The Inner earth, the crystalline web of light, and vortex energy centers of the Earth..

When the Intergalactic fleet first sought to have a type of satellite station between the stormy navigational electro-magnetic fields, which at that stage, millions of years ago were unstable, it sought to create satellite stations in the outreaches of certain solar systems, or where things were in a state of flux.  That is how Earth was born, first as a satellite station, and thus the inner core earth and its civilization is still the satellite station (Agartha the inner world),  which forms the nucleus of their inner command.


The outer earth was formed only millions of years later, when gaseous substances formed around the satellite and the scientists started to create the elements and then the first land mass formed.

It was then that the Web of Light was anchored into the earth grid, and another one outside the earth, so that the two crystalline grids could then form a communication grid which consisted of electro- magnetic energy flowing through it.  It also held certain data within its energy fields (which in since Atlantis has been de-activated).


I will not go in details here about what else what laid down, just to say that in the beginning the grid was so laid down, that it carefully worked in conjunction with certain vortex energy points on the earth, which first was pin-pointed by the 12 Crystal Pyramids which were massive and created from sheer crystal, which acted as a type of prototype conduit and transmitter for these vortex energy points. 

However, these massive conduit Pyramids never worked on their own.  They always had other smaller pyramids, aligned with these biggest one, in which were the Pyramid Temples and administrative centers. 


At that time there was no need for written language in any form, as all worked with energies, with telepathy, with teleportation, telekinesis, etc.  As all information was stored in energy fields and all could tap into these fields, which constantly transmitted information – cosmically so, there was no need for books,  nor scrolls, nor any primitive form of writing as we know it. (Those came only much later when man had already sunk into the sea of forgetfulness and primitiveness).

A lot of those soul who have incarnated since 1950, know this to be true.  One reason why a lot of people have dyslexia for instance, is because their brain or rather their soul energy is more geared towards receiving transmission through their brain, rather than having to struggle with such primitive forms of communication as writing and language. 

In the Intergalactic core, there is no need for written forms – all is transmitted via energy fields and thus there cannot be misunderstanding and communications which get mis-interpreted.  You can either tap into these energy fields, or you cannot.

A lot of energy fields are encoded – and some come in a highly sophisticated type of geometrical crystalline energy form or forms and in multiple relays of such.  The more evolved you are the more your ability rises to instantly tab into such multiple level energy fields and immediately have the energy fields transmitting information into your brain.

At the moment most human brains would short-circuit because we are not using the full capacity of our brains as yet.

Interestingly it was women who were able to be used as the most efficient transmitters for these energy fields, as they are more intuitive and less inclined to block information via their minds, as men are apt to do. 

As the earth energy fields are rising, the web of light and the true vortex energy centers of the earth will be activated.  However these centers have been carefully hidden and are constantly being monitored.

As our own consciousness rises, we will be able to find that information just comes to us in forms which we will at last be able to understand, as our own crystalline bodies move more and more into form. 

There is then quite a vast shift going on at the moment, within the earth and these first energy centers, the web of light and the vortex energy centers.

We are as yet far too primitive to even try to understand this type of advanced technology, which has been here all along – the only thing is we fell into the sleep of forgetfulness and are slowly waking up.

(Judith Kusel)


9 thoughts on “The Inner earth, the crystalline web of light, and vortex energy centers of the Earth..

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  2. Thank you Judith. You say that either you can tap into these energy fields or you cannot (I am greatful that I can), but what determines this? Is it just that some souls have been given access and some have not? Thanks

    • Yes, I can tap into these energy fields – as the consciousness rises and the planet returns to the higher states of evolutionary being – and mankind follows suit and not repeats its tendency or patterns of self-destruction, all this will be returned – and is already being returned. However, there has to be some mechanisms in place in the human trying to access such energy fields, as the Intergalactic counsel will not allow anyone access until they have proven themselves not abuse or misuse the knowledge, as a the souls did in Lemuria and Atlantis etc.

      • Thanks for the reply Judith. I know I can pick up on energy from the earth and those aepund me but I am uncertain to what extent I can really tap in to the superconsious energy fields, maybe in time. This is what I thought and I am so glad that they cannot be abused anymore.

      • Interesting Judith,

        Yes, some of us are actually here for the first time coming in from other Universes.. 😉 most things on this planet are inside out or upside down but it’s all been corrected thus the current alleged turmoil on earth.

        Earth is a living being and always have been. We are finally remembering who we are.

        We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.



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