On truth… energies… soul mates and twin flames…

We are at a time when the old untruths and lies that have been told on this planet, and dished up as facts, will simply start falling away.  As more and more people are raising their frequencies and vibrations, the lies will have no fertile ground anymore to prosper and grow in and will have to make way for the seeds of truth to grow and grow….

Already there is a growing awareness that we have great Cosmic Links…. I see this on Facebook every day, with messages from the Pleideans, Arcturians, and Ascended Masters are relayed via video clips or photos….. The Message that this planet has never been alone, or an entity all on its own, is now reaching the masses, and those who are opening up to Higher Energies, invariably find that the truth will find them….

When one first opens up to the Higher Frequencies and Vibrations, one goes through a period of intense initiation.  As all the old patterns and energies start giving way to the new, it is as if our souls have to go through the proverbial fire of initiation, in order to reach the state of Higher Consciousness…

This can be a great period of upheaval in our lives, and filled with intense pain.  Like the surgeon has to use a surgical knife to cut open the festering wound, and then clean out all the puss, so our lives and hearts are literally opened up and all that muck and what no longer serves our Highest Good, removed.  We are cleansed inside and out…

I have been through this process in the last few years, and I have had to shed skin after skin… like a snake sheds its skin….

Yet, know this:  The rarest and purest diamonds have been formed under severe pressure and the purest gold comes from a rock that has been molten at intense heat…. It is not comfortable to be confronted with your shadow and all those unclaimed parts of yourself… And in order to find balance, we have to start acknowledging the shadow, the dark within ourselves, as much as we have and often do, acknowledge the light or good side of ourselves….

We are not alone in this process… We are given tools and the assistance we need… All we have to do, is ASK.  Great Cosmic Masters and Beings are there to assist us, as well as Angels and Archangels.  The Unicorns are here in great numbers too, and will always assist individuals whose highest aspirations are to serve the Higher Good….

We are being reconnected at this time to the Ancient Energies and Energy Centres that existed on this planet since it was first birthed.  A lot these have not been activated yet, and wait for our ascension and that of this planet before all can reach its highest potential as a powerful energy tool.

To really work with these cosmic energies, it is important to first go within.  All the tools, the knowledge that we need, is there, right within us and our connection to our soul group or over-soul and the Divine Source.  A lot of our soul mates have incarnated at this time and we will meet up with more and more in the next few months.  We will start working as a WHOLE unit… those who are incarnated and those who assist from the Higher Realms.

TWIN FLAMES, will be reunited… even if they seem to have parted or simply found the challenge of twin flame relationship too hot to handle, for it is a question of bringing two opposing energy fields into perfect harmony and equilibrium…. Yet, in this, the two cannot merge for too long a period, before the one will go to the outer circle as one stays in the inner circle… Then both will move out to the end of the circle before being drawn together again…. This awakens emotions and passion not experienced in any other relationship…  The aim here is to find the state of equilibrium within this relationship….despite the challenges…

Twin Flames, will find that equilibrium within the next three years, and then those who volunteered will remember and act upon the opening of energy centres, which only they can do, through their union.  When these two merge in sexual union, tremendous energy forces are released, and when done in a certain milieu (which is too potent for me to reveal here) they can literally light up the world’s energy centres and reconnect these to the Ancient Cosmic Ones….  Here Ancient Sexual Rites are involved, which even the most secret societies and those who follow the Isis cults, do not know about…  These rites were removed from this planet, because of their potency…. and to not be misused for the wrong purposes (as some tend to do…)

Every single soul is now going to find, that it will start searching more and more for the truth… and the truth will reveal itself…

Truth, pure and true… is never COMFORTABLE….

Think of the time you were untrue, or where pretending… and then someone said something to you that about summed up what you are doing, and how mad you were?  You hit out at that person, for seeing the truth…  We don’t like looking in the mirror and finding that we are all that we condemn in others and often more…

So is the TRUE history of this planet…. There are quite a few shocks in store for those who cling to the old religions and the old untruths…. The Truth is that this planet has sometimes made Gods of mere mortals like us, and then worshipped them… when in truth they were but Beings from Higher Dimensions etc.

This has nothing to do with the DIVINE SOURCE of GOD/GODDESS, who is PURE ENERGY and thus PURE LOVE LIGHT AND WISDOM….. This is the Source from whom all life and life-forms has sprung and thus is within and part and particle of all of us…. This is unconditional Love and Light and this is the ultimate SOURCE that we ARE part of… This is the CREATIVE FORCE…

Unfortunately during the course of life on this planet, people have often mixed up the two, and given the Divine Source characteristics and put words in His/Her mouth, which are totally removed from the truth of all Being…

The best is to concentrate totally on anchoring in the Highest Frequencies and Vibrations and to do this consciously in meditation, then the rest will follow.  I will give a meditative tool for this in my next post.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment on this post and others.  I will answer you either by a post or via email.

16 thoughts on “On truth… energies… soul mates and twin flames…

  1. I resonate especially with this column, Judith:

    “When these two merge in sexual union, tremendous energy forces are released, and when done in a certain milieu (which is too potent for me to reveal here) they can literally light up the world’s energy centres and reconnect these to the Ancient Cosmic Ones…. Here Ancient Sexual Rites are involved, which even the most secret societies and those who follow the Isis cults, do not know about… These rites were removed from this planet, because of their potency….”

    Good News is, they have been reintroduced, and those with the ability to decode the surreal know. We are legion… 🙂

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    • Thank you! I love sharing from my heart to yours….
      I am in the process of writing a series of 13 Master Key books and these will be returning vital keys of knowledge, wisdom, technology and Higher Healing to this planet…
      A few years ago I quit my job to go in search of answers as to why I had been born in Africa…. This turned out to be the most amazing journey of discovery of my life and I will be sharing more and more of my insights, knowledge and teachings with you on WordPress…..
      We are living in one of the most astounding phases of the evolution of life on this planet and as we are transformed, so is this planet.
      Thank you for your comments and interest.
      Much Love and Light
      Judith Kusel

  3. I’ve been going through the on again off again twin flame relationship for about 2 years. It has been the most painful, intense thing to have ever happened to me. But have I grown? Oh yes! Thank you Judith!

  4. Magda not all are destined to meet up with their twins in this lifetime…. I will go into more detail regarding this in my next post…. There is a Higher Reason for this…. In the beginning only a certain number of twins were allowed to incarnate onto this planet and they have all returned…
    I will tell the story with my next blog….. So keep posted….

    • Judith, where do you get your info? The only thing “spiritual” I was told by the angelic being was that me and my twin have 12 chakras. I don’t even know what that’s supposed to mean. I googled it and learned that most people have 7. We don’t even know what we’re supposed to do with each other, or even in each others company LOL. We haven’t united in person, just telepathically daily for 4 months. We’re both kind of nervous to approach each other in person, although he did try but I got scared and ran away LOL. I need some guidance here, where is this all going to lead??

  5. Hi Judith.
    Yes what a journey the Twin soul journey is. Try to run and the Greater Power steps in and says no and gives you a spiritual awakening. Mine lasted 10 days. It is your time and everything is revealed but the memory fades as social conditioning takes over. However if there is trust and acceptance of your path no matter what is being thrown at you and no matter how your twin reacts, you reach that special place. They need their space and in realizing that they have their own journey, you actually give them the space to find their way back to you. I am at this point and I have never felt soo much unconditional love for my friend but also I am unconditional towards everyone else too. I care for my friend more everyday and I feel closer to him than I ever did but we are not physically together but then again we are on a higher plane. There is a timing to come together on this plane and no amount of forcing will make it happen sooner. I feel so blessed to have been awoken like this.

    • Shalia, I really love how you call him your friend, people are sexualizing this twin flame thing way too much. The love is a pure and sweet love, not a “I just want you back so I can F your brains out kind of love.” Your post is the closest post to an authentic twin flame experience that I’ve read in a while. I want to break the myth that the twin flame experience is painful. It is not. To be chosen for this means that you have a rock solid foundation of faith in the creator. You just know that you know that you know all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride, God is taking care of the rest. There is no pain, just excitement and anticipation. There is some sadness, but not the kind that turns in to depression, or leaves you in tears night after night, that is not a true twin flame. Personally, I feel like God is keeping my emotions in check. I should have been a depressed mess when the telepathy ended, but I wasn’t.

      • Hi,
        Thank you for you kind words. It has been a very interesting journey for me this last year. The friend I spoke of was someone I lost a child to 20 years ago. My friend lost me and his child as I found out I was pregnant after accepting a marriage proposal from another. I ended that marriage last year after my spiritual awakening. I was blessed to have the presence of my friend through that dark night of the soul. It was his presence and my acceptance of what was happening to me that made the experience bearable. Also the spirit of that child was brought back to me in that awakening. I made a promise to that little one to give him life if I could and in doing so I was able to stop what was happening. I lost 5kgs in 10 days and I knew I would waste away if I stayed with my friend on that plane. After that awakening, everything changed. I lost my ego and I had unconditional love for myself and any arrogance has dissipated over time. I made a decision early this year to ” walk” away from my friend as I was getting to sad and my journey became more important than focusing on the love for him. In having the courage to walk away from him, I found myself and in finding myself, I found my purpose. Nothing deters me from this purpose of being of service. In walking from my friend, my eyes were opened to the presence of another in my space. This one is my true twin or spiritual other half. He is the most beautiful person I have ever met. He sees things the same way I do and was moved by my story and wishes to be of service like me. Alas he fell down and I have left him to his journey of finding himself. In being around him, I came not only to know myself but I also came to know that child fully. Four months ago I made the decision to not listen to radio, TV or read newspapers in order to not clutter my mindspace and my connection to the Source. I gave up what little alcohol I drank after my awakening as I did not wish to lose that connection. I would say that I was not a believer in God but what I would call a Greater Power then but all that changed a month ago when I came to know the Divine. And ever since then I have full trust in God and full acceptance of how my life pans out. I am aware of all the signs around me which keep my new friend in my heart but it is not time. Things happen in Divine timing and not our timing and this is one of the hardest lessons to learn. You are absolutely right that there is sadness but not a depression and I think the Twin Soul journey is very challenging but in focusing on the blessings that it bestows, any sadness is temporary. If this was easy, we would not appreciate the gift of our Twin Soul. God is keeping your emotions in check. God exists in us all. I like to call it our Godself and in being true to our purpose and hence honoring oneself we find our Godself. All the answers lie within us we just have the courage to follow our senses which really is our Higher Consciousness. I sit with God now as it sounds like you do. That is the biggest blessing of all. Blessings to you!!

      • I have to add to this post. When I said there is no pain, I meant after the telepathy ended, like separation pain. During the 1st month of the telepathic period, as the telepathy was first getting started, I had periods of intense sensations of having my soul ripped out of me. I don’t know how else to describe it. It was physically painful as well as emotionally. I’ll compare it to the feeling of restless leg syndrome except it was in my soul. I think it had to do with the increase of wonky kundalini energies trying to establish themselves. Whatever it was, it was extremely uncomfortable.

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