Cosmic Law 4 – The Law of Attraction


The Inner attracts the Outer.  Like attracts like. 

If something in your outer world is not what you want it to be, look inside and shift how you feel about yourself or about that which you are not happy with.  You will then automatically attract different people and experiences to you.

In essence at soul level we are pure energy and we all emit a certain frequency band and vibration.  When we are truly cosmically tuned in then we will vibrate at the optimum frequency band of our soul.  We will thus then attract those of our own soul group to us who also vibrate at that same optimum frequency band.  Not only will those of our own soul group be attracted to you, but those who vibrate at the same frequency band.

It takes a while to start understanding, that when we allow other souls who are of a LOWER vibrational frequency or one those jams our frequency bands, that either they will make our frequency bands go haywire, with immense disruptions and disturbances and turbulence arising, or they will not be repelled at some stage.

When we see lack in any form, we have to understand that lack is only what we perceive deep inside of us.  What is lacking deep inside?  It is faith in yourself and your own ability?  Is it lack of faith in the Divine to supply all your needs?  Is it lack of shifting our awareness, of doing the inner work, to that our perceptions change and we get crystal clear about what we are not seeing or being or manifesting inside?

A lot of us had past lives as nuns, or monks, or part of organizations or religions where we were told that begging bowls would buy us our spirituality, or that is would buy us salvation.  Some forsook all their material goods, in order to join religious cults etc.  In this lifetime these souls will attract poverty consciousness to themselves, because the vows they took in those lifetimes, are still haunting them today.  Until those vows of Poverty, Obedience, Chastity, etc. have been released, your inner self will reject all of that to come into your life in some form.

You can look at you yourself subconsciously broadcasting to the entire world out there what is inside of you.  Like:  “I hate myself.  I am unworthy.  I am ugly. I am stupid.”  Guess what?  You will attract those people into your life that will treat you like you treat yourself inside.  Until you change your inner belief system, you will keep attracting that which you believe.  If you believe that you are undeserving of good in your life that is what you will attract.

A very simple awareness of your inner talk – of self talk, will alert you to all of this.  If you start monitoring your thoughts and feelings, and then just stop yourself in the middle of thinking negative thoughts and simply asking:  “Is this the truth and the only truth?” will immediately stop that negative pattern from forming again.

This is one of the reasons that we can never skimp the inner housekeeping and clearing.   Sometimes people think that they are so highly and lofty up the ascension ladder that this is not needed.  Guess what, they will self sabotage themselves at some stage or another until this the simple housekeeping is adhered to every single day.  Sometimes we hear what other people say and then start owning it – if this is negative we start believing this in fact quicker than if it is positive.  That is the ego.  The negative ego will always try to keep you small.

When the inner housekeeping is done, then our thinking patterns start changing, and our creativeness soars.  We start believing in our own worthiness, our loving being, and we will start attracting likeminded souls to us, who see that in us and validate it.

When we love ourselves, we attract loving soul into our lives.

When we believe that we deserve abundance and start blessing money, and the energy of money, then we start attracting more money into our lives and abundance.

Think of yourself as a living magnet that magnetized all into your outer life what is INSIDE of you!

Do not send out negative energy and wait for a disaster to be magnetized towards you.  Send out positive light and wait for a miracle to be drawn towards you.

What is it that you wish to attract more of into your life?  Change your inner thinking, believing and viewing and you will magnetize that into your life.

If you wish to have that ultimate lover in your life, then love that inner you in such a way as you would like your ultimate lover to you love you.  Be the best you can possible be, and then you will attract the best man there is to you, who matches you perfectly.

When you become aware of this wonderful law, our whole inner life starts changing, for we finally start realizing that we have to do the INNER work, before the outer life can manifest.

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