People who push your buttons and soul contracts….Karma…

I am often asked why certain people seem to give one such grief in life… and why some seem to really push your buttons….

This is indeed a very interesting question, mainly because two aspects come to the fore: – If a person is pushing your buttons, then they mirror back to you something you have not made peace with in your very own life and deep inner self. 

The second is that some people, sometimes groups of people or souls, have karmic links with us…. and we, as a collective are repeating some old karmic patterns, which are now going to come to the fore more and more…

Sometimes, however, the souls who LOVE us the most, agree, just before we incarnate, to take on the role of challenger, persecutor, or whatever, as we decided to master certain lessons  BEFORE we are born here…

Your soul, before it is allowed to incarnate onto this planet, is sent to a SOUL SCHOOL or UNIVERSITY, in the Pleiades, and also then on Uranus.  Here they are briefed about what an incarnation here on this planet entails.

You are then taken, with those souls who are contracted in to incarnate with you, or have already incarnated, and then your previous lifetimes on this planet, as well as elsewhere are taken in consideration.  The Lords of Karma look at your COLLECTIVE SOUL CHARTS from all incarnations (whether on this planet or not) and then advice you, as to what soul lessons you have not mastered or experienced before…

They then look at the souls in your soul group and other soul groups who would volunteer to assist you to master those lessons and hone your soul’s inner strength and abilities.  You chose your parents, brothers and sister, for this reason.  We also chose certain aspects, we cannot experience in any other form on any other star system or galaxies, and that is pain, feelings, emotions, to such a polarity of opposites, as is experienced here.

Sometimes a soul might decide to choose too many lessons to master, and then it will happen, that the Divine Director will simply advice the soul, to rather not attempt too many  lessons, as those souls, tend to forget how harsh and hostile life sometimes can be on this planet…. Or simply have never incarnated here before…

So, instead of condemning the people for what they do, have done, and will do to you… or how much pain, anger etc. they are causing you, why not sit down for one moment and think this through: –

What valuable lessons have you learnt because of their behaviour?  Has it made you more independent… more responsible…?  Has your pain, assisted others, as you have had more empathy and understanding, because of it?  Has it given you courage and strength,  that you never even knew you had?  Has this taught you persistence?

The deeper you dig, the more you will find that there is always something that you learnt from the experience…

For example:  You might have a pattern of having too little money, or losing money.  In fact, this seems to run in the family…. Well, then has it not taught you, that even if you had absolutely no money, you still somehow survived?  Did not people help you that you never expected to?  Who supported you, emotionally?  Who showed sympathy?  Who gave you money?  Windfalls, etc.?  Until you learn to love and appreciate the energy of money, and then decide to see it grow, instead of spending it all, the energy of money will always evaporate around you….

Or it could be, that you had already experience lifetimes, where you had wealth, good fortune, etc. and you CHOSE to have this experience, for soul growth…..

Ask yourself too, to what extent, does this person or persons, or circumstance,  reflect something WITHIN YOURSELF that you have not acknowledged or have avoided seeing about yourself?  There lie you shadow side, waiting for you to embrace…

For we all, while on this planet EMBRACE BOTH, THE LIGHT AND THE DARK.  We are here to FIND EQUILIBRIUM…. The BALANCE POINT!

When we reach this point, we become grateful for the lessons.  We start seeing how these souls have SERVED us… We start releasing the emotional charges associated with people and places, and we start LIVING AND LOVING with open hearts.


There is not one single soul on this planet that is so very lost, that they cannot be healed by a little love, nor in need of some… and there is not one of us, who does not understand the value of being loved and accepted for WHO AND WHAT WE ARE and not for what others want us to be….

This is why family, often are the ones who hone these lessons home: – have you ever seen how siblings can fight – and then a third party wants to make peace and two turn against that person, and then that person becomes the perpetrator?

This is because those two fighting, are actually teaching each other some soul lessons, and the third party is not supposed to interfere with that lesson!

So the next time, someone pushes your buttons, ask yourself what you have not mastered about yourself and what you are denying about life?

We are all souls on a journey called life… and we might as help each other understand and master the lessons, while we are here: – the LESSONS OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE OF SELF FIRST AND FOREMOST AND THEN OF OTHERS!

As we master each soul lesson… learn to forgive those who have hurt and harmed, intentionally and unintentionally and forgive ourselves, then the lessons disappears and we can move onto the next…

The higher the cosmic frequencies, at this time, the more of all the unresolved stuff and patterns from this lifetime and other will come to the fore… as our souls wish to be freed from the karmic debt and move into higher and higher octaves of being and also the different dimensions of Being….

It is surely a time, to get rid of all the excess baggage, so that when your soul plane takes off, and into the new life, it won’t be weighed down by being over the weight limit

6 thoughts on “People who push your buttons and soul contracts….Karma…

  1. thank you, this is actually my teaching/ learning process right now. Loved it so much that the universe is actually conspiring on my behalf. Love and Light Vehl;;-) xoxoxo

  2. this wat i read has given a correct understanding of my life,reason for adversities & their roles,its easier to deal with them now,picture is crystal clear,bloks hav cleared,feeling light now,im sooo grateful for this.

  3. Thank you for that Judith 🙂
    It is truth, sometimes very painful, but that’s the work we need to do on ourselves. We should be thankful for these souls that ‘push our buttons’ so that we can look into ourselves deeper and heal issues that are arising this way.

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