The Illusion played out…


The Illusion played out.


Life is a intricate web.   What we see or perceive is often the illusion that is fed into our minds – not the reality of what life and all life forms are truly about.

We live in an assimilated world – one that is projected as real, when all is illusion and all that comes with it –  are but the illusionist within us, playing out a role:  the truth is that we are not what we seem to be, nor is this world what it is assuming to be.

We are actors playing in a movie.  The movie has been based on scripts – an invention in the mind of an author or scriptwriter – the characters portrayed are not real – and the storyline unfolds as it was first created in the mind and imagination of whoever created it.

The actor is not the character in script.  He or she simply portrays to the best of his or her ability what emotions, or acts the character is supposed to be doing or acting out.

We are often so caught up in the illusion – the how we are supposed to live our lives, of who and what we should be or portray that we forget our true self – our Higher Soul-self that incarnated onto planet in order to learn valuable soul lessons.

As we assume life, we forget this, and instead of just being the actor assuming or playing out the character in the play, we BELIEVE that we are now the character in the play and that the play and the characters playing out the various roles ARE THE REALITY.  

We cannot disassociate us with the role and the character we are portraying and get so engrossed with the plot, that we forget we and what we truly are! 

We forget that who we truly are is a living and breathing entity on its own.    It is but a particle of our soul-self that incarnates on this planet at one time – the rest are at work or working in different parts of the vastness of Creation. 

The part that incarnates, normally is here because it wants to learn or master certain soul lessons, that will advance its souls evolvement.  Some are the teacher or master souls who have come to help this planet towards enlightenment, while others have soul lessons that they have to repeat, until they have mastered it.

Once we are born – we forget all this.  Yet along our life’s journey we will always be reminded of what who we really are and of why we have incarnated on this planet.  Sometimes in cases of near-death experiences, or traumatic incidents – something will always trigger a deep sense of having a certain something that we are meant to do or to fulfil before we leave this planet.  

This can happen in many ways.  It might be in the form of “heimweh”: the memory of other places, planets, galaxies where we come from – a better way of life.  It can be that we never feel we really belong to this planet: we just stand out in the crowd and never fit in and wonder what is wrong with us.  It is not what is wrong – it is simply and truly that this is not where our souls truly belong!

Most souls never wake up to this fact.  They are merely happy to survive in one form or the other in surviving on this planet.  They never question or ask and if someone comes and says:  “I am the Messiah!  I know everything!”  conjures up greater illusion than the one they have already bought into – they follow like sheep.  Never asking:  “Is this the truth?”

There is nothing wrong with buying into illusions nor being a sheep.  Yet 90% of this planet is made up of such sheep who follow illusions.  These illusions are fed them from the moment that they are born, until the die they leave this planet – only on death to discover the shock of how conned they were into believing all of this.

Thus the great number of souls who get such in the dense ethereal planes of this planet – on the shock of finding themselves suddenly without a physical body and realizing that what they perceive as the be-all and end-all of life has never been real in the first place!  Confused they roam in the realms between the dimensions and know not whence to go….  Fearing the tunnel of light – fearing the Angel of Death and Transition…..

The fact that they never wanted to know, that they bought into illusion is now a matter of souls that do not want to be reunited with their true essence – the very REALITY of who and what they truly ARE!

While scientists battle with endless formulas and equations, whether there ever was a Creator and if, in what form – and the endless theories on life, on soul, on existence are bandied about by philosophers, sociologist and all the other milliard of sciences – life simply exists – as it has done since the very beginning of ALL – and life will continue to exist long after all the formulas and equations, the scientists and all their theories have gone on and left this planet…..

Fact is, life exists.  Souls exist.  Life in all it myriads of forms exist.

 Whether we believe in a great Mind that Created it all –  or not!  Fact is life has a habit of making nil and void all scientific equations and formulas – and makes fools of the greatest philosophers that thought they knew it all!

The more the earth thinks of itself as an entity on its own and not part of a vaster greater whole,  this planet will always sit with the problem of solving problems that are solvable – but on its own. 

It is like someone who battles with the intricacies of a jigsaw puzzle, trying to piece it all together.  Yet somehow  the pieces cannot  slot in.  Just as one cannot force square peg into a round hole, so one cannot slot something into the whole, if you do not understand or deny how the whole fits together or how it operates!

If you deny soul in anything – even this planet, solar system, universe or galaxy, you deny the whole of existence.  If you then go further and deny soul within yourself, you are denying the very core existence of SELF!

No wonder then that most people have no real idea where they go to, once they lose their physical bodies – or believe in the concept of heaven and hell….

How can anyone look up at the vastness of the night sky, filled with a myriad of stars, planets, galaxies, solar systems,  stand in awe and wonder, and then still live in the assumption that this planet is the only one that has some semblance of life in the form of human beings?

Yet, the same people worship Gods and Deities that somehow seem to have supernatural powers – and have sprung into life in myths and legends handed over to them from generation to generation.  That in the end all of this makes no sense what-so-ever: – never seems to bother them – nor do they question whether what they have been told or indoctrinated with, is the truth?

One stands in marvel and awe looking at ancient structures and scientists come up with the strangest theories as to how these have sprung into existence – and people believe that because they have some or other degree that they must know the truth.

Does having a degree make you an evolved being or a God? 

No, it mostly so blinds you because it is very hard to start thinking outside the box of what you have been taught to believe in by University Professors and the Establishment and to start blazing a trail of your own.

A lot of these scientists have admitted to me, things they believe in private, but would never opening stand up and tell the world – because of fear of ridicule or of being crucified by the very establishments that they belong to.

Some, will not even listen or be open to other arguments – simply because they believe they are right.  They know it all! 

When you know it all you are not teachable and you cannot be open to seeing beyond the scope of your own narrow-mindedness.  

It is only those with an open mind and the will to explore and expand their own thinking, their way of seeing things, that in the end come up with incredible insights and visions that are way beyond their time.  Most of them get ridiculed and are ostracized during their lifetimes – because the establishment will not budge and cling for dear life to their own creations – which are far removed from the very truth of existence!

A lot of this has to do with control.   When a certain establishment controls the thinking of their so-called followers they can control the mass thinking and this in turn leads to most people then following them like sheep. 

The hardest thing in life is to have the courage, strength and conviction to stay true to yourself – to be authentic, and to follow the voice of your heart and soul – and be willing to die for it if you have to. 

This is road less travelled.  It is the one the most people shrink from in case they have to pay very dearly for what they believe in. 

It takes an extremely brave soul to even contemplate doing this – and often these souls only get recognized for their contribution to this planet long after they have left it.

It is a lonely road to travel if you are different and never understood.  If what you see if far beyond the narrow vision of this world – the way of thinking of most of those who think they have it all neatly sorted out and in the box.

True greatness is most often absent in those  the world perceives as the famous, the ones most praised and sought after. 

The true pioneers, the ones who make the greatest difference, are those who do it quietly, away from the glitz and glamour and do so by treading lightly on this earth.

For deep inside their soul, their very Being, they know that they are called to Higher Service.  That what they understand is beyond the scope and comprehension of the masses. 

They do not actively  seek the limelight for they know the limelight corrupts, just like the adoration of the masses can become an ego trip – and that power is a two-edged sword and one that can cut both ways – most of the time it can be abused instead of used for the greater good.  It can corrupt people to believe that they are invincible and indestructible and think that they are a God.

The souls that have true understanding, are those that are not attached to this planet – who tread softly knowing that all is but an illusion – her today and gone tomorrow.  They quietly go about spreading their unique light into this world – always with the knowing that they are called to Higher Service and their first question in all that they do is:  “How can I serve?  Is what I do in line with my Highest Soul Calling?  Am I being authentic and true to myself and the Divine Source?”

With it goes the innate knowledge that they have to take responsibility – not only for themselves but for all lives they touch.  The Higher the Calling, the more responsibility to act with the utmost integrity and with the knowledge that they may not intervene with other people’s free will nor abuse their powers.

All actions carry with them a reaction – and thus one cannot wash one’s hands and say that you did something without knowing that there would be repercussions.  Integrity asks you to look at what you want to do or look at how your actions or inactions will have effect the whole – will you build up or destroy.  Will you harm or will you heal.  Will what you do ultimately be for the Highest Good for all concerned, or are you out on an ego trip and out for self-enrichment and self-satisfaction?

One can never run away from the fact that one has both the shadow and light within your soul and inherently as being part of yourself.  It is what you DO with that which ultimately is your responsibility and your responsibility alone. 

In all the only and the Highest Calling is to bring Love and Light into this world – and to ultimately bring you uniqueness to the world.  You are called to shine, to make the world a better place by your just being here.

You might never make the headlines – you came silently into the world and leave just as silently – but your actions and life never went unnoticed by the Divine Source….  Yet you did fulfil your mission….

When you realize that all is illusion and that we are all actors in a play – you tend to not take yourself so seriously any more – nor the world around you.  It simply does not matter anymore what others think of you or whether you make it or not (in the sense of worldly acclaim).  You learn to go with the flow and detach from the outcome…

You learn to appreciate the moments of bliss and let the moments of despair melt away and dissolve in the mists of time.  It simply is a matter of doing what you have to do with great love and leave the rest to sort itself out ….

You learn simply to be…..

Judith Kusel

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