Heart-Centered Beingness… the flowing out ….

Life is a beautiful flowing together of multi-coloured strands of Light….

Think of a double helix two-stranded cord… entwining… and then joined by millions of other different coloured strands of Light…. all in a constant dance of coming together… then moving out… stretching… stretching… and then coming together again…. until it all become this beautiful FLAME…. a burning torch…. extended Beacon of Light and Love…

Light and Love always goes together… they are inseparable…

Where there is great Love… there is great Light!

They walk hand in hand… shoulder to shoulder…

They embrace each other constantly….

We are now stepping into the Life-time-frame on this Planet, when we simply have to learn to live TOTALLY FROM THE HEART-CENTRE = HEART-CENTRED-BEINGNESS!

We will have to shut out the incessant chatter of the mind, in order to get back to the CORE of self – the soul-beat … the FOUNTAINS of the River of Life… which is HEART and LOVE!

For in order to break old habits and patterns… all the collective debris of generations of mistakes and maladministration of our planet and ourselves… collective pain and woe… we have to learn the state of BEING IN LOVE!

Being in Love with ourselves… with our Divine Other… the Divine Source…. with all of those souls who grace our lives with their presence… to more than this: – To extend it to all souls living on this planet… to the animal kingdom… fauna and flora… all winged creatures ….to the elementals… indeed: – all FORMS AND EXPRESSION OF LIFE!


When our heart chakras are fully opened… when we learn to open our hearts and simply let LOVE flow where it wills, without  EXPECTING  to be returned – miracles start happening: – WE BECOME MAGNETS FOR MORE AND MORE LOVE TO ENTER OUR LIVES TO AND TO HUG US… TO ENFOLD US IN beautiful soft cushioned WINGS….

In the true essence of our heart and souls we are the purest forms of energy… the energy of Love and Light!

When we are truly anchored in our heart chakras and have our higher chakras all opened up… the start RADIATING OUR LIGHT in extremely high frequencies.   We are like a Lighthouse… we become BEACONS….  all are drawn to us – most of them unconsciously so, for they are drawn to our Light frequencies, vibrating and radiating forth….

As we grow in Light and Love frequencies, we start becoming CRYSTALLINE – we are like a huge living sheer and transparent quartz crystal…..  pulsating with enormous electro-magnetic energy …..we SHINE!  WE ARE LIT UP FROM WITHIN…. RADIATING OUT!

In our crystalline form we can transcend time and space… we can become whatever we would like to become… travel wherever we want to… we are FREE to fly and to roam where we want… for we are not encumbered by physical form any more…. we are TRANSCENDENT BEINGS!

 We still have all the sensations and feelings of physical form, but we are MORE than that … for we are now truly SOUL-CONNECTED, and not hemmed in by the control mechanisms of the mind!

We are so ATONE with all and everything… that WE ARE EVERYTHING that was ever created and EVERYTHING THAT WAS EVER CREATED IS US! 

It is then that we truly understand… that as we are SOUL..

We realize everything on the face of this planet is constantly being transformed… because PLANET EARTH IS ALIVE AND HAS A SOUL…. we start honouring and nurturing… LOVING THAT SOUL!

We start ACTING like co-creators… but now in a RESPONSIBLE MANNER… for we realize, that if we are ALL and ALL is us… all that we do or create, are AFFECTING US… THE WHOLE!  WHEN WE CREATE… WE DO SO IN LOVE AND HARMONY…. FOR WE ARE IN SYNCH WITH THE WHOLE ……and not out of synch like before….

The more we shine… the more connected we become with the true ESSENSE … THE MYSTERY THAT IS LIFE AND LOVE…. We delve into the depths of whom and what we truly are…. We delve into the inestimable realms of the GREAT COSMIC SOUL….. We stand in wonder and awe…. We grow in grace and gratitude…. The deeper we go… the humbler we become… we lost our egos a long time ago…. We simply GROW… BECOME…. GROW… BECOME…. MORE and MORE>>>>


I embrace the true COMPANIONS OF MY SOUL!

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