AT-ONENESS: The New Way of Life unfolding!

We are all one.  All are aspects of the Divine Source, and when you know this your frequency rises to that of the Source.  You see the Light of the Divine within everyone and, as you see it, you energize it to expand your own consciousness level and assist the raising of the consciousness of the Planet.

When you are in Oneness your heart is totally open.  Your Illumined Self gives freely, receives gratefully, is utterly compassionate and empathic.  You accept everyone exactly as they are – and do not wish to change or reform them – with glowing beautiful love in your heart.  You are the heartbeat of the Divine and the greater Cosmic Whole.

When you know Oneness you are open and clear about everything in Creation.  You see and understand with gratitude with work of the elementals.  You honour and love the angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters and the Beings of Light.  You walk hand in hand with the Masters.

You communicate telepathically with rocks, crystals, planets, trees, elements, animals, insects, people, angels, unicorns, master, the Ancient Wise ones and the Divine.

You automatically bring forward and are able to tap into the your own ancient knowledge as you have reconnected with your Soul – your Soul Name, your Soul Group Name, your soul vibration and frequency, its purpose and soul expression – its inherent gifts, talents and abilities.  You remember what is stored deep within your own soul’s memory banks from this planet and your stellar connections.  You can also telepathically access information, knowledge and wisdom from all sentient beings.

You live in the vibration of Truth, so you trust completely and feel safe.  This automatically allows you to feel divine peace.  You become claircogniscient, so you know all there is to know.

You trust the Divine Flow and know all is provided.  Under the Law of Attraction you draw in like-minded souls and all radiate joy!

You cells visibly radiate and glow.

Your intuitive understanding of sacred geometry means you are automatically aligned to the Divine Blueprint and your own soul’s blueprint and the expression and living of such.  You use it spontaneously at all times – for you cannot be other than what you were created to be and express.

The qualities of the elements are balanced in your personality.

You know everything and are free – you dance the dance of life with exuberance and joy.  You rejoice in the daily wonder of life, the miracle of nature’s unfolding.  You are pure and innocent – delighting in everything and all of life – in its myriad of forms.

Your twelve chakras are open at all times and you are fully connected to your soul, your Over-Soul (Soul Group), the Divine Source and the Hollow Earth.

The most amazing quality you can have is to simply accept who you are…. recognizing this and reconnecting with your soul at a very deep cellular level.  You can feel this energy – this loving  life-giving energy shining from deep within and radiating forth from you and out into all four corners of the Cosmic Whole.  This empowers you and simply enhances life in all its myriad of forms – which then send back this energy for you to open your arms and heart wide to receive this.

You have learnt to balance the masculine and feminine deep inside you – and now you are blossoming into extended Beingness…

This is the kind of exuberant life we are now stepping into – with the shift in consciousness of ourselves and the planet.

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