is GREATER THAN YOURSELF…. you start going OUTWARD, to touch the lives of other people… YOU ARE IGNITED!


And we can change the tide of history, IF WE COLLECTIVE CHANGE! 

I will elaborate on this theme, in my second blog!

One thought on “Can we change the world?

  1. You should write some more and blog it. Pure of heart and thinking with the heart will give you the new insides in awakening to what has been veiled for so long.
    Love and Light, Lucas –

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