Soul Group Vibrational Frequencies… and how to recognize soul mates on this planet

Since I started my blog in early January, I have had a lot of feedback, from people all over the world, asking me about soul, soul groups, and also about the frequencies and vibrations of souls, and what is happening at this time.

I always find it very strange that people, when experiencing void, or trauma, or that sinking feeling in life, that they always look everywhere for solutions, except in their very own soul… They seek physical healing, and will spend thousands of dollars on shopping sprees, and accumulating more and more gadgets and things, yet, never seek A TO CURE THEIR SOUL… or look for the origin on that void, as stemming from something deep inside of themselves, that they never bothered to try and resolve or find counselling, or assistance for…

When you start understanding, that our SOULS VIBRATE AT CERTAIN FREQUENCIES, WHICH REFLECTS IN OUR DNA, OUR BODY’S MAKE-UP and our MENTAL, EMOTIONAL and all else, is connected to the very same: – then we start looking for SOUL HEALING FIRST OF ALL… and then the rest simply starts falling into place.


So before your soul could incarnate it had to find your parents, and then find the CORRECT DNA STRUCTURE and PHYSICAL MAKE UP SO THAT YOU COULD BE BORN ONTO THIS PLANET.

When I first asked why I had been born in Africa, coming from pedigree German Stock, with a pedigree as long as my arm, I had been told that MY SOUL CHOSE MY PARENTS BECAUSE OF THEIR DNA MAKE-UP MATCHED THAT OF MY SOUL… AND THE PLACE where I HAD BEEN BORN, MATCHED THE LONGITUDE AND LATITUDE LINES ON A CERTAIN PORTAL: – both contributing to my soul being able to incarnate at the perfect time, and then within a certain milieu!

I could not understand the latter, until about four years ago, we had our 150 year centenary celebrations in Natal, and I stood on the mountain top of the place I had been born into…. Amidst fields of wild gladioli, proteas and ericas… looking down at the valleys where my Ancestors started farming in the fertile valleys …. AND THEN I UNDERSTOOD: – for I then realised why this place was in fact a PORTAL, as I recognized the landmarks, strewn all over Africa:  SPHINX AND PYRAMIDS – only now eroded and almost hidden from sight!

During the past few years, I have had the privilege of going more and more into research about this fact, and I have found that your birthplace is no accident, and you were meant to be born on a certain CONTINENT.  Also that in all cases, your family’s DNA is a key factor…

Interestingly enough scientists are catching up to this, with other species and the human being too.  My brother, for instance, Dr. Udo Kusel, is an Ethnologist/Archaeologist, and is involved with a breeding program for the African Nguni Dog – and, as with the Nguni cattle, have traced their origin to the Pyramids in Egypt!  So the link between certain countries has been there for millennia….. the same applies to our own DNA!

I was fascinated by my brother referring me, when I had to do a public talk, on the San People, at the History-in-Action festival a few years ago, to a DNA study, regarding these people.  Their DNA point to 200 000 years on Southern African continent, and their DNA is so unique, that there is simply is no other tribe on the face of this planet, who SHARES THEIR DNA… When you start reading their mythology, they tell you that they come from the stars!

I am going into detail here, for in a way your own soul’s vibrational frequency is closely linked up with that of your SOUL GROUP, which is really an EXTENDED FAMILY OF SOULS!


So now, you have a vibration, a frequency and a ray, all combining to give a SOUL GROUP ITS UNIQUE CHARACTERISTIC!

The Illumined Ones, emit a GOLDSILVERVIOLET FLAME which is such a blinding light, that it seems almost like blinding white light….  Mostly this will emit from people’s CROWN CHAKRA, when they are highly tuned into this frequency, and this was often painted as a halo around the head of Saints, during the Renaissance…

Now, EACH SOUL WITHIN THAT SOUL GROUP WILL THEN HAVE a unique frequency and vibration which is TUNED into that of the SOUL GROUP… This is why they then will bring those frequencies and vibrations into their incarnation and then will BRING THEIR OWN SOUL ONE’S TOO and anchor this in:  – so this then makes them emit a certain frequency RAY, which their SOUL MATES WILL TUNE INTO HERE ON THIS PLANET… So they will be drawn to each other and will READ THE SOUL FREQUENCY SUBCONSIOUSLY!


You might not do this consciously, but one thing will stand out: It will be to you, as if you have KNOWN this person forever – and you have!   Now, one SOUL GROUP CONSISTS of 144 000 of the SOUL FREQUENCY BAND and from your own soul group, only a certain number will be on this planet at this time….

I find that one does not even have to have met the person in the flesh, one will recognize them over the Internet, or even by just looking at a photograph (at least I do).

Mostly it will be, as if you can relate to them a DEEP level, like mind, body, spirit and soul… They might be in your own family, or not.  You might find that total strangers, are more like your family and seem to fit your soul better, than your REAL ones…this is one of the reasons why….

I find that EYES are the windows to the soul… I have found that mostly I will read a person, via their eyes and then read their souls at the same time….

This is one reason why some people will never resonate with you… and that is because they simply are from a different soul group and thus vibrate at a different frequency.  If you marry someone like that, you will find that at one stage or another you simply will not find a centre point – simply because you can’t – according your soul vibration!

This is why, when you truly seek healing, your SOUL vibration and frequency, most often needs fine-tuning, and to be brought into alignment with the SOUL GROUP vibration as well!

This is how far I will go today, in answering this question.  If you have more questions, then please ASK.


38 thoughts on “Soul Group Vibrational Frequencies… and how to recognize soul mates on this planet

  1. absolutely brilliant Judith – much GratitudenAppreciationnRespect for your insights and wisdom and generosity, Phil Morley, Australia

  2. Life beyond the veil is always interesting… it is us that have forgotten what is real and what is not real… we are moving into a time, when the reality, as we tend to see it now, will be replaced by the Ancient way of seeing… beyond the veil.

  3. yes yes yes perfect and sharing, for those out there whose questions are fogging and overloading their mind, lets get the Heart language frequency moving , to all join and understand each other for their lies the answer to all ,, in our HEART,,, thank you Judith my dearest Sister of Light SOL

  4. I have just been on a long walk and have now read this! Wow, this echoes my thoughts on the walk – I was thinking how I seem to be meeting some amazing people on facebook, and I really resonate with them especially certain ones and it feels in itself like a healing is occuring just by being incontact with them in this way. I have also opened my heart to another who is a neighbour and although we have met on occasions in the past, now it seems as if the love we have shared in another life is really being recognized by both of us. We now have to connect again and I know we will. The feeling I have from his soul is like I have never experienced before and it is all apt timing. Thank you ~Judith for this blog. Blessings to you.

  5. You’re welcome Anastasia… yes, you are resonating with your neighbour, because of your soul frequencies being the same… and you will find that you will move closer together…
    Yes, it is an amazing time to be alive, and well and living on Planet Earth!
    Always sharing from my heart to yours!
    Much Love and Light!

  6. How will you teach someone t o find their soul band/frequency?

    I have the best of parents, siblings, a very caring husband, a wonderful career and a very comfortable life. But Im still not happy. There is a void that doesnt seem to go. Sometimes, I question myself ‘what do i really want?’ I dont seem to have answers for it. I want to dig deeper into myself but dont know how to do it. Please help.

  7. HI there,
    I am offering SOUL READINGS, EMPOWERMENT COURSES etc. which will assist you to find the reason for that VOID, and how to find that inner equilibrium that you are so yearning for. If you are interested, then please send me an email to: and I will forward the details to you.

  8. Thank you Judith, very interesting, makes me miss my twin brother, sometimes it feels like he is a million miles away….and it feels like most of my soul group has gone ahead and I feel ‘lonely’…thank you for the insights. Glad to have connected with you, feeling some friction with another though, not sure what that is all about… Blessings and Light to you always…I am grateful for your guidance.

    • p.s. I did get your reply email, and am working on saving up for a reading, much has been happening, but soon in time I will be able to persue the reading….thank you.

  9. HI there Paula,
    Everything will happen as its meant to be. Just had a karmic recall myself and immensely important happenings. This just reiterated to me, that that what I have written here is of immense importance and that karmic blocks have to be removed…
    As for the readings, they will happen as they should happen … not one moment before…

  10. Well, I think I married someone who isn’t from my Soul Group. I knew from reading with Council of Twelve that I had a relationship with him in a previous life, so karmic attachments were here appearing. I went on Past Life regression and met him, it wasn’t a nice experience. Now I know why we agreed to meet again… I also saw my soul Group but I wasn’t able to recognise anyone, just one soul- my good friend, very spiritual person who opened the ‘spiritual door’ to me. I wonder why I couldn’t recognise anybody else…

  11. Edyta, you will meet more and more of your own soul group as you open up your heart center and work with your pelvic bowl and the Feminine Divine. Please read my blog I have just posted on the Return of Feminine Divine.
    You will have work through the karmic ties with your husband and then you will find the doors open as you acknowledge and release the lessons.

  12. Thank you Judith 🙂
    My husband and I separated a year ago as the differences were to great and arguments too painful. Since then we feel happier on one hand but unable to make a decission of going back to being together or settling with a divorce. At times it feels like we’re going around in circles. There’s something big connecting us but also destroing at the same time. This is exactly what you’ve been talking about in your post on Twin Flames, although I don’t think we are twin, maybe very close to it. And yes, we seem to push each other buttons all the time, as you mentioned in your other post. I know that the time to make a decission is comming as I can see the signs all over. We cannot be separated for ever. It’s difficult but I think when the right time comes I’d know what to do. 🙂

  13. We are living at a time, when what is not serving your highest soul growth will fall away. Here it is best to simply take a step backwards and asking yourself: If this relationship should finally dissolve, then what would happen? THis is why I love giving soul readings, for they normally point to the fact that sometimes, a relationship has simply gone through all the phases… the lessons that both needed to master have been mastered, and it is time to move on…
    You can only truly find the answers once you have seen this, and are prepared to walk the path alone…. One of two things can happen: – you can either meet someone else, or you might find that your path first all it TO TRULY RECONNECT WITH YOUR SOUL… WITH YOUR INNERMOST BEING AND HEART AND THEN TO LEARN TO LOVE AND ACCEPT YOURSELF TOTALLY and UNCONDITIONALLY….
    Once you to that, and BECOME the person that you would love to love… then the miraculous starts to happen, and what once was distant becomes the ultimate in closeness once more… or you might find that a soul mate steps into your scope and brings you the happiness you never could really find with the other…
    When I do soul readings for people, I find that this has been written in their soul charts and their soul agreements, as they simply evolve in relationships and as a soul….

    What I do, is tap into those records, give you your soul group name, your soul name (if you don’t know it already) and then read your soul history and especially give you the guidelines that you most need to understand your soul’s journey in this lifetime and what TOOLS you have been given to lead your life here… what lessons you are called on to master and have you have to still do or reconnect to, to come in LINE with your HIGHEST SOUL CALLING AND PURPOSE…
    What I normally do, is ask you to send me those questions that you would most like to get answered and then this is what I will read up in your records. Often the most important information will come through anyhow and sometimes surprising things will be highlighted which will assist you to suddenly understand a lot of things in your life… like relationships, what happened and why you are being challenged in this life…
    It really is amazing what shows up… You will always be given that information that you truly need to have to highlight your path… not one iota more. Such is Karmic Law.
    I charge $75 for a short reading and $150 for a total and comprehensive reading – this normally takes me an hour to load down and a lot of preparation, as it takes a lot of my energy doing this.
    I then send the reading to you in writing, and you can read through it. Any follow up questions, that might arise from the reading, you then have for free.
    I can also coach you, into life empowerment tools, in the Higher Wisdom, Knowledge and Applying Cosmic Principles…… and anchoring in the higher frequencies, stepping into your light body, and activating the 12 charkas or energy centers in the body and activating the 12, 24, 36 strand DNA. as well as other powerful tools which will be of great and immense assistance to you in the next few months and years.

    • Thank you Judith, that explains a lot. I felt a connection with you since I found your article on ‘The 2012 Scenario’ website and followed to your blog.
      I am Polish but my grandfather was German.Since 1989 I’m in London, UK.
      I resonate with your way of passing the information you are receiving. I would like to arrange the reading with you, can you send me your contact email and instructions?

  15. I find this sooo helpful and TRUE. My husband and I met and within a few weeks we were with each other watching a movie and looked at each other and saw a golden radiant bright white like light eminating around our faces and crown chakras. We knew immediately that we were Life/Soul mates. I’m just learning about the soul groups but from that day we are inseparable. Like that night and many other moments we hug as soon as we see this and it’s almost like we are drawn to be intertwined-so powerful. Can you show or explain how to calculate the soul groups?

  16. Hi Judith,
    I find your work very interesting.can i have a short soul reading please ?
    something brings me to you ! did you write a book ? when will you do this ?

  17. Hi there Veronique and Bernadette,

    Bernadette, one cannot CALCULATE the soul groups – I tap INTO the SOUL RECORDS of the individual, simply by using the date of birth – I have this ability – had it over lifetimes, but it is only in the last four years that I remembered this! Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet was able to do this – I don’t need to be in a sleepstate. I have this ability mainly because my soul works in the Central Library of Soul Records at the Divine Source – permanently!
    I have done quite a few soul readings these last few days, and all are amazed at the accuracy, the details given and suddenly UNDERSTANDING WHY THINGS HAPPEN IN THEIR LIVES AND SEEING THE BIGGER PICTURE! IT IS LIKE YOU SUDDENLY FLY HIGH OVER A PLACE AND SEE IT FROM A TOTALLY NEW ANGLE.
    It also gives you the latent abilities and talents that you do have, and that you have not yet cultivated in this lifetime – mostly because you have neglected them, or not used them or have simply not thought of using them….
    Knowing your SOUL NAME, is a vital key to tapping into the TRUTH of who and what you are and then the rest simply starts falling into place. In Ancient times, they knew this, and the soul name matched the birth name and then the child would get a crystal programmed with this knowledge and would keep it on his or her person all their lives, and could tap into this memory bank whenever they needed guidance… and the High Priests kept these records… so when the soul wanted guidance the High Priesthood would tap into these records and thus could guide the soul and assist them… also help them with Higher Healing…

    If you wish to have soul readings, I have A SPECIAL OFFER on the go at the moment. Please contact me on either one of these two email addresses: judithkusel@gmail. com OR

  18. My books are still in the process of writing. I am dealing with a mammoth amount of information that has never been released to this planet before. I am also in the process of having to activate the energy centers and I am being called back to a certain area where I started my journey four years ago, to do more energy work there….

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  20. It is a deep and highly profound knowledge which I feel that you are having it. According to you we re incarnate in our new life after recognize our DNA Group parant . But according our indian thoughts , we incarnate according to balance of karma pending after the death of this body. And last burning desire to do something. According to that this soul will wait, search the place and time and the family where it can fulfill its desire or repay or get its dues. This journey continue till we understand our real form of soul which the part of supreme soul. Our mind and desire always keep us separate entity from supreme soul or may call it asGOD.

  21. One thing just hit my mind.
    As the most of us enjoy and open up for new friendship when we are a little drunk; is it possible that alcohol affect our energy in a way that make us interact with different energies better in some way?(Yeah I know, we shouldn’t drink alcohol but the question remains)

    Do science make any research in these subject like human energy frequency, or isn’t it measurable in our frequency range?

    • When under the influence of drugs or alchohold you are opening up yourself to other spirits and things, which do not serve your highest purpose at all. Never mistake LUST and infatuation with LOVE. I suggest that you read up the different words the Greek had for LOVE and then understanding will dawn that lust and infatuation are mostly self-destructive and not love in its highest sense. Sex can be a beautiful, powerful source when used correctly and with the correct intent – but if used for self-gravitification is become a destructive force and not a life enhancing and life giving one. Most of the pain in live is caused by self gravitication.

  22. Honestly im having a hard time meditating lately to get in touch with my soul and its frequency. I do have a few questions and honestly id like another p.o.v. On the matter. Well i was doing a chakra balance a few weeks back out back in the sun and it was a peaceful,loving beautiful day; one of my main favorite reasons for being happy that i am alive. I was meditating and i went through the process of opening my chakras. After i had opened them all something different happened. All my chakra points changed into yin yang symbols and then all of their colors changed to the same color which started as a blackish flame then it changed to dark lavenderish purple flame ( still yin yang symbol) then it turned whiteish blueish then greenish yellowish and then all the chakra points which were still yin yang symbol turned bright silver and then finnaly a bright luminescint gold and i watched this happen inmy minds mental construct of my body much similar to how you see pictures of a person in meditative stance witu all the 7 chakra points and their colors from the root to crown chakra points. Ive been asking around but sofar no one i know or asked has given me any answers. Maybe you have heard of this happening before? Also i am aware at certain times i can feel vibrations in my entire body butmainly yhrough my solar chakra and my third eye chakra points and some minor chakra points like hands and feet but i dont know why it happens when im just sitting around thinking of the spirit,life,my dreams and aspirations and mostly about what is the absolute irrefuttable truth of the multi omniverse. Can you make sense of this because i cannot. And lastly im searching for my own personal soul frequency in which i hope to connect with and emit more strongly simply so i can reconnect with my fellow brothers and sisters and also to emit it so my twinflame soul may feel the call so that we may be joined together as one as was intended. Can you help me to achieve this? My main goal in life on earth i feel is to learn every known truth that i possibly can and then to redisribute those truths through love,kindness, tranquility, peace and harmony to all life. Please help me on my journey it would be a life changing event for me and others if you can. Even a reply would be most wepcome even if you have no personal knowledge that can help a response is most greatly appreciated. Much peace and love from a searching soul of the omniverse.

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