Renaissance of the Heart…

1231226_406000546190121_1066850899_nWhen the Earth emerges from the time-warp she was in, for 72 000 years and now moves into the expanded time which is the true cosmic time, this brings about immense changes from inner core heart of the planet, and most of all the core heart of the cosmic whole.
I sometimes don’t quite know what to call this bubble of amnesia that the Earth and collective whole were in, for within our sinking deeper and deeper into the 3D and core of forgetfulness, we lost so many of our higher talents, abilities and inner seeing.
A lot of this has to do with the deliberate brain washing the collective went through, but also that phase of truly descending into the underworld, the world of Hades. The darkness, that phase where the Light hardly comes in, and there is that sense of dying and decay. It was the phase when mankind was totally ruled by the mind, without the activation of the heart, for the heart comes in conjunction with the use of right brain, the creative and feminine force, that caring, nurturing and immense open heart.
When one looks back at this time, it will be time of stagnant incubation where the intuitive side, that beautiful KNOWING side, was squashed to the core and the deep inner connectedness to Mother Earth. It was the Dark Ages, before one of the greatest Renaissance’s mankind will ever go through, which is now happening.
As that intuitive knowing side of us emerges more and more with the return of the Divine Feminine, we are changing in our whole physical form, to start accommodation the Higher Vibrations and Frequencies of ATONENESS, that totally moving at molecular levels, where our consciousness rises and we become aware, and knowing, that we cannot destroy anything, without destroying ourselves, we cannot make war, without all being at-war deep within….. we cannot live peace, with our hearts and soul are not at peace.
Descending into the Underworld, we have learnt a lot. We have learnt that if we cut ourselves off from the rest of Creation, and Love force itself, then we in reality experience the pain of separation – of not being whole. The wholeness has never left us, has always been…. But we had to experience that separateness, in order to find our way back to wholeness and completeness, in order to appreciate this.
I think of this as the Renaissance of the heart. That heart is making itself felt now. It is making itself felt most deeply and profoundly in the way our relationships are falling apart. As the suddenly realize that we cannot make another love us unconditionally, that we cannot force love from another to the extent that we love, we are finding the way back to our own hearts and souls.
There is a profound shift here: – the shift comes from the understanding that we ARE love, and that love is what we are at the core. Yet, how often does that lack of love for ourselves, trip us up in the love we share for others. The shift here is to understand that another cannot be responsible for our inner well being, our inner happiness and contentment nor the love for ourselves. If we do not honor and nurture ourselves, to the very core, then how can we honor the sacredness of the heart and soul of another?
It extends to the cosmic core heart and the Divine. When the heart expands to overflowing, when the intuitive shines through and its connection to the Divine is intense, then the feeling of separateness vanishes into the whiffs of air it truly was, and we understand that we are ONE – with all of creation. We are one with dark and light. We are one with all that is…. Every molecular, and cellular existence, in all its myriads form. We are all that is, and all that is, is us.
We start to understand that all opening up of the heart, is in reality the openness to love and trust. It is mostly dis-trust which keeps us regularly closing our hearts and buildings walls around it. It is dis-trust that makes us close even our most vital life forces. It is distrust in the Divine Love and guidance. It is dis-trust in completeness, in the wholeness of Love in its completed form.
The shift then, is the shift of the heart. It is here that I feel. If is here that I am most connected to the Soul. It is here and in the solar plexus region, that our core energy matrix, when fully activated forms the interconnectedness with all, through the channel of the kundalini and the open channels of the pineal and pituitary glands. When all are open and fully functioning, and all 12 chakras are activated, the channels are wide open for the Divine Energies to lift up and expand within us.
When the whole channels are open to the Divine and the channels are open to the core Earth heart, then we are fully activated from above and below. WE ARE ONE.

11 thoughts on “Renaissance of the Heart…

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  2. lovely words. this morning i felt very much how powerful it is to just let go and trust. no need to control anything , the universe and the creator are our friends and are always waiting for us to open our hearts and trust

  3. thank you for these words! my brother and I were just talking about how things feel like a type of renaissance. a beautiful inner revolution expanding us to our authentic selves! A Renaissance Of The Heart!

  4. So Wise, so true. As Maximus says at the beginning of Gladiator ‘What we do here on Earth, echoes in eternity’. Keep up the good work, the Universe needs you 🙂

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