Cosmic Law 3: The Law of Request


Have you ever had someone making a decision for you, without letting you know?  When you were presented with the whole thing afterwards, was there not a measure of resentment, that you were never asked whether you wanted this or not in your life?

The Law of request, states that every soul has free will and choice.  It is given a framework, or master plan to live in while on this planet called Earth.  Therefore it has the freedom to do and to be, as it wills.

This is also the Law of Non-Interference with the free will of others.  

I often get asked why the Intergalactic Fleet does not interfere with the earth – they may not contravene this basic law.  If they are asked to this, with the free will and the full support of governments of the earth, then that is a different matter.  

So often we see other people struggling, and then meaning well, try to help them, without them ASKING for it.  When we do this, then we are loading karma onto ourselves, for what we thought of as helping, might actually have taken that souls right away to work through his or her problems or pain in their own way.  If, and when they did need help, they would have asked for it.

The same law applies to the Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters, even our guardian angels and higher guides – they may only assist us, if we ASK for them to help us. 

I was highly amused once when I read about the Galactic Logos incurring karma, because he got impatient with the progress of one of those souls he was guiding.  In trying to speed up the learning curve of his disciple, he interfered with that soul’s right to do things in their own time and at their own pace.  So he had to work longer on his own soul’s mastering, because of breaking this basic law.

As the youngest in my own family, I had had this happen to me many times, where my older siblings just took decisions that affected me, without asking me.  All that happened is that I felt resentment at not being asked, as I had my own ideas about this and thus never could make my own stance or opinion known to them.  In the family hierarchy as the youngest, I had the least rights.  As much as they might have meant well, the decision was not received with the open grace it would have received, if my own opinion or stance had been asked for.

There are times in life, especially in extreme times of danger when this law can be broken, for instance in a life and death situation.  When your own life is in danger of course the Angels and Archangels will rush to your aid.  You would do the same.

However, I have known a woman who wanted to commit suicide.  A very well meaning man rescued her.  Instead of being grateful she came very angry and resentful at having been deprived of her own decision that she wanted to leave life on this planet behind.

We all have things in our own lives that we have to work through ourselves.  These are life and soul lessons that our souls need to master.  Some people can take years to master even the simplest of lessons, but that does not mean that they are not progressing – it just means that that karmic lesson will be repeated over and over again, until they finally master it.

I am smiling for that same applies to people who are in love.  Often times, those nearest and dearest to them can see that the person that they are infatuated with is just not right for them.   Indeed, they can already see where the relationship would flounder.  However, if one goes and tells this to the person, the person would a, resent it, and b, not believe it or c, think that you are jealous or that you feel that they are not deserving of happiness.  It is only when the truth starts hitting home, that their eyes will open and most often this would happen when it they are ready for this – not one moment before the time.

If someone offers help and you accept it that is then a soul contract: – You are allowing the other person into our space, in order to bring about what should be an equal measure of giving and receiving.  This law applies too for healing – you cannot just go and heal a person without their permission.  In some cases, like emergencies, then again this does not apply, but remember this law when you are wishing to heal someone.  If the person cannot answer for themselves, it is wise to ask your guardian angel to ask their guardian angel for permission to send healing energy. 

I never do soul readings, without the soul’s permission to read their soul records.  If I did, I would be violating this law.

The beauty of this law is that the moment that you ask for help and are ready to receive it – help will come. With the asking for assistance you are then open and ready to accept the wisdom that goes with it.  The Higher Powers will then align themselves to assist you.

When you do ask for help, just take a moment to gather yourself, and ask yourself: “What is it I really want help with?”  Then ask the Angels and Archangels to assist you.  They are there waiting to help you at all times.  All you have to do is ASK.

I personally love doing this and I ask them for all and everything that I need help with.  They are there and love assisting.  Yet, I am also careful with what I ask for, for not all things that I want is good for me.  That is why it is wise to always add:  “I ask for….. So that this can be resolved in the highest and best way, and for the highest good of all concerned…..”

In essence this law is teaching us to respect the divinity within each soul.  For each soul has the right to live his or her life according their will.  Even if you see those making mistakes, remember that you too, have had to learn some lessons in life the hard way.  By banging one’s head against a brick wall and mastering a lesson, even when it hurts, is better than nursing resentment or anger at someone, because they tried without your permission to save you from that wall.  This is especially true for parents.

Love is giving the other the freedom to make the mistakes that he or she needs to make, in order to master life in all its disguises.  Yet, love is always there to help in the best possible way, when that someone asks for help.  In that way the giving and receiving then is equal and not forced.

(Judith Kusel)

4 thoughts on “Cosmic Law 3: The Law of Request

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  2. ” with the free will and the full support of governments of the earth, then that is a different matter”
    The above sentence taken from ‘COSMIC LAW 3: THE LAW OF REQUEST’ When did you ever hear of a honest Government anywhere?

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