The Clarion Call to all Lightworkers…

Truly blessed are the ones who reach out with great loving hearts to touch the lives of others at this time….

This is the time of expansion…. not only of the mind, but of body, spirit and soul…

Across all the cosmos great spheres are echoing the sounds of Angels rejoicing, at the fact  that Planet Earth is going into the transitional phase…. she is ready to shed her old, tattered and dilapidated clothes to don  exotic garments, fit for a Queen…..

Look East, look west, look north and south…. and see how all is changing…. rapidly…. more so than ever you can see with your naked eyes…. You are being blinded, for surely the truth of what is happening now, is not being revealed, by those who wish to leave you in darkness….. To lead you astray…..

A lot of you are being awakened… we are working on your frequencies and vibrations…. we are activating your soul blueprint…. we are busy helping you to trust  the inner voices of your hearts and souls…. and to awaken you, to the true Amazing Divine Being, that you truly are!!!

Hear the clarion call!!! Open your hearts, minds and souls!!!! Listen!!! 

You were sent in with a crystal clear vision of what you have to do in this lifetime…. in this crucial moment in time…..

Don’t rush for cover…. nor be so scared to shine your true light…. nor express what is given to you….. 

Your souls are bubbling with information, inner vision and sights….. you are being bombarded by pictures and voices that speak to you…. LISTEN!!!

Do not look at those that lead you…. for they are leading you astray!!!  Question their motives…. look how they are trying to control you…. to keep you from blossoming…. from expressing what is innermost in your heart…..

Look at how far you have come…. You have grown with leaps and bounds…. You are shed the old ways that kept you imprisoned for so long…. As the new is emerging, you started to transform into the wondrous Beautiful Being that you TRULY ARE!!!

For look at the truth….. It is the INNER beauty that is shining through…. It is the transmutation of the lead into the purest gold….. It is the miraculous beauty of SOUL!!!

We delight in our beautiful daughters and sons, who are prepared to take on the Quest for the Grail….. Who are not daunted by those who wish them keep silent….. Nor those who wish to keep them back….. try to smother their spirit and soul…..

Listen to the music…. It is coming from afar….. It is the music of the spheres…..  It is telling you that your frequencies and vibrations are being fine-tuned, so that you can take your rightful place amongst those who bring the great joy of BEING to this planet…..

Look at the wonder of creation…. see yourself reflected in there….

Out of the ashes of the old, the new shall rise…. and it shall rise greater than ever before….

For the new souls that are being born…. with those of who have paved the way, are here to create the new from the ashes of the old….

Old structures are passing… what does not serve the Highest Good will go and what is unbalanced will be brought into equilibrium once more…. until the Eternal Cosmic Order is restored….

Rejoice…. for the old is done with…. and with it comes the ushering in of the new dawn…. the birth of the Golden Age….

As the cosmic dance is danced once more to the music of the spheres….. the whole will sing in perfect harmony …… a choral symphony of sounds, vibrations and frequencies, such as this planet has not experienced before….

It is a time for rejoicing…

Open your hearts….

Open your souls….

Hear the cosmic voices calling…. the voices deep from within your soul….

The voices are calling you to wholeness and balance….

To remember the truth of WHO YOU ARE….

You have never not been…. you always were!!!!

Shine your light!!!

You were meant to shine like the brightest sun in the Universe….

You are the child of the Sun God….  reflecting his/her light….

Rise and shine!!!!

For the time has come!!!

Rejoice!!! Sing!!! Dance!!!  Awaken,  for the Golden Age has dawned

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