Lessons from wild horses…

Lessons from wild horses..

I was standing amidst a stone circle on the high plateau of the Drakensberg escarpment in Mapumalanga, South Africa wondering about the how’s and why’s of these monumental stones finding their way here…. when they appeared….

A herd of wild horses, that road freely here and act as guardians of the place…

My host tried to shoo them away, and I stopped him….  In that moment it felt to me as if they had come out to greet me….  I felt a type of silent communication going on with them…..  As the lead horse whinnied and ran away, the rest followed….. 

I stood there admiring this herd, running to wild and free…..

I have always loved horses ….  Yet, I love them running wild and free…. truly magnificent creatures with a nobleness of spirit that speaks to the heart….

A few days later I found myself drawn back to the place and a little village where these horses are allowed to roam in free.  It is a truly magical place…. with fairy gardens, amidst forests and in the days that I was there, swirling mists every single day….

As I started exploring the place – I was busy gathering material for my book, something extraordinary started to happen…. Every time I left the village and started exploring the adjacent nature walk, amidst massive rocks  and swirling mists, these horses would simply appear….. They became my constant companions…..  They were guarding me, and whenever I felt a little lost, I would silent ask them to guide me home…. and they did….

One little brown filly and I immediately established a great rapport – she ran to meet me, and one day, she came to stand right in front of me…. I looked into her huge velvety brown eyes, and she allowed me to stroke the white star on her forehead…. and then… she kissed me!!!  I was delighted!!!  

There is Unicorn link here….  A few years ago, there was one white horse amongst this herd….  It had turned blind…. And two very kind ladies of the village, nursed this horse by making Marigold ointment and gently massaging this around its eyes…. The horse used to graze in the meadow in front of their home… Soon the whole neighbourhood contributed marigolds for the ointment….

Then one day, a busload of tourists stopped in the village…. They wanted to see a white horse….  I was Linda Tucker, who works in tandem with the African shamans,  the lady who had written the books about the white lions in Timbavati…. She had been given the vision of a Unicorn link with the white lions and that these lions could only be rescued from extinction by making the connection with this white horse…. Soon they found it… and did a ceremony there…..  The white lions were saved and a white lion cup born…..  

The white horse died soon afterwards, returning to Lukema…. the Star System where the horses that roam on this planet, originated from.  They volunteered to come to this planet to serve …..  In the beginning of time, they were known as great friends of mankind, often helping him to shoulder heavy burdens…. In those days people befriended the horse and  the horses allowed them to ride on them  bareback….. it became a ride of sheer joy…. both free to roam where they pleased….

Yet this changed… Man started to break in the wild horses… tried to break its spirit…. They abused it….. put bridles and saddles on it…. used it for sport and in some cases even eat the poor things!!! 

Yet, in a strange way it has helped their Ascension progress… White horses are the highest in the vibrational scale and they then go on to become Unicorns…  Unicorns are 7th dimensional horses that have now returned to this Planet once more, to help us with the dimensional shift…..  They are etheric beings, fully of the angelic realms.  They are aspects of the Divine Source, in the same way as Angels are.  In the time of Lemuria and Atlantis in the Golden Times, when everyone was able to connect with them, just as they did to their guardian angel.  Unfortunately as Atlantis devolved into a low  frequency, the beautiful Unicorns could not bring down their energy to such a low level, and they withdrew….

Young children and especially girls, have a great affinity to horses…. because of the Unicorn link.    There is a great bond there…..  And one that should be nurtured…

These beautiful, selfless creatures are natural healers…. They serve in the way that handicapped children, especially benefit greatly by learning to ride…. Horses will communicate with these children telepathically and help them in ways that human beings cannot do…. Especially children that cannot talk, or have difficulty communicating, the new children too, will benefit greatly by learning to ride and by in the company of horses…. In this way they serve humanity!

The great Ascended horses, the Unicorns, look for those who RADIATE A LIGHT AND HAVE A VISION BEYOND THEIR LITTLE SELVES.  They seek people who aspire to help others and to change the world for the better, even if it is just their small corner of it.   They help you hold your vision and give you courage and faith to continue in the face of challenges and opposition.  They strengthen and steady you so that you have the dignity and charisma to fight for what you believe is right.  Unicorns grant wishes.  Unicorns express and always speak of divine love.

As my visit was prolonged, I was called upon to open a Ancient Energy Portal and Grid at this place….   It is there that I made a profound re-connection with my Unicorns and to my utter amazement they helped me to this work….. I will not elaborate on this…. All I can say is that in that very moment I was spanning dimensions of Beingness that had me speechless for some day…. I am still digesting what happened there….   (It will be in my book)….

The day that I left, the sun started to come out for the first time…. I was saddened to leave my horses…. I felt that they had become my friends….  I heard a neigh and there the filly that had lead me to the Unicorns, stood,  with her parents…. As I ran to greet them, and amazing thing happened…..

The next minute, as if from nowhere, the whole herd appeared and started free running through the whole village…. This was so unusual that everybody started running out of their homes to watch on in amazement!!!  They had never seen this happen before…

I smiled…. I knew that they had come to say thank you and were giving me a rousing farewell…. 

Those who work with these magnificent creatures are truly blessed!!!  Let us honour these noble creatures who have come to serve with such great love on this planet……

Live and let live!!!  Let us learn to honour the soul in all living creatures…. lest we forget that we are part and particle of the very same Divine Source!!!

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