The Children of the Sun God….

The Children of the Sun God!


By Judith Kusel


When the new planet was formed, and once all was settled, the Children of the Sun God played on the surface – they rejoiced in the crystal clear waters of the rivers and lakes, frolicked in the surf of the newly formed oceans…. they played and laughed – for they were the Children of the Most High – Source itself!

They treasured the beauty all around them.  The azure blue skies.  The temperate climate and the magnificent snow-capped mountains, that rose majestically from the oceans – towering above the land!

They were the first ones.  The whole planet belonged to them.  They came from all corners of the Creation, galaxies and solar systems far away – and they were perfect in form and Beingness!   They acted as co-creators with Source and by using their inherent talents to create, started to experiment with the different plants and species and introducing those from other solar systems and helping them to adjust.

They lived in harmony and peace.   Their lightness of touch and their laughter echoed through the hills and valleys.  They lived a live in plentiful abundance and theirs was all they beheld.   No boundaries.   No submission.  All equal and all well as they used their powers to create wisely and so enhanced creation and perfection of form.

Today they are but memories and myths, legends from all over the world remember them – yet they were living Beings like us in form and manner!  Yet highly evolved, and not attached to form!

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