Cosmic Frequencies, Ancient Sacred Sites, Changes within yourself….

In these next few months, we are entering a period, where, because of the massive and powerful cosmic rays, being beamed down upon this planet, all around us will start to disintegrate more and more….

When we start vibrating at higher frequencies, then all of that matter which vibrates at lower frequencies simply disintegrates.

I am giving an example here:  When we, in our dense physical form, try to enter, a place of very high frequency, we will simply pass out.  For our dense physical form, cannot stand that vibration.  We can only survive in such high frequency places, if those who live in those higher states of consciousness, assist us, to go there in our astral form, or our HIGHER Ethereal form….

A few years ago, I was marvelling at this same thing happening.  By that stage I had been pulled into action, and then knew where the underground space stations of the Intergalactic Fleet were…  On travelling back home, one late afternoon, I was simply prompted to stop my car (this being a rural area and off the beaten track).  What I witnessesed then, showed me what happens, if our dense physical concoctions, come into contact with something of a much higher frequency…

I saw one of the craft of the Galactic Fleet (that is what had alerted me in the first place, and I was speaking to the crew) hovering near their underground space stations… when an air force jet started chasing it…. The next minute the Intergalactic craft simply switched frequencies, and seemed to disappear… and the jet, chasing it, started disintegrating: – the pilot was having to evacuate…. The jet could not go into the higher frequency field of the much more advanced craft, and hold its physical form!

What I found so amusing about the whole thing is that I had been led to identify Ancient Sacred Sites in that area (and this happened near one of them)…. After talking to the local farmers, and then using my own inner guidance system, I had identified them…. and also knew that when the indigenous people, had sacred sites, they most often were places of immense ENERGY…. what is more: – they KNEW that, for it was reflected in their myths and legends.

What was even MORE interesting, is that my father had always told us, that certain sites, were strictly off-limits to most of the tribal people…. barring the head shaman, who was allowed onto these sacred sites, only once a year, and then had to make certain preparations, so that his own ASTRAL body, could go into these sites, and not his PHYSICAL form!

When you start reading up, what the first colonist reported (with their very biased and limited understanding of the tribal people), what the High Sanusi (shaman) of the Tribal People, Credo Mutwa,  says about their own beliefs… and when you start adding up the rest you will find that there is far more to the world, than the naked eye can see!

The High Energy Centres of this planet, have always been carefully guarded…. And the tribal people KNOW this…. They will never attempt to go near certain places on their own, because of the strange happenings there.

What most people do not understand, is that there are certain, very high frequency sites around the world (and I am not talking about the most well-known here – those who have been over-commercialized in the last few years), but places which have been carefully HIDDEN from mankind, until such a time, as we can sufficiently raise our own energies, to start tapping into them once more…

They are surrounded by such a high FREQUENCY band of protection, that you will be barred entry from going there.  Most people will find fear rising… or feel strange sensations in their bodies… or will feel they have hit an invisible wall… also; they might have strange lethargy or a feeling of their head buzzing… dizziness, etc.  All of this, will simply be, because your own frequency, cannot match that of the site you are on… and the Guardians of the places, will not let you in…

Why am I telling you all of this?  In the next few months, as you step up your frequencies, because you are WILLING and ABLE to open up to them, you will start VIBRATING at a much HIGHER FREQUENCY, than those around you.

So what happens?  You step up your frequency, and your husband/boyfriend/family etc. is still in firmly anchored in 3D, and happily so (mostly because of ignorance, indoctrination or plain apathy).  So you are up there, and going more up, and the person(s) have remained firmly stuck in the old form…  So, something is going to give way… 

The same applies, for old habits, old patterns, that no longer serve us… Over a lot of incarnations on this planet, you may have repeated the same old patterns with the same souls… family patterns…. social patterns…. that you seem to never be able to break… Well, all of this is now going to have to be confronted and dealt with…

So, expect a lot of challenges to come your way.  Instead of resisting this, ask yourself, how does this serve to wake me up?  How can I resolve this, once and for all?  What do I need to resolve?  Does this serve my Highest Good?  Do I want to carry this with me, for the rest of my life?

At the same time, ask yourself: “Is there anything else in my life that I need to act on now?”

Now, is not the time to fight against the River of Life: – trust, have faith, and go with the flow.  This strong current of cosmic forces is taking you to positive outcome and a far more balanced and prosperous future….

To come back to those sacred sites:  When I was first lead to identify these sites, and then subsequently learnt to open myself up to expanded Beingness, then I simply could not carry on with my old life.  I had to take a leap of faith, and  learn to step into a new way of life.  In the process I lost a lot of things… people… family… etc. because most simply could not understand what was happening, and condemned me for being irresponsible and going cookoo ( a fool)…

Yet, when I look back at the journey of initiation I have gone through, then I would not have missed all of that, for all the money in the world!  My whole vista, my whole understanding of life has taken a QUANTUM LEAP…. I am simply not the same person anymore – I have simply GROWN in ways I could never have envisioned before…

This is another reason, why, in the Ancient Rites of Passage, you had to go through some stringent initiations, before your were allowed in the Priesthood and even more stringent initiations to become a High Priest/ess.

Mostly because they knew, that only when the soul had gone through the proverbial fire, could it serve at its highest and purest intent and frequency…. Having gone through the fire yourself, and having been purified to the very core (fire purifies), then you are able to SERVE your HIGHER PURPOSE better and bring immensely beautiful and amazing abilities into this planet… as the ego starts falling away and the true beauty of your soul starts shining through!

Embrace whatever comes… and try not to cling to all and sundry… open your hands and let go….

The new cannot come in, or emerge, as long as you cling on for dear life to old patterns and forms, people and places, that no longer serve your highest good!

Remember, the higher your frequency goes up, the more you expand in Beingness, and thus do not fit into the old form of life anymore!

Embrace the sacred places WITHIN yourself, and the outer ones will reveal themselves to you, as you will be automatically be drawn to the right places, the right people and right circumstances as the shift occurs!

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11 thoughts on “Cosmic Frequencies, Ancient Sacred Sites, Changes within yourself….

  1. awesome and of course perfectly timed .. thank you Judith, much much Love winging its way to you , von Deutschland nach Süd Afrika ,, alles alles liebe

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  4. You start feeling lighter, differently – it is as if you are in a state of serenity and love… This is the phase normally when, on the beginning of this journey, the old ways of life which no longer server you, fall away, and then – it can feel like a dying – but then, like the phoenix rising from the ashes, a new you starts emerging – a you that truly starts living from the heart and soul, and you start feeling the energies from deep within, and all around you. I have always felt them like huge electric shocks going through my body, and then simply changing my whole life and the way I looked at, reacted to life and live life. This is when one learn truly unconditional love of self and others.

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