The Out-flowing energies from the Heart Center

Within the very center of our bodies, the Divine Creator Source, but a beautiful instrument that vibrates at a very high frequency… This center is called the heart…  If ever there was a cosmic command center housed within our bodies, spirits, souls, it is the heart…. 

All that we ever experience in life, goes through this centre.  It is here that feel and we filter through our experiences… It is here that these feelings make us laugh or cry….  It is here that we live our lives, not as observer, but a great and active participant of life, in its myriad of forms….

It is within this very centre, that love for ourselves and others are formed and experienced.   We can try to let the mind rule the heart… yet,  most often we are very simply led back to the heart, when all else collapses around us…. When we simply love for the sake of loving… the very deep caring for someone – whether that we for another human being, or an animal or for the health and wellbeing of Mother Earth…

Maybe nowhere does the heart reflect more than in our relationships….  We cannot run away from love… Even though we have been hurt, battered or bruised many a time, we simply cannot close the door to Love and throw the keys away…. For Love will find us …. in one way or another…. 

Sometimes when we are very hurt, we tend to withdraw from life…. We build massive walls around us… the fear of being hurt again, perhaps the greatest of it all….

Strangely, enough, in those moments, someone will walk into our lives and start hammering at the fortress of our hearts, until the cracks start appearing, and we find ourselves love without even realizing that it is happening….

Love knows no boundaries… Love cares not about outer show… Love is always seeking the paths of the heart and soul….

Love is a vibrational frequency…. Love is a shining Light….. 

Once we truly connect with someone at a very deep heart and soul level, our vibrational frequency start attuning to each other…. We start to adjust our frequencies, so that we then mingle with that of the other….

In twin flame relationships, this is the merging of the two double helix strands of energies within two soul bodies…. the energies merge and simply start dancing…..  the dance of the two strands start forming a massive flame… this is the ultimate flame of LOVE … now merging as one…. yet with two distinctive strands in the very middle of it all…. 

All  relationships are but lessons in love… Sometimes we meet someone special, yet somehow the timing is not right… We are not quite ready to step into the intenseness, the mutual explorational dance of it all…

We have to first learn to dig very deeply within all the hidden corners, nookies and crannies of our very own heart and soul, in order to find ourselves.

It is in loving oneself, embracing all the nuances, the whispers of the heart and the soul, the nice and not-so-nice…. the myriad expressions of self, that one learns the true Path of Love…

It is in the facing of the fears and wounds, the shadows that haunts us in the night, that we learn to embrace the Lightness of Beingness and expand in our Knowing..

Then, we we meet up again, with that someone, we have been transformed… the cocoon into a beautiful and exquisite Butterfly… ready to fly and explore all that Love has to offer…. with an open and honest heart…

Loving sometimes means, loving because one DESIRES to LOVE… and not for being loved in return …

The more Love is free to roam and express as it wills, the more the heart opens and blossoms… a truly exquisite unfolding….

Embrace Love…. JUST LOVE!

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