The Divine Feminine – and Love


Love is like a beautiful bird lighting on your shoulder….. When it is there you are loving and enjoying it….delighting in its beauty and the way it lights up your whole being – but when you try to catch it, and cage it, it becomes sad and withers away…. For it has lost its freedom of Being and expression.  It dies a slow death….

Love is first and foremost something which is eternally there.  There is not one single soul who has not got a spark of Love somewhere in its Being.  Love is essentially there in all of Creation – from the most minute and invisible particle, to immense cosmic galaxies, universe and Beings of Light.

It is human kind that get caged into the seductions that human body brings and wrong and often warped understanding of what love really is.  Often love is equated with the sexual force, when in reality the sexual force is not LOVE in its purest form.  It ENHANCES the energy of LOVE yes, but it is not love in its purest form.

The whole downfall of humanity came in the misuse and misunderstanding of the sexual energy and then in the whole misunderstanding – where Love is equated with LUST and then other human beings fall into the snares of using bodily pleasures for the wrong reasons and then not in the correct and beautiful divine way, it was intended to be.

Deep within each human being there is an essential and profound need for unconditional love and acceptance.  Thus the kind of Love which is sacred, in that it loves TOTALLY, COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY.  It is this sacred Love which most people are unconsciously seeking and then they are seeking it in the wrong places: OUTSIDE of themselves, instead of WITHIN.

All Love essentially comes from the same source;  THE DIVINE SOURCE and this is epitomized by the Divine Feminine, whose symbol is rose.  Her colors are magenta and therefore the soft hues of love in its purest form.

She embodies the virgin, the mother and the crone – for she is all three.  She also embodies the various stages of womanhood and yet she is ALL three.  When one can love all THREE as embodied into one single entity, then one has found the fountain of unconditional love, the love which is all-embracing and which is essentially a beautiful and profound nurturing, all-loving, all-accepting love – the love a mother has for her own child, even if that child gives her grief or worries.  It is also the deep and profound love only a woman can have for her lover, for she loves from deep within in, her heart and soul.

The Divine Feminine is the open heart – the heart filled with love to overflowing.  There is no space for drama here.  There is no space for nurturing and holding onto hurts and angers, resentments and fear.  For when she enters, all those are soothed away by  beautiful love and one is held in the immensity of unconditional love and acceptance which is eternally there.  It is beyond human understanding and immense.  In her embrace one feels that deep love, that deep profound caring which is beyond words and it is love such as only the feminine aspect of all of creation can express. 

One is literally held within the heart and arms of love – as then manifested in the Divine Feminine.

She is all that womanhood entails and embraces, but most of all she is essentially mystery – the mysterious aspects of hidden womanhood which is also there.

She is the mystery of life itself.

I have found that the more I delve into the Mystery of Love and Life, the more she appears in all her myriad of forms and faces.  She is like a thousand petalled rose and as the petals open one by one, more of her faces are revealed, for she is a deep and mysterious as the act and reception of Creation itself is, and therefore that first moment, when she open her own womb to receive the seed of the Father aspect of God, and then went through the process of pregnancy, of growing and nurturing that seed, in order to give birth to ALL of creation.  For without here, nothing would and could have been birthed.

She is in essence the SOUL of all of creation, and she holds the soul evolution in her custody.

To shun her, is to sun the life-giving force itself.

In all of creation there is beautiful balance and harmony, and in this case the balance comes from The Father aspect of God, the male, The Mother aspect of God, the female and the Holy Spirit.  The eternal and holy trinity which forms the basis of all of life – indeed this is the essential key to life itself.

The search for Love here on planet Earth is taking on a new form, and it is the search for BALANCE.  It is the search for the perfect balance of the male, female aspects and then the forming of the holy spirit AROUND the two.  For essentially the holy spirit brings forth the fruits of the union and thus is pro-active – the radiating forth of the frequencies and vibrations of true and profound union.

A lot people want this profound and sacred union with another, for they sense that this is what they are losing out on.  Yet, what most do not understand is that, the physical body and all its functions, even sex, have a basic animal nature.  Most seek to gratify the animal within and thus just live for the lust expression of this.

Yet the sexual force if MORE than this, it is a life giving force, if entered in with HEART, MIND, BODY, SPIRIT, EMOTIONAL BODY AND SOUL.

There are  other bodies which need to be fully activated and cared for – the emotional, spiritual and mental bodies as well as the physical.  Then there is a fifth which is the etheric form.

Combined with this, there are energy centers within the body, which act as conduits for the cosmic energy centers and thus REFLECT them.

True and profound union has to be REACHED on ALL levels, before two souls can truly merge.

We have forgotten this. 

The Divine Feminine aspect is coming in and being anchored in essentially to teach human kind the ART OF BALANCE.  Yet when the feminine is not balanced within herself and the Male is not balanced within himself, no true union can ever be.

In this a lot of inner work is necessary.

It does not help to go and jog all day, and spend hours at the gym, and eating the correct food, and then to totally neglect all your other bodies.  Just as much as there needs to be balance in all of life, there needs to be mastery of ALL your bodies, the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental bodies, as well as the etheric ones, and then the energy systems within your body – all work AS ONE SINGLE ENGINE.

There are masculine and feminine within each one of us.  There has to balance within our own bodies, all four of them, in order to truly advance into the higher states of consciousness.

It is not something you can buy with quick fixes.  It is something you have to work at every single day.  It is a process. 

When one starts understanding this, then one also understands that the Mystery of the Divine Feminine lies deeply and profoundly in the TOTAL self-love and self-acceptance and then Self-love.  For if one is not happy in any one of one’s bodies, then one will not be happy and content without.

The Feminine Divine is deeply lit up with love from WITHIN….from the depths of her being and she thus is open and receptive to also receiving love in equal measure to what she gives out.  Thus, she embraces the whole of manhood into herself, but also gives back to man the beautiful essence and purity of love she had deep within.  Thus he gives the creative masculine power – the proactive force into her receptive active force – cause and effect.   Thus there is equal given and receiving in equal measure.

What human kind has also forgotten is that in ancient and true sexual practices, the male in holy and sacred union, never spilled his seed, but rather used this energy to feed his own God-force within, like the female would use the energy for feed her own Goddess-force within – neither ejaculating.

This was because of the understanding that this energy created between male and female during the sexual intercourse was so sacred and sanctified that is helped to create the God and Goddess within and thus was used in intense CREATIVE way.

When two people thus with immense inner unconditional love, first for themselves, and then in sacred and sanctified union, come together to share this beautiful and unconditional love for each other, and then consciously striving to bring this into a beautiful and sacred creative force for one another, create immensely powerful loving energy which is truly like igniting the Tree of Life itself.

Yet, if the man and woman, do not do the inner work on themselves, all of this is nil and void and therefore of no use whatsoever.

Love can never be used for selfish reasons, or for ego gratification in whatever form. 

Love is essentially sacred and sanctified, as epitomized by the Divine Feminine.

And only those who wish to delve deeper and deeper into the Mystery of Love and Life itself will ever truly understand the depth, the beauty and the immense power of the Feminine Divine.Image

4 thoughts on “The Divine Feminine – and Love

  1. Judith, I love your posts, teachings and blog writings. This is beautiful as well as the previous you posted on the twin flame which I also share with others who would appreciate very much on FB. They also thank you and hopefully connected directly to you there to continue to stay in touch and receive these blessings. Thank you very much for everything. In near future, I will also leave a “love” note on FB for you filled with that divine feminine magic and mystery..and embracing accepting unconditional love. Many Blessings Always, Suzanne

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