The Return of the Feminine Divine… Energies and Higher Healing….

The Mother of all… and receiver, the birther and ultimately the greatest energy source of all is now returning to this planet in full force…

In the very beginning she reigned on this planet… and all her creatures lived in harmony and they were happy and content…. They honoured her in the forests and trees, in the cyclic nature of the turning seasons and tides….

They honoured her sacred oak groves and those sacred energy places of this planet, which reconnected them with the Feminine Divine… the Mother of all Creation… the Great Mother, who in one moment of utter and complete union with the Father of All, in ecstasy and bliss that only perfect union expresses, she gave birth to the galaxy and stars, and most of all of all life and life forms, visible and invisible…

In those days the women held the offices of the nurturers, the Keepers of Life and Death… They held the Crystal Keys as High Priestesses, and from in perfect harmony with their male counterparts… yet, they reigned the regions and energies of the HEART, the COSMIC HEART and most of all, they acted as the TRANSMITTERS of COSMIC TRUTH, LAW AND MOST OF ALL the COSMIC BIRTHING AND NURTURING OF ALL LIFE.

Thus they held the Crystal Pyramid Temple of Love, a vast Rose quartz Temple, and the WHITE FLAME of PURITY, The HALLS OF RECORDS AND WISDOM, for the Divine Feminine always held the KEYS OF WISDOM,  the EMERALD Temple of HIGHER HEALING, and they held the VIOLET FLAME, of Higher Magic and TRANSMUTATION,  The Temple of the INITIATION RITES and RITES OF PASSAGE, the Temple of UNITY, and BIRTH AND REBIRTH…. The Temple of Astrology and Birth charts….

In those days the women held the power of the earth and sky, as their male counterparts were the administrators, the rulers, the ones who put into place such policies as were determined by the Greater Counsel, consisting of the 12 High Priests and High Priestesses of the Crystal Pyramid Temples over which they resided…. Each Temple having both a Male and Female counterpart as High Priest and High Priestess.

 The men were the Keepers of the Crystal Skulls and thus held the power of administer, while the women held the power the Crystal Keys and over the energy centres and the ultimate Higher Wisdom and Knowledge to hold the powerbases of the earth and sky…. the nurturing of the its animal and plant life and the nurturing and unfolding of all life forms and the wisdom and manifestation power that stems from the heart and soul.

Women have always had the power to heal the soul…. while the men held sway in the power of the mind…. and the mind-driven expertise of building and administration… the general running and working of things…

All of this created an ultimate BALANCE, as both the male and female, worked in tandem and then in a state of complete harmony, ENHANCING each other.

Yet, what happened was that over time, men started fearing the power of women… and this is the form of the SEXUAL power…. and the power of heart creations….

A certain element of the Black Magi started infiltrating the planet, and with it, the minds of men…. As men started to use the power of their minds and then with it, the brutal power of their superior strength, they started to remodel society and started to use force to establish the rule of Men over the planet….

With time, men and women forgot the equality of the two genders, and forgot to dance in tune with each other, as one started to reign over the other, and started to rape and abuse women and sell them in slavery… or being forced to marry for dowry or political power…

In the new way of life, what men feared more than anything else, was the women’s SEXUAL power…. For the Ancients had used certain Rites of Sex (which have since been removed from the planet, with the demise of the Feminine Mother and which will only be returned once the shift of consciousness returns – I am not talking about the Rites of Isis or any other such rites as might be remembered… nor tantric sex….) to help to empower both the male and female aspects…. When both are empowered in the correct way, then this energy helps to bring balance and equilibrium back to all of life and life-forms on this planet, as it is LIFE ENHANCING and a truly beautiful form of pure energy….. (When there is mutual respect and mutual love and loving kindness involved, as well as other aspects which I will not mention here….)

We are entering a RITES OF PASSAGE, and have been for the last few years, when the FEMININE DIVINE is being returned to this planet.  With this will be a shift in relationships, and with it, will come the OPENING UP OF THE HEART CENTER. 

When the heart truly opens up it brings with it an opening up of the sexual centres of both the male and female and this enables the sexual union to go up in intensity by a few octaves.  This is most felt between twin flames and soul mates… for here their energies blend and when enhanced even further by certain elements, this brings about a state of euphoria and bliss which is immensely powerful and beautiful….

This is a true dance of love… as a dance of cosmic energies….

We are simply asked to open up our hearts to the new energies released, and then to simply not cling to the old relationships anymore, which no longer serve our highest good.  This is not to say that both partners cannot go through a period of adjustment and then move closer to each other…

 It is just, that the female aspects of life, as expressed by the female body, will undergo a certain change, as these energies work with the PELVIC BOWL of women and open up certain hidden DNA structures within their ovaries and womb.  Even if the womb or ovaries have been removed, the energies work with their ethereal parts and some women might even have these grow back or being repaired in the next few years….. Even the sexual hormones are being reactivated.

For women in particular, it is important in meditation to ask for beautiful golden light to clean out and cleanse the pelvic bowl area and to simply learn certain ancient techniques of doing nurturing this aspect of self.   You can also simply imagined twirling swirling light cleaning, rejuvenating and activating this area… for herein lies the essence and BEING of all womanhood.

This exercise will also clean up tension in this area, and pain associated with sex, child birth or any other discomfort felt in that area since puberty.

You might also, simply during the day, put your hands around this area, and send healing energy into this area, via your hands.    Simply hold yourself, as you would hold a child, when pregnant, and then send in healing light.

I have found that some men, feel the Feminine Divine, and are asking for assistance, as they say they have no male role models to follow anymore, as the macho type of man, who simply takes what he wants is fast disappearing, as the more nurturing side and open hearts of men appear.

For them, it will assist them, to consciously work at opening their heart chakras and simply allowing light to flow into and out of the heart.   They can also then, push this energy up through their throat chakra, and up to their third eye, and then down again for a few times.  This will open up the energy centres in their brain, for so long suppressed and then help them to start feeling more and being less in the mind….(It won’t decreased your analytical or other abilities, merely enhance them to get more in tune with the GREATER COSMIC HEART, CREATIVE AND NURTURING ABILITIES).

Most of all, walking barefoot, and getting grounded into Mother Earth, feeling the grass under your bare feet, sand, and earth, will help you to ground these energies.  This is most important, for when we start using the sexual energies for the HIGHEST good once more; we need to be properly grounded and not floating somewhere between earth and sky….

These are truly beautiful colours and rays the Divine brings…. and as our hearts open up more and more… so will the natural abilities and the life giving force return to this planet and our lives!

7 thoughts on “The Return of the Feminine Divine… Energies and Higher Healing….

  1. This is very true,

    When the heart truly opens up it brings with it an opening up of the sexual centres of both the male and female and this enables the sexual union to go up in intensity by a few octaves. This is most felt between twin flames and soul mates… for here their energies blend and when enhanced even further by certain elements, this brings about a state of euphoria and bliss which is immensely powerful and beautiful…

    I have experienced this energy with my soul mate of 20 years, the relationship has ended I have met my twin flame sex has much more vibrational energy, I have always wished everyone can experience the specialness sex is with this blissful energy there is nothing that brings you closer to the divine.

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