Clearing of past life residue and collective trauma.

Judith Kusel

When we feel ourselves called to step into a Higher State of consciousness, all of this get noticed by those guardian angels, Archangels and the Higher Ranking Masters, who are in charge of the Rebirthing of Planet Earth and also the Higher Levels or octaves of Consciousness that our soul aspires to reach.

Planet Earth is known as one of the harshest schools in existence for soul growth, and before we are born our soul CHOSES to have certain challenges etc. so that it can experience pain etc. and then GROW in consciousness.  For the more our soul is put under pressure here, the more it contributes to our SOUL GROWTH and MOVING UP IN CONSCIOUSNESS or DIMENSIONAL states of Being – once we return to our TRUE SOUL STATE of existence and are reunited with all our other soul parts – which are in service elsewhere.

When the Higher…

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