Energy fields of the earth

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It is not that the Ancient Ones did not leave signs carved and engrained into the earth – it is as much as we forgot how to read them.
The earth has songs, and heart, and love and within all her energy fields, there lies the full potential of a reborn place, where we will remember the ancient songs, the ancient way of life and the ancient ways of using natural energy, which is there and free for all.
I was standing in an amazing place last week, as early evening dawned and the sun was busy setting on the horizon. I was tapping in deeply and profoundly into the energies there, amplified by the sheer granite rocks all around me, and standing between two huge stones which formed a portal.
There were people all around me, hiking this trail, and sitting on benches, yet they were totally unaware of the energy fields, and the massive vortex arising there. I was standing there, and touching the stones, and I immediately was communicating not only with the whales and dolphin energies, but with the song fields of the earth.
I had been led there, for even before I started my journey south, I had been told that I needed to link up the energy fields here, with Antarctica and with Australia, New Zealand.
Standing there immerse in the interplay of this massive energy field, I again understood that here were multiple dimensions, and multiple layers of energy fields carefully hidden in the landscape. Yet, far more than this, it was a type of FUTURE-past interplaying here. That means the technology within this energy field was so highly advanced, that 99% of human beings, would not even sense it being there.
It is mainly due to the fact that most human beings have been de-sensed, meaning they have lost the ability to SENSE energy fields, and to use their heart energies to read these fields. One can only do so, when the upper chakras from the crown chakra upwards and the earth star, as well as the Light-bridges are activated and one can raise one’s consciousness so much, that one becomes ONE or ATONE with the energy itself.
In these last few months, I was connecting these energy fields to Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica, Arkansas and France – and of course the whole of the southeastern parts of Africa. There is a much higher reason for this, and that is that some of the energy fields have been hidden and in such a way, that one has to have your own antenna tuned in to these fields – much like when you tune into the TV station, or radio show.
The more advanced the civilization, the less they left behind in any form of writing, nor monuments, for those they built were of crystalline nature. Some of these were liquid crystalline substances, and some of it just changed form over billions of years.
We have sunk so far behind the incredible knowledge of the Ancients, that we have become a species lost at its very core. In order to find ourselves again, we have to find the core within. Without going deep within, the outer cannot reveal it, for it is with the inner eye, the inner ear, and the inner heart energies, and the sensors in our solar plexus area that we tune into energy fields.
Some people use geomansy to try and map energy fields. Yet, most of these maps, miss vital energy fields, because they have not learnt to use their own sensors, as are there in the heart and soul and the physical form.
In this moment in time, with more mass cosmic energy releases, our whole idea or concepts of what is real in material and physical form and what is real in the cosmic form and energy forms will take massive quantum leaps. This is because our crystalline bodies are now forming more and more, and we are becoming liquid crystal. As we become more crystalline something deep inside starts changing, and the keys and codes of our souls are awakening – that inherent memory bank which is that of our souls and soul groups.
This is no accident, but great design.
If you think of your whole system as one energy field with intricate sensors, then you will also understand, that higher your consciousness grows, the more you can tune into that higher state of Being, and the higher and more potent energy fields.
I have found that I do not need maps, or any person to show me energy fields – I tap naturally into them. For the same energy field that I tap into in order to do soul readings, the Super-consciousness field, is there all around us in certain places on the earth. It is one single vast energy field, and it is cosmic and not earthly bound.
It is simply a matter of being open to receive and being willing to go beyond the norm and move into that un-formed, un-mapped, and un-chartered field, where nothing else exists – but one single energy field.
Such is the mass cosmic gift at this time.
Judith Kusel
For soul readings from the Super conscious field:

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