Karmic Clearing… Releasing old vows… etc….

The beautiful cosmic energies surrounding us now, are assisting us in the letting go phase, that transitional phase in life, when the old is busy making way for the new….

Some of us have been led in the last few years, to one of the most amazing fazes in our lives… yet somehow the most daunting ones….. We found that all that we ever held dear was somehow taken away from us… We could have clung onto the old for dear live… yet somehow something greater than ourselves, was pushing us forward and right into the unknown…

In the process we lost a lot of things, people and places, even jobs and any security we once had… yet, what we experienced in the innermost regions of our hearts and souls was so precious, so unique, that we simply cherished this, treasured this, and we wished it to one day, just sprout and blossom into extended Beingness, as our greatest gifts to the world…

As we started going ever inwards to seek answers and then go and find the Holy Grail….. those who were close to us, or who knew that person that they were comfortable with, simply were bewildered, and shook their heads.  We could not fit into their rational world any more – fact is neither could we fit into theirs: – so something had to go…

There were those souls we ended entangled with, who simply were sent on our journey of life, to teach us valuable lessons in unconditional love and acceptance…

It was during this time, since the first moment of awakening in 2004 that I suddenly had past life recalls, and met up with all the most important role players during that time…

The first glimpse of that lifetime, came, when a friend, who had simply dumped the organization of a Music Festival into my lap (some whim that he suddenly had, because he was jealous of the attention I was getting from the males I was working with…) opened up the whole can of worms, I never anticipated.  It came, at that time, by him, messing up big-time… I am a very patient person, but that day I lost my cool, when he not only proceeded to take my car keys and then attacked me (later came out because of an overdose of tablets that he had taken to alleviate stress)….

In that moment, when he attacked me, I saw his face change… and then I remembered, as clear as daylight that this had happened before.  It so happened that that remembering, helped me to cope with him that day, and with sheer super human strength (and help from my guardian angels) I had the strength to send him packing…  It came out, then, when I started searching into this vision of his face, that I remembered that he had been the Priest in that lifetime, who, with a bible cradled to his chest, had stood there and see me burn alive on a stake….

Since then, I have met nearly all the souls that had been involved at the time, in the most traumatic past life I had ever been incarnated in….  I met up with my lover from that lifetime, and the man I was forced to marry for dowry.  I have had 12 chastity belts removed from me via past life regressions, clearing the trauma and debris away….

It was with the lover that I had to work through issue and issues and layers of issues of pain… of betrayal and most of all, the loss of total way of life of my people.  It was only, when I had released every single bit of pain or resentment that I have had in that lifetime, regarding this man, that I at last could walk free and open my heart totally…

Because, somehow during this lifetime, I had been so sensitive a soul that I had simply held onto pain, and had somehow built huge fortresses around my heart…. It was my lover from that past life (with the help of the others who appeared), who helped to cleave open those walls, and to help me to heal of great trauma and pain…

So, only after I was willing to let go of all, did I meet up with the most precious of souls, that I always wanted to be reunited with: – my father, in that lifetime…

So, it is with grace and gratitude that I salute these souls, who in this lifetime pitched up, to teach me the value of releasing pain… and most of all, the ultimate act of love, to help me to heal and teach me unconditional love and acceptance….

Why am I sharing this?  For, we often have a series of patterns, which our souls repeat lifetime after lifetime, and with the same set of souls… Your ex-lover might be your father in this lifetime and vice versa… your sister who pushes your buttons might well be someone you have issues with from a past life… so the same patterns of behaviour seem to run like a stuck record in your sub-conscious mind…

In these last few years we have had to deal with soul wounds, and to finally learn to step past all of this, and to learn unconditional love…

Once we start breaking the old patterns, and get rid of the trauma and pain, we can start moving forward and then something new can replace it… and ultimately if we learn to love ourselves with an open heart and unconditionally, then we start becoming GREAT MAGNETS and then start attracting our TRUE SOUL MATES/TWIN FLAMES… (Who have had to go through the same process, to clear their hearts and soul, so that they could meet up with us…)

I am getting so many letters from people who are having problems with their partners and then are afraid to let go…. What are  you clinging to?  What old patterns of behaviour from this life or the past, are you unwilling to let go of?  As long as you are clinging to the old patterns and lovers, you cannot allow the new to come into your life… you are smothering the life-force and you are blocking the road to a HIGHER WAY OF LIFE…



If you have a festering wound, the doctor takes a surgical knife, opens the place up and then has to remove the entire puss and infection, before the wound can close up and heal… the same is with the collective trauma and pain of your COLLECTIVE BEING…

Some of us are old souls and have had patterns with a few hundred of souls if not more..

(Marriage vows for instance, will be valid until you consciousness ask the it to be dissolved, the cords and ties cut, and the person releasing you from that vow. Also the Angels administering those vows, have to be released from their duties.)

We are allowed to ask our guardian Angel to call in all those souls, in this lifetime or other lifetimes, all parallel lives and cosmos’, all other life forms…. to attend a karmic clearing ceremony in the Temple of KARMIC CLEARING….

Ask Archangel Michael to be there with his flashing sword of Light, and also Archangel Gabriel.  Then see how you are taken to stand in front of the congregation (and you might be surprised at whom you see there and recognize), and then with Archangel Michael at your right hand side and Gabriel at your left, as for the following clearing:


Ask those to step forward and let Archangel Michael cut the ties, cut out all symbols, vows, pact, implants, ties, blood ties, symbols of slavery, ceremonies, tattoos, symbols of attachment such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, crowns, etc., begging bowls, poverty vows, austerity, curses, etc. etc.

Ask that he does the same in you…. (this might be curses etc. you did in some lifetime yourself, known or unknown to you) and that he cuts all ties with the darkness once and for all…. He will put symbols in your aura that will prevent the dark from ever making contact with you ever again….

Then see these step forward and sign the Golden Book, releasing these vows, etc. through all time and space and all eternity….

Then, after all the Angels have been released, in the presence of Archangel Michael and Gabriel, sign the Golden Book of Release yourself.

Thank Archangels Michael and Gabriel…. then see how they escort you back through the cheering and celebrating congregation… your aura shining gloriously….. the angels blessings you gifts of incredible beauty…..

You might have to do these three times a week for some time….

I am amazed at what comes forth sometimes… things I did not consciously know about….

So I tend to do this whenever I get the nudge to do so from Archangel Michael…

We can do the same with the clearing of family karma.  What is written in the Bible, about the sins of the fathers going back into the fourth and fifth degree, is a TRUTH that we simply cannot get past…. Sometimes the same patterns have been in families for thousands of years…..

I have been born in Africa, and the African people talked about the Ancestral Spirits… I have learnt to respect this view, as I have been called in to clear high energy places, and have seen what happens, if the collective souls and dense energies, get stuck in the ethers around this planet and start clogging up portals…

  Here you need to ask your guardian angel to take you to meet the Lords of Karma and the Divine Director.  When meeting the meeting is granted, ask for the dispensation of family karma.  They will graciously listen to your request and will grant it, if it is for Higher Good of all.  You may then also ask for the healing of Planetary Karma, and then in a part of the world, that you would love this cleansing to occur.  This is an act of service and of immense importance at this time….

Be ready to step into a new way of life….

13 thoughts on “Karmic Clearing… Releasing old vows… etc….

  1. Thank you so much Judith, I knew about clearing our ancestral karma but releasing the vows, especially marriage ones, and releasing the Angels of them is amazing. Thank you.

  2. Mahalo for this enlightening post – to look at our own difficulties through someone else’s eyes is as if to be illuminated from within – i always found this a mystery of Onenness – a mystery that is described in Thunder Perfect mind as “those who are near me – do not know me – and those who are far from me – know me…”

  3. p.s. i have many unresolved issues with Archangel Michael – his shadow had much negative influence on my Soul in the past, so i came to believe the moment Archangel Michael heals his own shadow dancer – many will be saved from having to go through repeated 11:11 DNA reversal (aka downfall)… Please ask Archangel Michael about Planetary shadow matrix – is it dissolved or still dancing?

  4. Hi there….to me Archangel Michael has no shadow…. I see him only in the Light.
    I have an idea that he is mirroring back to your own soul, the shadows that you have not healed from your own past….
    Much Love and Light!

  5. since you are in close relationship with Light Self would you ask Archangel Michael: “what of the shadows and matrix of vows0?” i know if if we post a question to Light Being just as it comes from our Heart, the answer will help us

    Mahalo & Namaste!

  6. *applauds* Very well written, am extremely happy that the last several years have been so productive and uplifting, may the wind always be at your back.

  7. Feb 7th 2013 Terry
    Thankyou very much !! This is the most poignant of any article I have read, in relation to the experiences that myself and a soul mate have been going through, since we sat together in sincerity at 3 full moon meditations at the end of 2009. The final one being the full moon of New years eve 2009, which was a Blue moon so-called. This tremedous opening we both experienced, was soon to be surpassed by much from my mate of our negative past, and as you mentioned, she also experienced chastity belts. Currently she has closed her heart and relinquished herself to a negativity of fear in her solar plexus, and wants nothing more to do with me she says, and in complete denial, despite me wanting to be gentle and supportive to her. I have also considered regression myself to help get to the bottom of this, as I feel positively that it is to be healed at this time, as she is only building more fear of me,from our past, and running from me. Very encouraging, I just hope my very aware and sensitive soul mate can overcome the issue between us with love and our open hearts. With Love and Gratitude. T

    • I can assist you there with my soul readings – they will immediately pinpoint as to where this comes from and how to resolve this. I have done them for doctos, health professionals and people from all over the world, and all have been amazed at the accuracy, how they resonate deeply and profoundly at soul level and are simply life empowering. You can contact me judithkusel@gmail.com

  8. Hello Judith!
    I am a clinical integrated hypnotherapist
    I started my practice quite recently
    I have. Seen a few lives that I have experienced while I was practicing regression. I have faced traumatic relationships with my spouse time and again.one of my spouse is someone I am in a relationship with for. A few yeas now the relationship is strained similar to the one I shared before with him.I want to be with him and share a good relationship so how would the archangels assist me with the same? also I would like to know that if I have entered a a marriage vow does it continue for more than one lifetime? As lot of religions don’t restrict their marriage vows til one lifetime.please guide

    • Dear Kanika, I do Twinflame and soul readings, where karmic patterns, like yours have been created over many lifetimes. There is only one single cure for that, and that is to let go of all the emotional charges, the baggage and to release them and then to create new patterns – like a kaleidoscope being turned, the pieces fragment and then form a new pattern.
      Those I done readings for come back to me and they are astounded about how something deep inside of them shifted when they reconnected to their souls – and the inner seeing is opened up and they see the person they are relating too with open soul eyes.
      Yes, marriage vows stay and the angels who administer these vows keep you to them – until you ask for them to be released and Archangel Michael can dismiss the angels who keep you to the vows. This goes for any vow – whether business, etc. Blood vows are the hardest to release – as well as pacts, agreements, contracts. All need to be released and the angels dismissed.
      As far as women particularly are concerned, they need to do pelvic bowl cleansing and healing, for the sexual cords and ties of all the men they ever had intercourse which get stuck in there like cords or attachment – I am talking about negative cords. What happens is that the man can tap into your energy fields and pull your energy from you – like a vampire. That is why women sometimes feel drained and feel immensely disrupted or depressed without knowing where this comes from. Long after this man has left such a relationship these cords will stay in place and sometimes over lifetimes – indeed in my readings these have sometimes come from the first lifetime on this planet, when the sexual energies were started to be abused.
      For Twinflame or soul readings see my website: http://www.judith-kusel.com

  9. Thank you Judith. Is there a way for you to word it exactly word for word? And best time to do it (example: before bed or on a pacific day?) I really need something done!!!

    Since my marriage ended brutally in 2003 I can not get a partner to stay sadly. Most terrible divorce. Seems that I am in a Pitt and no amount of education will help me get a good job (I have been back to school more times than anyone I know and still nothing). Nice good men come but they leave with not an explanation and I end up alone and not one relationship. Been this way since the end of my marriage . I fear that I will be alone for ever and I have a lot of love and kindness to give.

    I also end up with not good jobs or no job for months almost half the year. The certificates on my walls are not helping me achieve a good job and i am wondering why??? Money slips no matter how I budget and fallow strictly.
    Housing is sad too, I have been in a shelter since the anniversary of my marriage (Jan 5th, 2015 being in a shelter) ending more than ten years ago! !! (It’s crazy) and before I was bed hoping and sleeping in my car (if you saw me you would not think that I would be the type to be in an unstable homeless situation. . I am now in community housing and living off less than $300 a month… with the services saying that I owe them money (I have no idea for what! ).
    I am and have been in a negative Pitt and no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to be free of it. Please help. When and how do I send the above?

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