A message for this time….

Let there be peace in your heart, and mind and understanding…
Let there be a ceasing of striving, pushing, moving forward….
Let it rather be like the mighty flow of a river, which will find its way around boulders and rocks and cleave a way forward, but just FLOWING…. Not so much pushing, and striving but FLOWING….
Such is it with the Cosmic River of Life which is now descending upon Planet Earth. It is a might flowing into of energies and therefore not to be resisted, or pushed, but rather to ALLOW this to flow in a constant stream and then to become immersed and ATONE with the flow.
It is best to learn to integrate them, by learning to channel the flow and open up to the most immense activation of the energy centers in the physical body.
Yet, more than this, the true activation of the physical energy centers can only happen when the clutter within is cleared away – the debris, and emotional pain, and charges…. And then there is room for more energy to come in and work in these centers.
As most of you are living with one foot in the 3D now and one foot in the 5D and higher, it is becoming more and more difficult to sustain life in the 3D form.
It will make you ultra sensitive when you in crowded areas, such as shopping malls, or junctions where there is a lot of traffic and noise.
As your frequencies and vibrations are rising so will your sensitivity to all that jarrs, and is discordant, for as your bodies and being are being transformed and therefore getting purer, you cannot operate properly where all is discordant and jarring and therefore disruptive.
It is best then to seek out the soothing healing balm of nature and as often as one can. If in the city get out of it and then seek the sea, sand and surf, the wide open spaces, even if it is in a public park. Go and seek out the healing power of trees in forests and water. Crystal clear running water of mountain streams and unpolluted rivers are the best – yet mankind is failing to understand that in polluting its rivers and waters and air and earth it is only adding to the pollution of self.
Seek calm, seek peace, and seek the quiet guidance and voice within.
You are being carried on the wings of Angels, Archangel, the Hierarchy of Masters and the Divine. It is time now to understand that you have never been alone and never will be. All along you have been surrounded by thousands upon thousands of Beings of Light who have been assisting this planet this is first was created.
The Divine never can be separated from that which HE/SHE created for the Divine is present forever more within each particle it has ever created and birthed – such is Cosmic Law.
Be then in the knowing and growing in Love and grow in the heart-centered Beingness. When the heart and soul are pure, then the intention is pure and then whatever flows from there will be pure, for it can be no other.
In fifty years time, you will look back at this phase of evolution of mankind and this planet in awe and wonder and where glad that you were blessed to have witnessed and have lived through one of the greatest moments of transformation this planet has ever experienced.
Most of you are volunteer souls, and have been involved with the first settlements and the first civilizations on this planet – now having returned to assist with creating the new, without repeating the self-destructive patterns of the past. You promised yourself, that this time round this will be a new creation and the Golden Age will be anchored in.
You are now pulled into action more and more and therefore this is now your own soul contracts kicking in and it is your soul commitment at this time, to step up into its highest soul mission and therefore rise into its true greatness in being….. and stepping up in mission then, so to speak.
You are Divine in your very essence and therefore you have all the tools within to do this work. Do not shrink Little Ones, for it is time!
Be blessed then and allow the rain of Blessings to fall upon you!
You are loved beyond any concept you have of Love.
And you are held in the palms in the hands which created you – you can fall over, but never out of those hands and those hands are carrying you through!
Go then and be!
(Judith Kusel)

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