Exploring the infinite possibilities and pathways of Life!


Life has a million ways of unfolding.  Sometimes we stand at the threshold of a portal, and there are adventures waiting on the other side…. yet, unless we step past our own initial fear, we will never have courage to step over the threshold and into unknown adventures that await us on the other side…

The fact is that when stepping into the unknown, we have to lose a lot of those familiar, the well-trodden paths… the ones we can navigate with our eyes closed. 

During the course of our lives we adopt certain habits, certain ways of living, which put us into a neat little bubble, and make us somehow feel safe…. Whenever that comfort zone is threatened or about to be taken away from us, fear starts setting in…. Fear for the unknown, the uncharted….

When we start gathering the courage to step through that portal, we find that life and life-force takes on a new meaning… for now we realize that life has endless possibilities… by allowing ourselves to get stuck in ruts, we simply allow ourselves to die a slow death…

For by stepping past the self-imposed limits, we find that life and love are there to find in a myriad of ways….

Our vision expands, and suddenly a tree is just not a tree, but becomes a magnificent praise-song to the Divine… we start marvelling at the very life-force and wonder of the creation it is….

We delight in the roses we find…. we feel ever petal, we drink in the fragrance… we simply delight in the beauty and perfection of it….

I have since I can remember, simply taken delight in nature and in the exploring of such.  My mom’s garden and orchard became fertile ground for exploring the very wonders of life.  I remember how on the long walks in nature, I found delight in picking the veldt flowers, in feeling the grasses, and then simply standing at the edge of sheer cliff, and drinking in the wonders of creation, in the land-forms… the valleys and streams and the landscape unfolding forever ……

When driving along, I am drinking in the contours and landscapes changing before my eye and simply love getting the FEEL of the land…. I remember when driving through the Great Karoo, for the first time, and getting feel of the desert, unfolding in completely different hues of khakis, brown, ochre and slate, with strange-looking Koppies and funny shaped mountains, rising in the plains of sheer forgetfulness….

Marvelling at the succulents and funny thorn  shrubs and how on earth the Karoo sheep could survive in such a hostile environment…

Then the delight of the Klein Karoo, rising with vineyards and the first greenery appears… after being treated to the sheer purple of cliffs in Graaf-Reinet… and a place called “The Valley of Desolation….” 

The delights and beauty of the Boland appears, with its magnificent beauty, mountains and vineyards…. Breathtaking scenery of Table Mountain and the sea….

Just as much as delighting in the beauty of my own territory, the green hills and mountains, fertile valleys and plentiful waters of my own Natal….. The endless rolling hills and adventure that is Zululand….

If we open our hearts to the see, sense and feel the beauty of life unfolding everywhere… and the greatness of exploring beyond the beaten tracks… then life takes on a new meaning and form and we start truly FEELING ALIVE!

As much as I have explored the outer world and loved every moment of it: – just as much have I explored the inner world and amazing breath-taking beauty of the heart and soul and the invisible creations of the Divine….

For the more I explored the endless roads, byways, and single tracks of my inner life, the more I have found that true exuberance… the LIFE FORCE… the very LOVE of life LIFE, comes from very deep inside of me and thus is sprouting forth like mighty stream…. simply bubbling into life – life more abundantly!

For there are pathways of the soul which span dimensions, and octaves of soul experiences that are  there and open for us to explore, if we open ourselves up to the very wonders of Creation and Existence….. 

For the true paths of the heart and soul, will always connect one to the INFINITE, the endless and magnitude and magnificence of the DIVINE….

Herein lies the vital Keys to all Mysteries and the Key of understand ALL LIFE… and the LOVE that is inherently part and particle of ALL….


I want to explore, experience the INFINITE pathways and portals of life with all my BEING, until the day I simply leave….

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