The New Cosmic Energies… and how they are affecting you…


Step out… step into the new… let yourself be reinvented… this is the Cosmic Message that we are asked to take heed of, at this moment in time…

This Planet is being bombarded by immense Cosmic Energies… This is in the form of RAYS, of Cosmic Rays, which are being beamed down upon this Planet, at this time, in conjunction with the increased activity and flares of the Sun…

You might find that you are experiencing a lot of dizziness… a type of buzzing in the head and you might find that you are having double vision at times…. Toothache, headaches, and pains in the forehead, the back of your head, and in your neck, your spine will be occurring….  Tummy upsets and food intolerance, allergies, are also symptoms of these increased energies, as well as pain in your legs and feet….


When you start feeling disorientated because of the dizziness, or the buzzing in your head, simply try to ground yourself, by placing your feet firmly on the ground – best take off your shoes… then take very deep breaths, breathing in the Life-breath, or Paraná, and then slowly exhaling….. 

 Imagine huge roots growing out from the soles of your feet, and then into the Earth… deeper and deeper, until you find a massive crystal in the centre of the Earth… feel your roots growing around it… and then, noticing the COLOUR of the crystal (this is the colour Ray they are using to energize you), pull that coloured energy up through your roots, up through your chakras and then out of your head… Let it spurt from your head and all around you… until you see or sense this massive twirling, swirling energy enfolding you, like in a cocoon…

Simply rest in this beautiful energy for a while.  Then when you are ready, get up, stamp your feet a few times on the ground… In this way, you are incorporating these energies firmly into your very Being….

These new Cosmic Energies are being focussed to activate the Portals of your MIND…. In other words, some of those UNUSED parts of your right and left brain, are being brought into action once more….

Seeing that it is a great twirling, swirling form of energy, it will affect you.  You might even start seeing certain coloured lights, when closing your eyes… like these are being flashed around your INNER eyes…


Ancestral Karma, that you never even knew existed, will now start coming to the fore.  Your task at this time, is that when family memory banks are being triggered, that you immediately start asking for permission for CLEARING these.  (There are various methods of dealing with this…. I will not go into details)….

For deep within your own cells memory banks, the accumulated memory banks of your Ancestors have been stored… Your cells are the accumulation of all the cells of all the generations of people who came before you…

A great deal of social unrest and upheavals will start occurring more and more… This has mainly to do with these memory banks which now have to be dealt with, on a COLLECTIVE basis…

A lot of what our forefathers did, in their attempts to rule this planet, is encoded in PATTERNS… We will have to start clearing these patterns now on SOCIAL levels, and then start ACTIVATING AND PUTTING IN PLACE, NEW ONES….

By the activation of the new energies, we are being REMINDED OF OUR TRUTH… OF WHOM WE REALLY ARE: – COLLECTIVELY.  A lot of this, the truth, is there, hidden in our MYTHS AND LEGENDS… in the Pyramids… the in unrecorded history that was passed via the spoken word to the generations before us….

As we start finding out the TRUTH of our inheritance, and start to LISTEN to what we inherently know is the true history of this planet, we will be led towards a greater understanding of our COSMIS HERITAGE and WHAT WE TRULY ARE CAPABLE OF CREATING, WHEN WE ARE IN BALANCE AND IN SYNCH WITH THE REST OF CREATION!

We are standing at the threshold on one of the most important discoveries EVER rediscovered by mankind – this is what the Cosmic Rays are doing – they are REMINDING US OF OUR OWN GREATNESS – OF THE FACT THAT WE ARE CO-CREATORS WITH GOD/GODDESS! 

For those of us who have been through the mills of being recreated in these last few years, will understand what I am trying to say:  We are being prepared for stepping into the role, of assisting this planet and its people, past the hurdle of the DIMENSIONAL shift….  We can only do this from OUR HIGHER SELF, OUR HIGHER LIGHT BODIES AND FROM OUR HIGHER STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS…

This does not mean that we LOOK different… only that we ARE different FROM WITHIN!!!

It also does not mean that we will not die, nor shed our bodies… Those souls who have completed their life’s mission will still leave this planet, when their time is up and their life’s mission has been fulfilled….  We have SOUL CONTRACTS to fulfil and these will be fulfilled to their ultimate conclusion….

Best is, to keep a journal, and record your dreams, your insights, AHA moments and whatever else is happening in and around you.  In this way you can keep track with your own development and how these energies are affecting you.

Knowledge is power.  When you know WHY this is happening and what is happening, you are prepared to cope with the energies, and to start learning how to fully integrate them into the new you!

4 thoughts on “The New Cosmic Energies… and how they are affecting you…

  1. Thanks for the info, I’m going through this right now. My head is constantly talking to itself and I get regular headaches now. I’m having a lot of dreams of pyramids, eyes and Buddha’s.Thought it wwas something I was doing wrong.

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