The New Energies

                        Amazing Energy

Imagine twirling swirling energy of light – it twirls and swirls in the most beautiful hues of silver, white and with tinges of gold, violet and indigo….  It changes once more into a flaming, blinding, white….  in the process it illuminates body, mind, spirit, soul and all the ethereal bodies around the physical form at this moment in time….

At this moment a great masses of this energy is being beamed onto this planet.  It is preparing us for the ultimate homecoming to who and what we REALLY ARE…. 

When this planet was first brought into Beingness these energy grids and vortexes where first laid down…. yet, with the abuse of power came closing down of the old energy centres  as some were removed from this planet and taken elsewhere for safekeeping!

We are being reactivated.  As we start to grow into authentic Beingness, we will experience a great rendering of the old structures, thought forms, way of living and being…. we will be forced to work through old collective karma with other souls …. all the old hurts and pain…. the collective emotional pain that we buried so very deeply into our soul psyche and the collective soul psyche of this planet!

We will find that more and more that we meet up with souls that we have soul issues with…. all of this has to go…. The Law of Forgiveness  under Grace, is operative here, more so than at any given time before on this planet.

The Law of Forgiveness and Grace  comes in with whole episodes in this planets accumulative history by way of mass murders or holocausts – were great numbers of people were killed at one time: –  Whether this was in the form of wars, of famines, or natural disasters…..

 What has happened is deeply buried in our collective memory banks and we are now forced to clear the collective pain and the collective trauma!

We will be drawn to those places on this planet that our souls experienced this in previous incarnations.  We will be drawn to people via the use of tools like Facebook and feel a connectedness that spans time and space.   We will feel a sense homecoming with kindred souls and sometimes a reaction to others that has you reeling…. All of this is meant to be…. 

We will have to dig deep into our memory banks and to let the Law of Grace carry us into the realms of unconditional Love and Acceptance.   This is the Highest Form of Love – ultimately it is the ONLY one!

Only by the means of the Law of Forgiveness and Grace can this Planet accumulated psyche be healed…. and all the accumulative memory banks be released into new states of rebirth….  the rising of the Phoenix from the Ashes…..

As the New Energy brings its twirling, swirling release of old memory banks, the Ancient Truths and Wisdom will start to re-emerge.  This too is a release of the ancient energies that have always held this planet in the ultimate state of Equilibrium.

We are in state of expansion of the body, mind, spirit and soul.  As the expanding occurs, so all the old accumulated crystalline structures within our collective and individual psyches, which are preventing us more moving to greater states of consciousness (the parts that take on personalities or personas with egos) must die or rather TRANSFORM into more positive and productive energies.

This can be an excruciating painful experience at times – especially when we cling to old, the pain, the bitterness, the emotions, instead of learning to let go……….  Once we let go, we start healing and with it the whole planet’s memory banks can be healed too!

The Higher the Frequency of Vibration, the higher the Life-force which transcends the old and allows the new flow of energy to emerge in new ways of Beingness.

Let go of the old……it no longer serves your Highest Good and embrace the new!  For truly the time of expansion has dawned – the rising of the New out of Ashes of the old!

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