Changes, changes and more changes….

T At this time we are being challenged to simply find the middle point – the equilibrium point in ALL AND EVERYTHING… within and around us…. As the giant scales of life and love are tipping back and forth, there simply IS no middle ground, as all is in flux and flow….

With the tipping of the scales… this way and that…. we are being challenged to the very core to find some kind of equilibrium – firstly within ourselves…. our own lives and the way we lived it and then finding the equilibrium deep in our inner selves and hearts… and the going outward and finding this in relationships – whether these be intimate ones or friends, family, and further afield…

Note here that I did not use the WORDS: MIND, BRAIN, or anything PHYSICAL…. The only term I used was HEART – yet, not the PHYSICAL HEART as one would understand this… but the SPIRITUAL HEART, THE SOUL HEART – the FEELING CENTRE of all…

In the last few thousand years, mankind has slowly strayed from the heart-centred and balanced way of life – to the ruling of the MIND and the MASCULINE way of thinking, relating and being. That endless wars resulted, is no accident. For with the mind, comes the ego-based living, where all is about ME and US and what I can get out of it!

With the shifting of consciousness, which started in the 1960’s with the hippie movement, was that people started to question this. They started to understand that something needed to the changed and gradually the dawning and understanding came that what has to change, was the HEART and living had to become HEART-CENTERED…. (although that still was but a SEARCH – and some searched for the opening up of the third eyes chakra, via drugs – which in a sense, still did not open the HEART).

Gradually people started to open up – those who were conscious, and with the new children being born, those souls who volunteered to anchor in the HEART-centred living, since the early 1950’s, they literally started causing the INWARD REVOLUTION, and with it helped to bring about the CHANGING CONSCIOUSNESS from the mental and mind/the rational thinking to move to HEART-CENTRED LIVING….

When mankind is at threshold of drastic changes, then all the old, that which is struggling to keep alive, will resist all changes… especially if the changes are occurring on the INSIDE… for it loves the old patterns of destructive living and relating…. Old patterns repeated ingrained in the human psyche and in the human WAY OF DOING….

The old way is the of FEAR and FEAR-BASED EXISTENCE…. When fear is there for expressing feelings, for being and relating – for simply living life consciously and to the full…. then it feels threatened. It feels threatened in all and every way. It will resist anything that pushes it out of its comfort zone and out of existence…

Another issue was CONTROL – if one could control the MINDS of masses, and had control over their finances etc. then one literally had control over the world…

All of this is slipping away, as the new is being born – for now we are moving into the Higher States of Consciousness, where the vastness of your bank balance, is less important than the vastness of your own soul and its Divine connections…

Yet, a lot of people tend to not WANT nor WISH change – for it scares them – perhaps more than the idea of the planet blowing itself up….. For change in uncomfortable, and when all start falling apart at the seams, the first gut reaction is to consolidate one’s losses, and then see the way the wind is blowing… Yet, there-in lies the hidden blessing!

When I had this happening to me about four years ago, in FACT I decided to take a leap of faith TO THE EXACT MONTH, in 2008, I literally had to take a huge leap of faith. I had asked myself the question: “WHY HAD I BEEN BORN IN AFRICA?” I am white pedigree German South African, and why had all what had happened to me? Why was I not born in Europe for instance, or America for that matter?

It was when I started asking the RIGHT questions, that the answers started to appear – in fact sometimes in such a way, that I literally was falling over them!

Yet, still, change was darn uncomfortable and some part of me was still clinging on for dear life to the old… I remember one day very clearly. I, in those early days, had found the answers to my question LITERALLY under my very feet – and then, when I had the inner prompting to go and take my car and drive up mountains or hills, then I did so. I had just had the most amazing experience in the Drakensberg, while on holiday there, and there had been massive thunder storms in the last few afternoons – breaking the drought. There I stood – on top of the mountain, surrounded by masses of veldt flowers, which had just sprung out of nothing, overnight, and I was scanning the horizon, and the valley below, for the clues that I had been given, and was now searching for… When, as from no-where, a herd of Zebras, came galloping past – it was just so beautiful, to see these creatures running past and then one of them suddenly stopped, right in front of me, and we simply stood gazing at each other… Yet, this was EXACTLY the sign I had been looking for – for I had just asked a question and asked for confirmation. This WAS the confirmation…. and sure enough, when that Zebra left too – I simply stood on the spot and I SAW WHAT I NEEDED TO TAKE NOTE OF!

The Zebra running past, had helped to simply break my concentration for a few minutes, and then – I COULD SEE MORE CLEARLY WHAT I HAD TO SEE and take note of…

What I saw, suddenly made a lot of sense to me, and the jigsaw puzzle pieces of the information I had gathered, started falling into place – albeit still not complete – but there. And then I KNEW, I SIMPLY KNEW, that this was going to have a profound impact on my life and what I would be teaching, writing about and sharing later in my life….

In that very moment, when that occurred, I could see that I had to let go completely of my old life – my lifestyle and my old way of thinking, and being – and that I had to change at the core. For I could not discover the rest of why I had been born on the African continent, if I would not allow myself to reborn at the very core…. I picked some wild flowers that day and took them home with me, as a reminder of this and there and then I made the commitment – that no matter where this Higher Road of Discovery was leading me,

I would not rest, until I had the answers and I could help others to see this too… Yet, even that, was like a huge mountain range looming up and which I had to conquer…

Since then, I have been reborn – literally! And with the re-birthing has come more and more understanding – yet, my journey is not complete yet. For there is more and more to discover and to understand about Planet Earth and energy centres and energies within myself, that I have to learn to acknowledge and re-learn how to use… Not, only that, but why Africa is considered holy and why Africa keeps its secrets so very close to her chest…

All of this has not been a ride into heaven – it has come with a lot of pain and releasing thereof – for all journeys of initiation are immensely painful at times – but ultimately so rewarding – just as much joy – and simply exuberance of living – so they go hand-in-hand…

I see this time, in mankind’s history, like the time of the great seafarers, who went out and re-discovered America and Africa…. The Great Explorers, for now the Exploring is INWARD and not OUTWARD and it is reconnecting us to our ROOTS- our CORE-ROOTS, our very SOULS…. and the SOUL of the Planet….

It is a journey into extended BEINGNESS and then INTO THE HEART…

For the Earth has a HEART-CENTER too, and it is a living being… just we tend to forget all of this and we suffered because of it!

So think of this time as a huge adventure – when the old making way for the new – is paving a new path for you to expand in mind, body, spirit and soul and to BECOME more of who and what you truly are!

form] What an exciting time to be alive in!

2 thoughts on “Changes, changes and more changes….

  1. what a great biography. I loved reading your story.
    I too am awake, and we are reaching a critical mass for our ascension. One with Source, Light and Love! Wow!

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