The coming together in Higher Service to Mankind:

There is a tremendous magnetic pull at this moment, which pulling twin flames, soul mates and soul group families together.

Your own family, might have been chosen by you for various reasons, yet to you have a SOUL FAMILY, which normally means A CORE GROUP OF SOUL WITHIN A SOUL GROUP WHO HAVE ALWAYS WORKED TOGETHER ON SPECIAL ASSIGNMENTS and which are now being pulled together to complete the work they started here on this planet, when the planet was first formed, and then civilized.

This magnetic pull is so enormous, that it will mean that these souls cannot activate their own true potential, until the collective group is there in place. Then, by combining the their joint powers and their knowledge, and then the OVERSOUL collective higher healing, teachings and knowledge will come the fore and this will become the impetus that this planet needs at this time to move forward.

I work with souls, mainly because this is what I have always done, lifetime after lifetime, yet, I also work with, and anchor in VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCIES. This is why I can read landscapes which other cannot do, and read the energy lines. In a lot of way, I have to pioneer things, before the rest catches up – which is what we, as Illumined Ones are programmed to do. Yet, I know that within my soul group there are certain souls, with whom I have united time and again to work for the higher good of mankind.

What happens in such a case is like a beehive and then picturing a honeycomb. There are cells within the honeycomb which makes it ONE ENTITY. Thus each cell has its own function, yet amplified by all the other cells within the honeycomb it becomes a POWERHOUSE – and immense energy is emitted.

The same is with such FAMILY groups. They normally will be in clusters of 12 souls and then their combined energy becomes the 13th power which is the creative force. In this there is great hidden meaning.

There were originally 12 Pyramid Temples, 12 Crystal Skulls, 12 Crystal Keys, 12 High Priests and High Priestesses, from 12 Galaxies, which formed the first civilization on this planet, here in Africa, and this was called ELYSIUM. Yet, the COMBINED keys and codes were held within the 12th, so that the 12th and 13th combined and then completed the whole and then became an alchemical fusion and had immense power. This number is reflected in the 12 tribes, 12 disciples, etc.

At this moment, then the clarion call for 12 of a soul group, who have always worked together to link up once more. Once these are formed, it will give amazing impetus to the work, which the individual has been doing.

It will bring together MASTER SOUL and HIGH RANKING HIGHLY EVOLVED MASTER SOULS WHO HAVE ALL THE COMBINED HIGHER KNOWLEDGE, TEACHINGS, HEALING ABILITY and then to truly bring this as a collective gift back to mankind.

Some soul groups are more evolved than others, yet the 12 soul groups most active on this planet at this time, WORK AS A UNIT.

They stem from the 12 MASTER GALAXIES and thus they have all the knowledge of the Ages at their finger tips. Some are there to heal the nature kingdom, some are here to heal the mineral and elemental kingdoms, some to heal the animal kingdoms etc. Each has a different task and not all are equally empowered as each galaxy brings in a different octave of life and life forms.

The highest ranking ones who are on the planet at this time are the ILLUMINED ONES. They are highly evolved master souls, and within their own soul group there are also different octaves of evolvement. They are here for the collective higher healing of mankind, for bringing light and for reactivating the pyramids and Web of Light. For they hold the central codes and keys.

When these groups empower themselves, they begin to radiate and transmit much higher frequencies and then have the ability to pull the rest of mankind more and more into the higher dimensions. This is then, what is happening, and what needs to be heeded at this time.

For this planet, is now being pulled more and more into the wormhole through which this solar system, its sun, and the two universes to which it belongs, together with the Milky Way Galaxy is being pulled into. With this, the whole will experience a total re-birthing into more evolved states of consciousness.

As more and more of these groups are activated, energy centres on the planet will be opened up and with it masses of energy will be generated which will accelerate the whole rising in consciousness in a profound way.

Another soul group immensely needed to get together are the GRACES for they bring in the grace-filled higher loving healing that all of mankind and planet needs. They bring in beautiful gifts of forgiveness, of releasing of old patterns and then the amazing sprouting of new love.

So awake ye, from your sleep and get activated!

8 thoughts on “The coming together in Higher Service to Mankind:

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  3. If there is a pair of twin flames in a 12 soul group, does that mean there will be 5 other pairs of twin flames in the group or do all the souls in a 12 soul group not all reunite with their twin flames together in this lifetime?

    • Mostly there will be only two of the same flame incarnated, in very rare occasions (and on special assignment) there will be maybe three or four – but never more than that, for this dense physical planet cannot hold the high frequency of the soul (in its perfect form)

  4. Judith, what are the names of the 12 soul groups? So far I have only seen the illuminated ones, the healing ones and the gracious (?! not sure if that is correct) ones. Can you name the others? I am just interested in seeing if I can identify people.

    • There are many millions and thousands of soul groups. In my soul readings I am finding new ones every single day. I am a pioneer in that way — and one day when I have the time I will make a note of all those I have encountered. I am pioneering a whole new way …. that information you seek is simply not accessible to us at this time and I only have access to these records when I read souls.

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