In this life and on planet Earth, we often buy into the illusion of the physical world.  We believe that we are our body, our mind and that whatever we physically have – like in possessions, and the way our body is, or the way we act or speak, is who we truly are…

NOT SO, in fact we are not at all those things, we are SOUL more than body, and whatever we express comes from deep WITHIN us, and NOT from without.

When I do Soul Readings, and the information regarding the Soul flows through my fingers as I am touch-typing, I often go, like: “WOW!  Amazing!  Is this what we are capable of being?  Is this what we are capable of becoming and expressing?”

When we are born we fall into a state of forgetfulness.  Some of us spend a whole lifetime on this planet, in the pursuit after fame and fortune, keeping up with the Jones’s, or simply living miserable lives, and never REMEMBER the TRUTH of who and what we are and what we are capable of.

We live mediocre lives, for we believe we are mediocre – when in fact we all have amazing gifts and talents, latent abilities, which we never have even tapped into – it is like living on an oil well or a gold mine, and never realizing this.

I remember at school we had to learn the story of how the first diamond was discovered in South Africa, in what is now a place called Kimberley.  The farmer on that rather arid piece of land had spent years trying to make a living on that  land.  He eventually sold it, only to have a child, picking up a diamond there – and the result became the diamond rush – and then from that farm the De Beers Company was born.

We are only using a quarter – if that – from what we are really capable of.  In soul readings this comes prominently to the fore.  I have been told by the Higher Guidance from the Divine Source that this information is now allowed to come through, as the Earth is moving into higher states of consciousness.  Before, when we were too anchored in the third dimension, this information would have been practically useless – yet now, at this time – IT IS EMPOWERING for it is allowing us to step into a HIGHER STATE of BEING and EXPRESSING.

Some of the souls now incarnated have had the most amazing abilities to CO-CREATE.  They helped settle the landmasses on this planet, brought in the life-forms, the plant and animal life (please note, this means the ALL life forms come from the Divine – yet they imported a lot of specimens from other start systems and galaxies – their own homes!) and eventually some got stuck here and decided to stay on. 

Others came during the time of the first colonies settled here:  Elysium, Lemuria, Mu and Atlantis and then, with everything starting to go haywire – as mankind seemed to a knack at destroying itself – and either assisted, when Atlantis finally sank under the sea, to bring their knowledge to the new colonies, e.g. Egypt, Peru, Mexico, etc., while other souls were bent on destructing all and sundry.

So there are karmic links that need to be cleared – old patterns of behaviour and self-service to be eliminated and truly new patterns to be birthed.

Some are highly evolved souls, who have amazing gifts and talents and these will come to the fore more and more, as their own memory banks get triggers and they are pulled into action.  When the memory banks get triggered the rest seems to simply appear and then the knowing of using and implementing all of this, returns.

I have found this certainly true for myself.  I have been on a journey of discovery these last few years, and by tapping into my own soul’s memory banks and abilities, amazing things started to happen and open up.  In fact, I am stepping more and more into the TRUTH of who and what I am, at a very deep and profound soul level.

With this has come a sense of great peace.  Because of my KNOWING who and what I am, at SOUL LEVEL, I do not have to prove myself to anyone … I not in competition with anyone… I do not have to conform and pretend – I SIMPLY AM! 

So, often we get misunderstood and misinterpreted by people stuck in the 3D world – but that is okay.  For we understand that there are simply different OCTAVES of Being – and when you move up in the evolutionary dimensional scales, you find AT-ONE-NESS, and know that you are part of everything and everything is part of you.  You simply shine and blossom and if others don’t understand this – fine!  You KNOW all is perfect, whole and complete – with or without their approval.

It is simply that you inner SEEING has expanded.  For now you start understanding that all and everything is pure ENERGY and it is in learning to tap into energy fields, and learning to READ them, that you truly start evolving into a greater expansive version of life and living life with exuberant joy, peace and contentment.

A friend of mine described me the other day as a “purring contented cat.”  I rather like this – for life is meant to be lived that way.  Life is meant to be a joyful and exuberant expression of the LIFE FORCE itself – and beautiful re-creation every single day, of LIFE and LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY!

By living life this way, the gratitude banks open and simply flow out – the counting of blessings – and the more you start being grateful for life – the more life blesses you!  It is almost like the whole of creation conspires to keep you happy and well and simply FLOWING with life!

Yet, there is pain, and there are still moments of despair.  The difference now is, that you understand, that if your soul name is for example THE BRINGER OF GRACE, then you are learning to give grace to yourself, and others, and where is grace more eloquently spoken than in the ability to forgive and bestow grace?  Or is graceful living?

When one starts understanding that even pain has a blessing, and that the most challenging of relationship teach us wonderful lessons of love, or tolerance and of simply loving past the illusion – then all of life becomes a dance – a dance of waltzing with the shadow and light sides of self and life – and those of partners and CREATING a new dance of life!

We all have the POWER of our SOULS to tap into – all the knowledge, wisdom, insights, creativity, abilities that we have gathered over thousands of years.  Add to this, the POWER of our SOUL GROUP – a VAST COLLECTIVE MEMORY BANK, of SKILLS, EXPERTISE, who REFLECT OUR OWN CORE SOUL AND ITS ABILITIES AND AMPLIFIES THIS – WOW!  Imagine the POWER of that!

This is what I am so excited about:  If we all learn to do just that – and we learn to use these abilities and power FOR THE GREATER GOOD OF ALL AND FOR HIGHER SERVICE TO MANKIND – imagine how we can change the world?! 

This is simply not a time to shrink – but a time to start truly stepping out and into our own latent abilities and power and the EXPRESSIONS of our own SOUL – the abilities and empowerment our own souls are giving us at this time.  Doing this, allows us to step up in frequency, in vibrational being, and then more than this, pull all of life on this planet up with us into the Higher State of BEINGNESS – a higher state of LIFE and LIVING!


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