Connection to the Earth’s and Cosmic Hearts….

The are great gifts awaiting us, when we move past the first hurdles of 2012 and then step into the timeframe beyond that.  As within the greater Cosmic Whole there simply IS no time – at least not in the limited way we perceive it to be – but merely cycles – thus cycles within cycles… as each galaxy moves on its own vibrational frequency, and thus emits its own urgency.  Thus some galaxies have a slower vibration and cycle than others, as some are in the highly evolved evolutionary scale, while others are younger and move at a slower cycle and vibrational frequency.

The macrocosm reflects the microcosm – and vice versa.  So what is happening in out space, then reflects in our Milky Way Galaxy, and then on planet Earth itself.  Not all human beings, currently in a physical body, are on the same life cycles, or the same vibrational frequency.   Some are moving up on the scale of consciousness, and starting to adopt their crystalline bodies, and thus life a 5th dimensional state, or even higher… and some are simply not wishing to go anywhere and thus get stuck in the slower, and lower frequency rates.

Most of time, those in slower frequency rates, merely exist.  To them life is a constant struggle – a matter of survival.  This can be attributed to many factors, and poverty and severe neglect, does not necessarily mean a lower vibrational soul frequency.  Sometimes souls simply chose this type of life, because of something the soul wishes to experience and master.  For instance, this soul might have lived in the greatest splendour in one lifetime and then became corrupted by that.  Now it wishes to experience the other extreme – in the end it is a matter of soul choice. 

Yet, there is nothing fatalistic about it.  That soul might wish to experience this for a while, and then remember that it has the ability to create a different and more empowered life for itself, and then consciously step past that, and truly re-shape and re-frame itself.  Sometimes souls do chose this in order to SERVE.   For in the greatest muck and dirt of life, there are always souls who generously GIVE and bring in healing love and light – and where it this more needed than between the much and dirt? 

The fact is that this planet has a lot of unique ways of life, that it somehow has accumulated over lifetimes or misrule, and misfortune – the latter was done CONSCIOUSLY by those souls, ruling the planet, and then with the full knowledge of the karmic debt they are loading upon themselves.   They know this at some level, for a lot of those ruling now, had ruled in those lost continents and had the karmic links there.  In this lifetime, they will be challenged to break those destructive patterns and to create life-enhancing ones.

 Yet, if the heart and soul does not get realigned with the Cosmic Laws and the infinite Love of the Divine…. then the same old mistakes will be repeated, within a framework of course.  For even their own power is limited, very limited indeed, even if they try to enforce their own will, by means of using force.  Force and violence of any form, only attracts more of the same – who rules by the sword…. perishes with the self-same sword.  Such is Cosmic Law.

In this process of the reawakening of souls… for this is what these Cosmic Energies are doing at this time… there is a shift happening – not so much the shift in consciousness (as this IS affecting all and sundry – even the most sluggish ones), in the HEARTS of humankind: – For this is where the whole epicentre, lies.  The Cosmic Heart of the Divine is connected to EARTH’s heart centre, and thus the one affect the other.  When the Earth’s Heart centre is fully activated, then this affects the human heart.  For the humans PHYSICAL heart is connected to the PHYSICAL heart of Mother Earth and the COSMIC HEART – so all are interlinked…. Electro-magnetic fields radiate out, which work like transmitter channels – like the satellite beams down and transmit frequency rays of different wavelengths.  Sometimes when human hearts are beating out of tune – like missing heart beats, or not having a regular heartbeat, then they are out of tune and step with the Earth’s electromagnetic fields. 

The Ancients knew this, and then would set about adjusting the electromagnetic frequency of the human hearts, and retune them – so to speak with the Earths heart and the Cosmic heart.  Sometimes crystals would be used to help with this process and were then worn for medicinal purposes, so that the heart would be tuned in.

It is not only Human beings who are tuned into this heart centre – all of life, emits electromagnetic frequencies…. plants, trees, animals, and indeed ANY lifetime, has the SAME LIFEFORCE within, that human beings have, and thus emit electromagnetic frequency rates.  Even rocks and minerals do – for they all have LIFE and Life-force within them – indeed the lower frequency bands in some ways – but still LIFE!  (This is also sometimes called or identified as ‘CHI’)

Most human Beings have the ability to subconsciously tap into these energy fields – some people can read them and work with them.   Yet, even in wide open spaces, or built up areas, these frequency will reveal themselves, to those sensitive and conscious enough to tune into them.

In places where great and severe trauma occurred the energies there will be clogged up – like when the arteries of the human heart has been clogged up and the heart has difficulty pumping the blood through these.  (In humans this disturbs the electro-magnetic fields of the heart even more.)

I remember once going sight-seeing, and then following the tourist map, found myself in the midst of an upmarket shopping centre that had been built on an island, within a greater area, which included a huge lagoon and another island.  As soon as I stepped out of the car I started shivering.   I had dressed warmly enough and the sun was shining, so I not shivering from cold – but from my bodies reaction to the clogged energies there (I read energies easily, and my body does react).    Needless to say, I could not go into the shopping mall – in fact I could not get off that place soon enough!  I later asked some of the locals what had happened there – and told me that there used to be a whaling station there, and whales where caught regularly and slaughtered there.   So, the trauma of these great creatures still lingers on, and this too accounts for the vibes of overwhelming deadness – the devoidness of the life-giving force.

Where the life-force is there in abundance, there is a vibrancy – and wonderful energy there and then, in very high energy places this is even more vibrantly felt.  Mountains with natural forests always have very high energy – and add large expanses of water to this – and then true vibrancy and life-force is there and can be felt.  Yet, as soon as man starts moving in – and destroys natural forests and builds up area, those energies do get depleted and lost.

We are meant to move with energies – and then to learn to harness them in a natural way which flows with them – through our own heart connection to planetary heart we can do this – and then expand on life itself.  Yet, this we have re-learn, for in this the secret of longevity lies and the secret elixir of life.

When we truly learn to live life, connected to the Earth’s Heart and the Cosmic Heart, we become empowered in more ways than one.  We start to tune into and access then more and more energies – all of whom are there to re-empower us and to bring us into alignment with the Cosmic Whole. 

We are in for amazing times, in this adjustment – for it will open up a totally new way of relating, of socializing and most of all of living. 



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