Spanning dimensions: – The Crystal Pyramid Temples….

I have had the most amazing experiences these past few years… travelling a lot and simply following my inner guidance and honing system, in order to find and get reconnected with the Crystal Pyramid Temples of aeons ago, and the energy places and grids, spread all over Southern Africa.

It has in many respects become my own FOOL’S JOURNEY, for I invested all I had to reach for my dreams and inner promptings and calling of my own soul.

All of this started, by asking, in the darkest nights of the soul, I had ever experiences, as to why I had been born in Africa.  In my wildest dreams I would never have even thought about the possibility that by getting answers to this, by finding out my own soul, what soul group I belonged to, and who and what my soul REALLY was… With it the other memory banks started opening up – as I started tapping into the Ancient codes and codex that I myself, in other lifetimes, had hidden there….

In the process I have gone through a tremendous transformation – not only being healed from the dark nights of soul and immense soul wounds, but also from being trapped in a box, to expanding, and out-of-box thinking and exploring…

I sometimes felt like one of those early pioneers who had to go and explore the unknown… the uncharted maps and then stepping past all of this and really going deeper and deeper into my own heart and soul, and then found the answers as they came up.

I had been in one of those places, living there for 6 months, when I finally was guided to right spot – which I had been seeking all along. (It is by no means the only one – for there are more, but I am using this as an example.)  After some rain, I was walking and revelling in the beauty all around me, when I was nudged to sit down in a quiet spot and simply let myself go into a higher state of consciousness – which I find quite easy to do, for I do have the ability to span dimensions and to tap into ancient memory banks (not the Akashic Records – but a higher level of records kept in a different form, which, as said, I have encoded myself)……..

As I did that, I could see it the Temple – and there was such joy to be reunited at soul level with the Crystal Pyramid Temple that I have long soul connections to.

I will not elaborate on all of this – for it is far too complicated for a short piece like this…. It is merely to pin-point one of the amazing experiences I have had.

Through my travels, I suddenly could see what this part of world looked like in ancient times… and the history of the planet would simply flow like a stream as I was travelling along…

I was called upon to open up a massive portal during this journey – again being led to do so….. And then being aided by the invisible Higher Guidance and the presence of the Unicorns …..

I am merely sharing this – just to give you a glimpse of the way of life we are stepping into.  The higher your frequency rises, the higher you soul vibration and the Earth’s vibrational field, the thinner the veils between the dimension get…

This is because of the HIGHER SOUL FREQUENCIES – and then assuming a lighter – crystalline body, or form.  Your aura tends to become brighter, yet with the softer ethereal colours, and then your chakras, or energy systems within and without your body (if your 12th chakra of STELLAR GATEWAY) is fully activated.  The faster these spin, the higher your frequency becomes, the more Light you emit…

The other day, I experienced the Higher Masters, working with the energy system, which are held in each vertebra of my spinal cord.  It was the most amazing experience.  I could literally sense, feel and see how each vertebra was cleared out, and then how the COLOUR CHANGED… as the colour changed the SOUND one which each vertebrae vibrates, then become crystal clear – the nearest I can come to a sound which resembles this – are the crystal bowls.

This is SUPERSONIC sounds, and dolphins and whales emit these high frequency sounds… so it simply kind-of resembles this.

When you truly start to CONSCIOUSLY ACKNOWLEDGE AND WORK with these higher frequencies, and truly allow them to start working with your own body and its energy fields, then you start to open up your own inner hearing, seeing, sensing and transmitting frequencies – so you suddenly find that you can step into higher dimensions and you can easily step up or down into the various states of BEING.

What really is happening is that the new chakras, like the Stellar Gateway, have the high frequency Cosmic Light pouring through them.  6th Dimensional chakras have a silver pearlescence pouring through them.  7th Dimensional chakras have a gold essence.

At present humanity is interconnected, like cogs on a wheel, so if one wheel is ready to go faster and emit higher frequencies, they have to push all the others faster too. 

When more and more of us, start vibrating at high frequencies, we pull up the others – as they will sense your Light and be encouraged to rise to where you are.  They may not understand but they will follow your path.

In fact the affirmations of the 7th Dimensional Beings, affirm the following:   I witness. I decree.  I love. I empower. I enfold. I support.  I AM.

The 6th dimensional Beings affirm the following:  I AM one with the Cosmos.  I AM the Voice of the Cosmos.  I AM the Cosmic Heart.  I AM cosmic wisdom.  I AM love and wisdom in perfect balance.  I AM love.

When we reach these dimensional states, then we shimmer – literally shimmer and shine all our chakras glorious…. We purify our light bodies for greater service in the Cosmic Whole.     We then have access to the 7th dimension where our light bodies are completely activated and we vibrate at very high and potent frequencies.  This is when we almost become invisible to the naked eye – or we can, do just that, if we so desire.

As the Crystal Pyramid temples are rising from the seabed, and the ones on land get reactivated (most are still hidden as they have been – under shrub and earth), and inside the earth, they will lift our frequencies even more. 

You may, in meditation, ask to be taken to the Crystal Pyramid Temple that you soul is connected to.  For each of these, vibrate at a certain frequency and emit certain vibrations, of colour and sound.  You may sit under the apex of the Temple and simply see the tremendously high frequency light, twirling and swirling around you, reactivating your own energy centres that you own soul vibrates to. (That is why it is quite necessary at this state to find out your soul name, soul group name, your tonal cord, for all combines AS ONE and this is the Higher Healing of yourself, stepping through.)

 The colour of the Pyramid will immediately resonate deeply with you – as you recognize the colour or colours that your own soul vibrates on.  (One of reasons I love doing soul readings, is that I can reconnect you to remembering all of this).

I do this regularly, and I find it works in myriad of ways to awake our latent talents and abilities and our way of SEEING and SENSING.



For this is when your initiation into the higher dimensions truly starts.  It can be excruciatingly uncomfortable and painful at times – mostly when you cling onto the old life and lifestyle with fear.  It is mostly fear of unknown, which stops most people from moving higher up in the evolutionary scale.

As the Crystal Pyramid Temples rise, more and more information will be released, to empower humanity into the next raising phases of the consciousness shift.  With it the energy centres INSIDE the earth and just under surface will get more and more unclogged – the result will be earthquakes, tsunamis, etc. as the earth is cleansing her, inside and out!

I find that the more I work on rediscovering the Ancient Knowledge and then write it down… that the more I am reconnecting to my soul and soul essence, my heart centre and to the Cosmic heart.  The more I do this, the more I can span the dimensions and the more I do this, the more I realize, how much of this planet and life on it, is simply ILLUSIONARY!

6 thoughts on “Spanning dimensions: – The Crystal Pyramid Temples….

  1. I’m witnessing this with my students and family members who pursue the path of LIGHT – Bless you for posting this. The awakening is now. Go in Light, Go in Peace and go with Love~ ♥ ♥

    • Thank you so much for this confirmation – I am infinitely blessed to have had feedback from all over the world on this.
      We are certainly moving up the dimensional scale and into a much greater state of BEING.
      Much Love, Light and manifold blessing, appreciation! Judith Kusel

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this info. We all need it to understand where we are heading in this time of great change. I never realized myself how multi-dimensional we are until recently when I used the pineal gland as a portal during a meditation.

    • Thank you yes there is so much information now being released and the truth or the true history of the planet is now emerging. I have been working with this information for four years now, and I never cease being amazed at what we have forgotten and lost, when we slipped from the 7th dimension into the 3rd – the only planet in existence who ever managed to do this.

  3. Let me ask you my brother. The purification process? I have experienced a Spiritual whipping of the soul which left a mark on my being but shortly after that I had also an experience of the latter rain which rippled over me like water as I was literally baptized in Spirit, after I was instructed to ask for it. I also prior to receiving the flowing of Spiritual water, I one day cried out with every thing in my, but saying nothing, using music to supplement my words, and then received a mark placed on my forehead from a Spiritual being. Now this mark can be seen in my forehead in the place like where the people of India place this marks even though slight still a constant reminder of that day. But still unsure about this mark and the purpose or what it means whether good or bad?

    Now., many years later, I am coming back to a stronger purpose and am being called to go to South Africa, so I am going to Pretoria in about three weeks. But in the meantime I feel a digging taking place or gnawing away deep in my being in the center where my heart would be but much deeper. Then other times I feel the warmth of fire in the same place. This is on and off, and unfortunately I am always monitoring this process. I have not come to any conclusions though some times I feel a deep longing (from the same place) to be out of the spaceship I am in. And other times I am sadden by the experience, not clearing have understanding. However, at night when awaken the fire sometimes rages and it is as if a being in right there next to me encouraging me, while my mind is still afflicted because of the doubt of what is or is not taking place within me. Just wanted to hear, wise words, as there are few I can speak with who has this kind of things happen to them or the wisdom to understand If you could email me your response as well as on your page I would greatly appreciate it. Shalom.

    • If Africa is calling you – then heed the call…. For all of South Eastern Africa is hallowed ground… and it is the Soul of Planet Earth that is calling you to reconnect…. for if you have a sign on your forehead, it means that you have a special connection here…

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