The Return of the Divine Feminine and the Triple Goddess

599035_363393690414270_2119473719_nThe Return of the Divine Feminine and the Triple Goddess
The return of the Divine Feminine Vortex Energy, which is inclusive of all the 12 color rays (yes, 12 is the number of Divinity), there will be a lot of clearing of ancestral karma and those negative memory banks, which have been programmed into our cells.
We are as much our Father and Mother – as we are all who came before them. During this process, a lot of old family patterns were created, which have come over many lifetimes, and which now need to be confronted, and dissolved, indeed – released once and for all.
This is especially true for the FEMININE side, of Creation on this Planet called Earth. For too long she has been suppressed, and her powers we deliberately tampered with, and she was put in bounds in many ways, thus bonded. This does not necessarily mean the physical – but in more than the physical, where she became a bargaining tool for forced marriage, where she was used as a breeding tool, and where she often was the one who was raped and abused, and whose powers were taken away from her, as societies norms were put on her – or rather enforced on her.
I am not so much talking of the feminist movement – as some of the most militant here, often resemble the very men they are condemning – it has to do with her ability to run wild and free, and to express her innate creativity in a myriad of forms, without programming.
In a lot of ways, women were often expected to get married, even if this was a mismatch, or if it was not for the highest good of her own soul development. For many years society hung a stigma on those who never married, and they were pitied and almost spat on by those of their own Ilk, because they dared to be different.
However, a lot of these women went out and did their own thing, regardless of what society thought about them – or not. And a lot of times it was their own sisters, who spat on them, secretly envying them their freedom away from the yoke of men.
As women were freed then, to start going out to work, and not just being there in the decorative sense, and breeding, instead of breaking the old habits of being forced to marry and have children, women tended now to look for that ultimate romance: THE ONE AND ONLY.
Some deliberately closed their eyes to the unhappy and often misconstrued marriages of their own parents and friends and families, believing that they would be make this work – no matter what. The only thing is, that it takes hard work to make a relationship work, and whatever attracted one about the partner in the first place, often is most aggravating fact for unhappiness.
The Divine Feminine brings with her the shift towards BALANCE, and here the shift is towards the balance of the masculine and feminine first of all WITHIN. Thus that finding deep inside oneself, the balance, between the yin and yang, and therefore the self-empowerment.
Essentially this means delving deep within and then growing happy and confident, exuberant INSIDE one’s own skin. The understanding is there that happiness, does not come from a fantasy without, but rather from DEEP within. When one feeds the fires of one’s own soul, and steps onto the highest soul path – then one is simply too busy to step up and up in one’s mission, and you start living every single moment with all you have. Your mission is greater than the sum total of self. You find fulfillment in that inner filling up from deep within, from living from the heart center and then simply allowing the love and life force to express itself through you.
When one is wild and free to pursue all of your own talents, and abilities and then express them outwards in higher service, then one find that deep contentment and completion, that happiness one seek all WITHIN oneself.
It literally becomes a dance of love with oneself and then and expanded love for all of humanity and all of creation. This is the Highest Form of Love, which does not need outside fulfillment – it lies deep within.
Such a love cannot ever exist where it is bound – or put into a cage, or is constantly being pulled in all directions.
Yet, strangely women, especially tend to still believe that marriage, or having children brings completion. That is not true. What it does bring is the constant depletion of their own feminine power and then the constant being pulled in multiple directions, and then the constant having to please the partner, the children, the in-laws and everyone else, and then there is a wondering why there is this sense of loss – that deep void inside of them.
When this has been carried over many generations, then the same mistakes and the same patterns seem to be repeating themselves. Statistics have shown that when children from broken homes marry, they in turn tend to repeat the same mistakes their parents did, and so it carries on.
If your mother used to be totally self-deprived – then you will tend to imitate her at some level – for she has always been your role model. If women had always been expected to act in a certain way, and be subservient, then it takes guts to step out of that and into one’s own freedom and power. Most do not even try – and that is the tragedy of mankind.
Women have been used in a lot of ways, as the one’s most manipulated in society, and this is because they gave their own power away. They let themselves be used in ways which just never let them fly free and unencumbered, and now that they can fly free, they have forgotten how to fly.
Now is the time to take flying lessons. Now is the time, to learn to move beyond the old patterns and into creating new patterns. It means essentially that womanhood is now taking on the responsibility for their own empowerment – which means the ability to walk tall and free, and with an exuberant wildness which goes beyond any norm – it cannot be fit into any box, for the box does not exist!
She does NOT need a man to validate her – she is validated from deep within! She does not need to be the one shown-off by men as trophies, nor does she need to sell her body into slavery – she IS FREE!
When she is free and runs wild and with exuberance, and loves every moment of her aliveness – she starts exuding that type of allure, that type of mystery, that type of undefined somethingness, which makes her even more attractive and even more enticing.
She blazes her own path and does not need anyone’s permission to do so. She does it because she can do no other, and she does not need a stamp of approval because she IS!
She has been since time immortal and she is the creative force. She is that, because she needs to be free and unencumbered to truly shine in her immense creativity. She needs to do her own thing and she does this in ways no man can ever think of doing.
This does not mean she does not like men’s company, or that she does not love them – it means she is not dependent on a man, nor needs to be validated by him. She needs no outside show – no ring on her finger, no certificates, no Missus to her name – for she loves and lives in full soul empowerment in her own birth name and this is what she is meant to bring in and anchor in on planet earth.
And when she finds a man – equal to her own power – and one with whom she can create a child in LOVE, and with sacred and sanctified union, then she allows this to happen – but never, ever will she allow a child to be conceived in anger, or retribution or anything else…. For she knows that a child conceived in anger will never be a happy and contented child, and she wants happy and empowered children, whom she will set free to be themselves. But she will not let herself be bound – she is free.
Once she is fully empowered and moved with panache – then she will attract someone who loves all of this and admires her for her oomph and is not intimidated by it – but gives her the freedom to be. She can run free where she likes, but deep down, he knows she will come back to him, for she loves cuddling up to him, and loves kissing him silly, and loves just giving the openness of her feminine mystery for him to explore and to enter to bring the joy of filling up – like a joyful dance of creative expression, of equal partners dancing the dancing of love – but each free to go out in completion and be! There is no clinging and no dependence and there is that full flow of the life force itself.
She lives close to nature – for here she is connected and firmly rooted in Mother Earth and she blesses all the creatures with loving and tender care.

She is fierce like a lioness protecting her cubs, but she roams free and wild, and the King Lion, has to be the pick of the pride and better than anyone else, or she will not deign to have him near her – for she can hunt on her own or in a pack. It does not matter, but she knows her own power and strength.
She is the kundalini = the serpent energy and she epitomizes this. Yet, she knows that all power needs to be tempered and handle with panache – for it is a two-edged sword and it can build or destroy and she chooses those on whom she bestows the ultimate three-fold flame with immense care. Only the purest or pure are allowed to enter her inner realms and the portals to bliss are guarded by the Cherubim and Seraphim themselves. Only the purest of pure are allowed to taste the bliss of true union, and then with her blessings and care.
She brings back the reconnection to the soul energies, and the immense empowerment and reconnection to the soul of all living things, and most of all, that of every single living person on the planet.
Yes, she brings change and she cleanses out – completely inside and out.
The Divine Feminine is cleansing us to the very core and is purifying us to the depths of our being – and she roars.
She is love – but the loving energies of a mother too, who knows when her children need freeing from their bondage and she is fierce and warrior-like in doing just that.
This is one woman you do not mess with – and one who is love to the core, and as soft and even softer as the touch of a feather – she is both!
She is the wisdom of the Ages – the Sophia – and all who seek this face of her will be blessed beyond measure.
She is the Virgin, the Woman, and the Crone. She is all and everything.
She is the Triple Goddess and she has returned!
Thus she sweeps through our ancestral lineage, through our cell memory banks and she moves through our veins and meridians, and our spinal cords. She is here to sweep clean and to rebirth the whole of humanity.
She is truly the Life-force itself and she cannot be tied nor bound – she roams free!
Judith Kusel

14 thoughts on “The Return of the Divine Feminine and the Triple Goddess

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  2. Praises to the LIght that keeps us holy. Praises to the love that has always been. Praises to shekinah. WBCW. Great holy mystery . We are one.

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