Crystalline Portals – New Chakras, sacred geometrical forms, energies

images (25)Within the cosmic energy fields there are certain crystalline patterns, which some of us know or are familiar with as sacred geometrical shapes and forms. In essence these are certain blueprint patterns and forms which the whole of Creation reflects in some form or another.

In the creation of crystals the same patterns and forms are repeated – indeed in our own human form and in all other life forms.

Crystalline forms within geometrical patterns, also have encoded within them certain COLOURS and these then bring in VIBRATIONAL healing which works then with the sacred geometrical form and the vibrational healing frequency of that colour. Add to this SOUND and HIGHER HEALING STEPS IN….

When we open up our HIGHER chakras, and more and more of our latent chakra systems are getting activated now, from 12, 24, 36 to the eventual 72 and if one’s quest for immortality reigns supreme eventually 330 chakras are opened up: – we open ourselves up to ENERGY WHEELS INCORPORATING THE CRYSTALLINE PATTERNS AND SACRED GEOMETRICAL SHAPES. In fact they move in groups of 12 – and once we have reached a certain platform we reach a portal, through which we have to step in order for the next 12 to be activated.

So, if in meditation you see your higher guides working with what looks like energy wheels and the colours pouring or radiating out from this, and then flowing in an double or multiple strand helix around your upper body and then moving down into your lower body, this means that these COLOUR RAYS are now being assimilated into your chakras and then your AURIC field and then into your other bodies – also the physical one.

You do not just have ONE physical body, in fact you have into 12 bodies, and each body incorporates a different frequency of vibrational octaves of the life-giving energies.

Your physical form might not KNOW or SENSE these other forms, but they exist. You can, the higher you go in obtaining mastery, start moving between these forms, which means you can literally up your frequency rate by stepping into the higher bodes and then become INVISIBLE to others or move between walls and also teleport yourself. These are all techniques we have forgotten.

In Celtic tradition this was called SHAPE-SHIFTING – we all are capable of this in one form or another and might even be doing this, without our knowledge.

I have experienced this myself sometimes, when I had to step up and into my higher state of consciousness, and I know I do this when I tap into the super-consciousness field in order to do soul readings. In normal consciousness I cannot just do that – I have to go into an altered and much higher frequency rate to be able to do this. (This is NOT a trance state – it is merely switching between the bodies and then stepping into the much higher frequency band of the extended SOUL).
Another way I experienced this, is when I had to stand in my MASTERY in order to open up a massive portal – it was not the conscious me – but the HIGHER CONSCIOUS ME which IS IMMORTAL. THUS I WAS IN MY MASTERY: THE I AM WHICH MY SOUL IS IN THE HIGHER DIMENSIONS OF BEING.

To come back to the energy wheels…. A lot of people, when they start seeing or sensing this via their third eye, shut down, because they do not know what is happening to them and then get scared.

The best thing to do, is when you start seeing this, to totally surrender your ego and ask for your HIGHER SOUL SELF to step in and then to invoke Archangels Raziel and Metatron to step in and assist the process of assimilating these crystalline forms and energies into your 12 bodies.

Your own extended blueprint and 12 bodies incorporate a massive space around you – in fact if you would step into all 12 bodies at once, you would take on a giant form and be immensely powerful – too powerful to sustain life on this planet because your body at this stage has not been able to incorporate all these bodies and is still in the birthing stage of remembering how to BE this.

In these next months and years those of us who are ready will find that we will have abilities, talents and know-how returned to us via these crystalline energy wheels being reactivated. I see this as staircases to heaven – literally, for like you go up in the musical scale to reach the higher notes, so your whole being is stepping up now in frequency bands and you will start remembering more and more the TRUTH of who and what you are – thus your expanded soul self.

I get feedback from all over the world from those I have done soul readings for. In the first instance when they are suddenly reminded of what their soul TRULY IS and what they are CAPABLE of being, they shrink ….. Or they say, yes, deep down I have always known this… They are stunned… Then after some months they come back and said to me: – now that I know this incredible things have started happening… I am so much clearer about my path and my memory bank is getting triggered….
We all have these amazing talents and abilities and we have forgotten how to use them. Now we are stepping into the time when mankind NEEDS this know-how again, and we ARE the ones who will have to go through this WHOLE PROCESS OF REACTIVATION OF OUR CRYSTALLINE PORTALS IN ORDER TO TRULY ANCHOR IN THE NEW GOLDEN AGE.

The more we open ourselves up consciously to receive the blessing of these higher crystalline patterns, forms and colour rays to work with us and through us, the more we will get activated and we are asked to truly open our hearts and souls, so that we can assimilate them unencumbered.

It is a process and whatever serves us no more – in other words, that which is blocking these energies in stuck emotions, or whatever else, will start disintegrating and changing form, until we have assumed a whole new bodily energy system which is totally in synch with the Higher Soul Self and its vibrational frequency.

This is truly a miraculous time we are living in and one which is truly changing us inside and out to very core!

5 thoughts on “Crystalline Portals – New Chakras, sacred geometrical forms, energies

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  3. Now I’m realizing… Last year when mother earth was very high in energy, I saw different bodies, violet, and later white ones flowing over me. I even got a dream of passing through walls and becoming invisible

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