The Expanded Vision becomes a journey of the heart and soul….

mqdefaultWhen the vision of expansion, becomes the journey of the heart and soul, then we become inspired and we inspire others….
For we are the expansive vision of the heart and soul, in essence, BEING, and living…..
A few years ago, while we were still stuck in the density of the 3D world, we might have wished to become the norm that society set for us. We tended to believe that we have to go to school, get higher education, get a job, and then retire one day. Yet, in the process of trying to live a life like this, we felt a quiet deadening of our soul-self, and the inner yearning of our hearts and souls increasing: – SURELY THERE MUST BE MORE TO LIFE THAN THIS?
In the process of conforming, we so often find that our inner yearning never stops. It is as if we KNOW deep down, that we were meant for greater things and we meant to do things from very deep inside of us – we were meant to truly LOVE what we do and then bring that love forth in all we are and thus gift the world with loving service.
To me this is the INNER CALL TO LOVING SERVICE, when the Higher Soul Self is fully and actively engaged in bringing the soul gifts, talents and abilities back to this planet and making a difference in its own unique way. This is when our souls sing in tune with our hearts, bodies, mind and spirit and when we start dancing to the cosmic melodies and tunes which have been programmed deep inside of us.
For every single one of us has a SOUL BLUEPRINT. I see this as a unique and special pattern. If you think of a soul as being held within a round circle (its looks pretty much the same as a HUMAN cell) and then this cell is made up of many particles or strands, just like the DNA is make up of multiple strands interwoven into one… so your soul has many multiple strands which make up the ONE SOUL ENTITY.
Your soul then, within these multiple strands, has got MULTIPLE PHASES OF EXISTENCE. One part of you, stays with the Divine Source (I call God/dess THE DIVINE SOURCE, for I find that many people who have had problems with the male figure in their life, have great difficulty relating to a paternal God only….. so when I talk about the DIVINE, I embrace the GODHEAD in its multiple forms, one its manifestations then the Triple Goddess, the Divine Feminine, and the Other The MASCULINE and PATERNAL the ETERNAL MALE – the DIVINE SOURCE THEN EMBRACES BOTH and the HOLY SPIRIT which is the radiating forth of whole DIVINE GODHEAD). So, then a part of your soul entity, WORKS AND STAYS with the Divine: – it can NEVER BE SEPARATED FROM THE SOURCE WHO GAVE IT LIFE!
Another part of you will stay attached to the GALAXY of origin – this means that part of the cosmos where your soul first embodied life. A lot of us, have this inner yearning for a place called home, when in reality it is that yearning for the celestial home, which is where our soul is truly home. In my soul readings this comes through, for essentially a lot of us come from galaxies where life is highly evolved and where Beings have ascended into the higher realms and dimensions of Being. There is no war – no strive, and thus we remember this, more so than the Garden of Eden, which once existed on this planet.
Another part of you may be embodied in other multiple strands of your soul, and have other forms and existences, while only a tiny fraction of your soul is incarnated onto this planet at this time.
The last years of my life, where I truly started to delve deeper and deeper and more profoundly into the inner mysteries of life, I was made aware of all of this, for essentially I have had to reconnect with all those strands of my own soul, in order to remember all of this. In this process I remembered, that the part of my soul, which is with the Divine Source, works with the SOUL RECORDs of all souls in embodiment, and this is one of the reasons why I can tap into these soul records, which are housed at the Divine Source itself.
In actual fact, it is a SUPERCONSCIOUS field and it is one which all human beings will be able to tap into when they start walking the path of purity and pure intent, for this is a path which demands purity and total commitment to be used as a transmitter channel for the Divine.
The SUPERCONSCIOUS field, is not to be confused with the AKASHIC records. This planet its own Akashic records, as does this universe and this galaxy. Most psychics work with these records. I work with DIFFERENT records, which are held at the DIVINE source as said, and thus are a higher recording system, or a mainframe computer if you like, and thus holds ALL the records, since the beginning of time.
To me, the whole journey of life, is merely a rediscovery of who and what you REALLY are, at SOUL LEVEL and then to bring these gifts back to mankind, mostly to INSPIRE AND TO EMPOWER YOURSELF AND OTHERS.
It is the call to Higher Service and it is the call to reach out beyond the self and then to bring in the beautiful qualities of love, of grace, of higher teaching, wisdom and understanding to mankind.
In my soul readings I am finding that a lot of souls in order to fit into society have been short-selling themselves on so many levels. Deep inside something is churning, and something is wishing to burst out and take form, but often fear comes in the way, or the self-doubt and the fear of survival.
There are souls who have amazing technological knowledge and who can bring back the use of free energy to the planet. There are those who have amazing gifts of healing and some who bring in the gifts of working with crystals, with earth energies and the healing of such…. Some have gifts of music and healing with sound…. Some have the gifts of raising humanity into a higher level of consciousness…..
Yet, we shrink in a way which I sometimes find myself puzzled with. We believe ourselves small, when we are in reality truly amazing, gifted and talented, beyond our own scope of understanding. When I have done soul readings (and I have done these for doctors, for health professionals, for people from all over the world) it takes some time for their own greatness to sink in – even just reading about their own abilities makes them shrink – and then, something bursts and blossoms into Being. They write to me months afterwards, thanking me, and saying that they read and re-read the reading and it gave them the confidence and the momentum they needed to step out of their own limitations and more and more into their inherent power.
For these soul readings will trigger something deep inside – it will trigger the soul’s memory banks and it will bring that to the fore, which needs to be brought out and to the fore and which needs to be gifted to mankind at this time.
A lot of souls, have had past lives where they were persecuted, or where they were burnt at the stake, or poisoned – some were thrown into snake pits… and this is haunting them in this lifetime. It is that they fear that when they truly step into their power, that the same will happen. When they recognize where the fear comes from, and start working for healing of the memory banks, then they are free to step past their fears and into their own empowerment.
The more we are empowered at soul level, the more we start assisting others to do the same, and with this we then become those who are putting the foundations down for the building of the New Golden Age for the planet. We have incarnated at this time, to do just that, and when we are not doing what we have come here to do, then there will always be that feeling of failure, or not living our lives to its full potential, of short selling ourselves.
My soul readings also will pinpoint where there is trouble in relationships, where this comes from (sometimes from other lifetimes) and where the healing of old patterns are needed and then the soul is free to turn a problematic situation into a beautiful and loving state. For sometimes the cutting of cords is more soul empowering for both partners than the bringing on of more and more soul wounds.
Often we cling to relationships which have already served their purpose, and just need the understanding and wisdom to take empowered steps and then to regain our own equilibrium and set ourselves and other free, with great love…. Or it can move us into a higher state of understanding and therefore a higher state of love.
2013 is the year of true empowerment and of stepping more and more into our highest soul selves and our own magnificence. Make this the year where you truly shine in your own unique way, and gift the planet with whatever makes your own heart and soul sing and shine and fly higher than ever before!
Judith Kusel
March 4, 2013

2 thoughts on “The Expanded Vision becomes a journey of the heart and soul….

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  2. Thank you Judith for your clear statements of the energies for this year of 2013 …. It truly is a year of 33, with the base of 6. There must be a reason why we call it twenty-thirteen and not two-thousand-and-thirteen, because twenty plus thirteen equals thirty-three 🙂

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