There is immense love in everything and even just in being alive.


When one truly opens oneself to the immense possibilities of life and love itself, then miracles happen.

So many people associate love or the state of being in love, with having a partner or then having someone to love and adore and who loves and adores one in return.

Yes, that is one single strand in the immensity of love.  Love has multiple strands, indeed thousands of them – more than you can even comprehend – for love itself has a thousand faces.

When we focus so much on just experiencing the ONE kind of love, we are short-selling ourselves on so many aspects and nuances of love itself.

For deep down, at soul level, we are connected to the vaster cosmic sea, and there-in lies the endless possibilities of exploring, expressing and experiencing the multiple strands of love and higher loving.

When we allow ourselves to truly open up to the endless being in love state, on a higher collective scale, we find that there is love everywhere….

When we connect to animals, we find this love.  It is in the eyes of love and devotion in a pet… It is in the beautiful blossoming of flowers, the abundance of nature…. it is in the caress of wind on our faces… it is in the surf playing with our feet…. it is in the very air we breathe in… the food we digest… it is in everything we encounter….

When we consciously seek to send love to all and everything and love is returned to us in million of ways.

It is wise sometimes, to just get quiet, and then consciously beam love to all those lost souls on this planet – the ones whose daily lives are one of hunger and despair.  It is wise to consciously beam love, into the war zones, into the places of upheavals and strive…

You can extend that by zoning into your own area and then encircling that in love.

Your neighbourhood  needs love and then extending that, to your province or state and then your country and then further, the continent you are living on and then the whole world.

This in itself is an act of Higher Loving Service and when you do this, blessings to come in the form of love being returned to you.

Even in our darkest nights, loving service can have a ripple effect.  I am reminded here of Diettrich Bonhoeffer, who, in the night before he was executed by the Nazi’s, prayed for all those who were imprisoned with him,  giving them courage and hope, and then writing one of the most profound poems ever written to give them encouragement and hope:  VON GUTEN MAECHTEN WUNDERBAR GEBORGEN ERWARTEN WIR GETROST WAS KOMMEN MACH…. GOTT IST MIT UNS AM ABEND UND AM MORGEN UND GANZ GEWISS IN JEDEN NEUEN TAG….. (Do yourself a favour and read the whole poem…)

When we consciously cultivate the Higher states of Love and Loving, then this means first of all the loving of self, unconditionally and then this will extend to others.

So often we are over sensitive to the words of others, when instead of turning this round, and then sending them healing loving balm for their own souls.  Most often when others hit out at us, it is because of hurting deep inside of themselves, or because we trigger something within themselves they have not loved about themselves. 

I truly desire at this stage in my life, to devote myself to loving higher service, in whatever form this may take.  I wish to learn more about love… I wish to study it… to embrace it… to BE it… I wish to become a BEACON of LOVE, LOVING AND LIGHT to the world…

I do not wish to be just IN LOVE but TO BE LOVE!

This means that I love my Divine Other, with devotion, lovingly connection on ALL levels, mind, body, spirit and soul… but then to EXTEND that, so that our love for each other does not just become centralized upon ourselves, but has a ripple effect on the COSMIC WHOLE…

Just as love and loving in Higher Service does – it is not earthbound – IT IS COSMICCALLY FELT – as LOVE HAS A RIPPLE EFFECT ON THE WHOLE!

We so often shrink ourselves and our capacity for love, loving service and then to extend love to all and every single living creature, organism and life form.  We play ourselves small and thinking ourselves not capable of making a difference.  Yet, this is ILLUSION!

I consciously put down pyramids of Light wherever I am, and then put circles around them, so that I CONSCIOUSLY anchor in the higher frequencies of loving light, via these pyramids into planet earth and the link them up with the cosmic ones, and know that this in turn, the radiates out to all and outwards…. 




The more one does this, the more one opens oneself to higher possibilities of love and loving – for now you start vibrating on the higher frequencies of love, and this, then will show up in your life – for what you radiate out – returns to you in blessings – such is cosmic law.

CULTIVATE HIGHER LOVE – it is the higher way!


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