The MAP meditation for Higher Healing and alignment of Cosmic Energies

MAP = Co-Creative Great White Brotherhood Intergalactic Fleet Medical Assistance Team… and Program…

This is one of the most amazing meditations to use, in case of illness, or whenever you wish to align your aura and vibrational frequencies to the Cosmic Energies.

It basically works with the following Ascended Masters, and Beings of the 9th Dimensional state:

Please note that when you are working with Beings in the 7th dimension and higher, they appear not to have a physical form, such as we are familiar with.  They might appear as being flashes or rays of colored light.  This is because their light-bodies are vibrating at a much HIGHER FREQUENCY then ours and their bodies are CRYSTALLINE in form.  However, you eventually you will be able to pick out their physical form, as you raise your own vibrations and frequencies and assume a much lighter or light-filled body.

The Divine Mother.

Archangel Raphael, Mother Mary  and their Angels of Healing.

The Over-lighting Deva of Healing.

Pan (much maligned, is actually a 9th Dimensional Ascended Master)

The Intergalactic Fleet of Great White Brotherhood’s Medical Unit, attached to the Intergalactic Fleet, Ashtar High Command.

Your Higher Self.

You may also call in the Arcturians, (if you wish to build your light-body.  The more Light you hold in your cells the healthier you are.

The Plaideans and Andromedans.  They love to send their best teams to assist your healing.

The first time I was introduced to this amazing meditation, was during a training session and I was amazed, not only how effective it was, but also that I could literally feel my feet being lifted, by invisible hands (until I could see the Medical Team) and also them working on my spinal cord, and wherever they wished to work…..

The second time I did this, I could actually see the whole medical team, and I could see that they had me lying on a type of plinth, which had no support, and seemed to be hanging mid-air.  They were using torch-like instruments, which they used to beam coloured light-rays into the affected areas, or they would use a swirling, twirling type of energy which seemed to come out of the roof of the room they were using.  Sometimes you will see crystal appearing and disappearing, and feel their physical hands on your body… You will feel a warmth or a tingling sensation….

I find that this meditation is best done, with relaxing and meditative music playing in the background.  Make sure that your mobile phone and electronic devices are switched off (don’t have them in the same room, as they will be affected by the potent energies released and worked with here).  If you have an amethyst crystal with you, then leave that next to your person, or wear it on you.   Please made sure that you are warm enough, because you tend to go down very deep, and sometimes, you will feel them putting you into an even deeper state of relaxation – indeed, you might simply drop off to sleep and won’t remember much… that’s okay…. you will feel much better and will know that they have worked on your body and energy systems….

They will heal your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.  Remember to ASK for their assistance, as they cannot interfere with your free will.  Before you go into relaxation, please make a note of what you wish them to heal.  If you don’t know, simply ask them to heal and align your body, to the highest vibration and frequency, which is right for you at this moment in time….  You might be surprised where they heal you, as sometimes we simply do not quite know what is wrong with us….

You can also do this meditation for someone who is very ill, and cannot do this themselves (first ask their guardian angels for permission to do so) and it works as distance healing as well (again ASK for permission!)

Best is to do some deep breathing exercises, and then to simply visualize yourself surrounded by protective golden light… then feel that light relaxing you, chakra by chakra and then start calling in the different Beings.

I invoke the Divine Mother.

I invoke Archangel Raphael and his Angels of Healing.

I invoke the Deva of Healing.

I invoke Pan.

I invoke the Medical Team of the Intergalactic Fleet.

I invoke my Higher Self.

After you first feel these Beings connecting with your energy field, describe as fully as possible what you feel in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  As in all things spiritual, the detail you give indicates that you are ready to address the problem and to release the underlying causes.  Do not diagnose (e.g. sinusitis..) simply describe the pain in your head.   When communicating use the positive.

If stuck ask them to please scan your bodies for discomfort and disease and ask them for their insight and wisdom.  (You will be surprised sometime what comes up.) You will either see the Being clearly or you will hear a voice in your head.  Not to worry, they don’t speak as we do… they use telepathy..  You will simply KNOW!

If you want to talk to the team during the session, aloud or in your thoughts, that’s okay.

Relax and let them scan your systems.  You will feel them working on your body, lifting your limps and asking you to turn round on your tummy, or lift your head etc.  You might also feel pulsating energy through your body.

At the end disconnect by stating:  “I would like to disconnect from the……  and thank them.”

If you fell asleep during this meditation, they will automatically disconnect, once they have completed their task. 

Open your eyes, and make sure to ground yourself and to place a protective golden bubble of light around yourself.

By the way, these Beings look exactly like we do; except that they are much taller and they have perfect bodies.  They have huge eyes, and long hair…. some blond and some the dark hues of auburn to dark brown….  Male and female dress more or less the same when they are working as a medical unit…..

14 thoughts on “The MAP meditation for Higher Healing and alignment of Cosmic Energies

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  2. Judith, Thank you so much for this healing meditation. I did it last night. I felt a few things and warmth in the palms of my hands. I saw a glimpse of the profile view of a white woman’s head with black hair up in a roll or bun wearing blue. (only saw her shoulders)
    I had good restful sleep too. I am wondering if there are a certain amount days in between meditations or can one do this one everyday?

    • It is best to do this three a week in the beginning – for it is very powerful and your body will have to adjust to the higher frequencies etc. As with all things in life the golden rule is always moderation.

  3. I have been doing MAP for years as described by author Machaelle Small Wright, but never have added Arcturians or Pleadians before, that was interestind to add them today. Also. I prefer to use the original wording (coning session rather than invoke). I’d recommend folks read the original MAP book by Machaelle Small Wright (I beieve the 3rd edition is available on Amazon). I also have had cause to call on my MAP team during an emergency, and these non physical helpers were a HUGE help! Thank you for this sharing and insight! Sandy

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