The Sacred Emerging – sacred and sanctified union…..

378983_10151114672161139_2090262415_ndouble-en-1The Bride is ready and opening up for the union with her Bridegroom- the one she has been waiting for and preparing herself for.
She has been initiated into the Ancient Rites of Womanhood and she has been anointed by the Divine Mother Herself. She epitomizes womanhood in its true and beauty empowerment and therefore her symbol is the serpent – yet not the serpent in the sense of a true one, but rather the double meaning and that of sacred energies and the sacred sexual rites.
In the magnificent moment when a woman truly stands in her own power, she is deeply and profoundly connected to her own heart and soul. She has reconnected to her own inner core Being, which has been there since time began, and when, in an act of sacred union, she was first conceived and then birthed as soul.
She knows her own soul name, and she LIVES it with all that she has. For she joyfully and exuberantly expresses the Divine Essence in all that she is and does, for she knows that her true beauty comes from deep within.
She is connected to the greater Whole, to the Divine and therefore to the Cosmic Heart – and more so to the Cosmic Womb. For she knows with a deep knowing, that she is as much part of the womb of the Divine Mother, as she too is her own womb. And she nurtures her womb, for she knows this is the most sacred and most powerful part of herself. It is here, that she has her innermost sanctuary, that part of her, that has always been and it is here that she FEELS the most.
Her womb and her heart center are intimately connected, and when she has empowered herself in all her four bodies, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, then she also has empowered herself from deep within. She is ATONE with all that is, for deep down she IS creation and she is the creative force.
It is here, deep down, in the depths of her soul, her heart and her womb, that she feels. She feels intensely and her beautiful sensitivity and her joy of life, extends to all Being. It is here that she wishes to create and to bring that creative love, that creative joy, and that creative POWER to the world, yet always tempered with love. Hers is not the brash and harshness of the conquering spirit, but rather that tempered loving strength, that knows to stand her own ground if needs be – and it can become that of a lioness defending her cub, if she has to defend what is hers to the Tee.
She is connected to her womb, for she has worked through all the stuckness of emotions and feelings in there and she got rid and cleansed out what no longer serves her highest soul good – wishing to fly free and unencumbered and to be her own immense and powerful self.
She has done her inner work and the shedding of skin, until she stands naked and stripped to the core – yet here her true beauty reveals itself, and it brings in the greatness and beauty – that immense Mystery of what womanhood entails, for here she is powerhouse, it is here she ignites and it here thather innermost sanctuary lies.
When she is in synch with her own root, she glows with that inner seductiveness which gives her that radiance which comes from deep within.
When she stands there in her true beauty and power, she awaits him who will enhance her in all that is. She knows that she does not need a man to fulfill her, for she is already filled up from within.
Rather, she looks for a man, who will honor her womb, and who will honor her deepest core heart….. Yet, more than this – she seeks him, whom she can truly let into the innermost sanctuaries of her womb – her powerhouse, but then, that she can open up herself, and all those parts of herself, she has never opened up before – not even to her closest friends and confidants…. She opens herself up to the sacredness of HER.
For she can only truly love with heart open and filled with TRUST – trusting that he can delve into the depths of her being, and not betray her nor invade her – but joyfully MERGE with her AS ONE!
And when he thrusts with the immense beauty, magnificence and splendor of his true and heartfelt manhood, she gathers him around and within her, yet opening up and up, until there is just the merging of LOVE and energies and the intense moment of joyful releasing and gathering up and being filled up to the brim…. And tears of intense joyful bliss find her as she finds herself reflected in him and he in her….
And when she finds him, her Divine Other and there is that deep honoring there, she forgets all that she has ever been before. She joyfully welcomes him in and this then, his body, his mind, his emotions, his spirit, but more than this, the vibration and energy of him.
For she understands that this Bridegroom, then stands in his own sacred core and his sacredness is what is filling her, is the sacredness of himself.
When he brings his glorious manhood, his heart opens up to the very core = then she trusts and knowingly she opens herself up, and their energies merge AS ONE. The power of sacred union becomes unleashed, and then the vortex energies rises to fore, and this becomes then an act of immense importance – but losing themselves now in sacredness of the sanctuaries of the Divine – they merge and fuse into that ultimate state, where there is nothing but ONE single Flame of existence and the flame then becomes the three-fold flame of the Divine.
It is a deep and profound honoring, that sharing of loving energies, which spans time and space, yet, is comes from deep within, from the core being, and this is what makes it take flame.
For it is not and never has been about the gratification of SELF, it has been the mutual giving and receiving of the sacred nourishment of the energies which are the very energies of creation – that immense force which is the life giving force itself.
Such is the sacredness of union – when the truth stands in truth, and love stands in love, and there is no space or breath in between…….
It transcends then into the most amazing force – which has the power to change life to the core.
(Judith Kusel)

9 thoughts on “The Sacred Emerging – sacred and sanctified union…..

  1. We are complete within ourself. Thinking that we have a split part of ourself as a twin flame is actually a psychological issue that need to be broken, since the divine mother(who created the divine father) has changed many laws concerning the new universe that will to be created in the future .. we don’t need a soul mate or twin flame to vibrate love. Once you become one with entire existence, the merging of sexual union of man & woman physically is obsolete.

    • There never has been a split part – but the Hidden Traditions have always known about the sacredness of union – and what it truly entails, and unless one understands the deeper meaning of sanctity, and the trinity of union, one never find the Keys and Codes to the Tree of Life itself.

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  3. Very beautiful! I love that. It is very inspiring! Thank you! At the core of creation, are the sacred male and female, united. We are One, yet simultaneously, individual souls. Otherwise, there would be only one being, all alone. loving itself, all by itself…what fun is that?
    If we deny the eternal individuality of the soul…we become killers of the soul.

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