Karmic Links and Ties in Relationship Patterns


A marriage is God’s gift to a man and woman.

It is a gift that should then be given back to Him.

A marriage can be a blessing on to the world, because it is a context in which two people might become more than they would have been alone.

(Marianne Williamson)

In my Twin Flame soul readings, which mainly deal with relationships, and in my own life, I have come across certain karmic patterns which have been created over many lifetimes here on earth.

In essence this is not about Twin flame relationships per se but rather about patterns that were created between two souls in context of a relationship – whether they were married in a past life, or lovers, or in whatever form.

There are positive and negative patterns.

I was shown today, that positive cords and patterns created have a beautiful and profound spectrum of pure love and light.  Within these sacred geometrical patterns created, the flower of life itself looks like it has been lit up from deep within, and it looks like a star-filled galaxy with all the color spectrum of light beaming through it.  These are loving cords and loving ties, which were form in moments of pure and utter love.  Moments when the ego disappeared and true oneness made itself felt, on multiple levels.  Such pattern can be uplifting and eternally there, for they were created from the purity and essence of Love, in its most beautiful Divine essence.

However, dark patterns, and those infused with trauma and pain, betrayal, jealousy, lust, control, ownership patterns, are filled with dark strands.  Some of those cords and ties are slimy black things, and some look like dark tentacles hooked into some area of the body, and then tie two people together for lifetimes.  Some look like spider’s webs and are filled with this dark and sticky matter.  That is how I have seen and sensed them in myself and others.

To me these patterns between two souls reflect the collective consciousness of mankind, since the balance between the masculine and feminine was distorted, and ownership became the norm.  Often marriage was a matter of dowry, so someone was literally sold to another party, because of political and property alliances and had nothing to do with love.  Others were enslaved and used as concubines, or eunuchs, or merely were seen as possessions with no feelings and no soul.

The problem with such relationships which were formed is that because of karmic links and ties two souls will be drawn together, for those marriage vows, those sale contracts, or political alliances etc. are still in place in the ethers.  So soul meets soul and still feels they OWN the soul and therefore can demand the right of ownership in this regard.  Unless these vows and contracts are released, the angels administering these vows will keep them in place.

Often because of soul contracts these soul will be drawn into relationships, even if negative patterns were created, for they now have a window of opportunity to release these outdated vows and pacts etc. and finally dissolve these unhealthy patterns.  Yet, some souls get so caught up in a love/hate relationship that they tend to repeat this pattern.

This pattern is exasperated when the man in question had a harem at some time in his lifetime.  So now he has this ego of owning more than one woman, and they might appear in his lifetime.  So, there is this idea that he owns more than one, and then wonders that the women concerned are not very amused by all of this – indeed in some lifetimes these same women might have been very jealous of each other, for there was a lot of intrigue in such harems, as a lot of the alliances again were political.

If you think of your soul therefore as having had multiple existences and in various forms, then you will realize that you might not only have had relationships with one soul, but with many souls, and at some time in this lifetime you will meet up with them.  Then there is that instant attraction, and that sense of familiarity – because of what happened in past lives.

Yet all relationships at the very core have amazing lessons to impart, and maybe the greatest lesson of all is to never give one’s power away to anyone nor anything.

To me this just is one of the most amazing things which is happening now: – as the feminine Divine returned to the planet, women now have at last the opportunity to step out of that slave, that political or property pawn stage, and enslavement and claim their birthright.  That means that we now have the opportunity to cut those negative cords and attachments and free ourselves up from old vows, contracts, enslavement etc. and become free in more than one aspect.

This does not mean that we have to throw the baby out with the bathwater – rather to we take our own power back, and grow in love and a loving state.  When we do the inner house cleaning, the collective consciousness rises, and the new woman emerges, who is not allowing herself to become a pawn nor a slave anymore.  Yet, she does not go overboard and then returns like with like by enslaving men – rather she moves into the heart of compassion, where she forgives the past and lets go of the pain and trauma and empowers herself on all fronts.

Her power is different from a man, for it is heart-centered and at core compassionate.

This does not mean that men were never enslaved nor owned – of course they were and a lot of men are embracing the feminine side of themselves, which is leading to more balance.

I am merely here pinpointing to something which going to come to the fore more and more, as the higher energies come in and more cleansing and clearing happens, and nowhere will this happen more obviously then in the relationship framework.

I see this as stepping into the powerful role of CO-CREATOR, where we now have the opportunity to dissolve old unhealthy patterns and create positive and uplifting new ones, which will be the foundation of the new way of life now emerging and the higher states of consciousness.

What a beautiful and profound gift this is!  Wow!

(Judith Kusel)


13 thoughts on “Karmic Links and Ties in Relationship Patterns

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  2. Enlightening, thank you! Some of this I found I already knew, but at a level where I could not see it – only felt… something. Thank you for bringing this out! Blessings xxxx

  3. I related to this entry so powerfully that I just had to leave a comment. This whole year up until the end of June I had been dealing with trauma from a past life in which I had been a sex slave to a handsome nobleman in 18th century France. I was a pretty girl of sixteen and he had offered to buy me from my family. They loved me, but we were poor and they desperately needed the money. I sacrificed my life for them.

    At first when I started remembering things, I thought I was possessed by an incubus. But I managed to see a psychic who told me it was sexual fear from past lives manifesting itself, and from there I started piecing things together.

    All of it was so painful. I was having flashbacks and convulsions whenever I lay down, so I would stay up really late as I was afraid to lie down to try and fall asleep. I was the most depressed I had ever been in my life–I nearly resorted to cutting myself–and I felt like I was going crazy, especially because there were so few people I could tell about something like this. The memories of what he did to me were so sadistic and painful, yet part of me loved and wanted him despite everything, which made me feel insane. I still felt like such a slave to him in this life, and I was terrified I would meet him again.

    Finally I found a wonderful past life regression therapist, and with her help, the angels and Archangel Michael, I was finally able to sever my bond with him. I saw the cord as thick, white, made out of an almost rubbery substance, and attached to the entirety of my back. Archangel Michael cut through it with his flaming white sword and I felt such a release, an enormous weight and pressure was released from me. I was finally free from my old master and I could leave that lifetime in the past. I no longer hate him for what he did to me because I can’t change it, and I’m not afraid to meet him again because I know we’re separate entities now. The memories are still painful and I still cry about them sometimes, but I know that it’s all in the past and I can heal now.

    All of this has made me determined to help women who are suffering like I was back then. I am a young woman who just graduated from college and one of my goals is to study martial arts and teach women and girls how to defend themselves and be confident, to know they are capable of achieving whatever they want in life, and that they need not fear or bow to men.

    Honestly I could write an entire book about this experience, which I may well do. I’ve been journaling the entire time and I typed up a transcription of my regression session, so I have more than enough material for a book, haha.

    Thank you so much Judith. I found your blog back in January when I searched for “past life trauma” in hopes to find something that could help me, and your entries have been extremely uplifting. You’ve helped me more than you know, and I am extremely grateful.

    • I thank you for sharing your story with us.
      I have had more or less the same experiences, so I can relate to that and since I have let go of all the trauma and pain, I have been healed on so many levels.
      It brings in healing in ways one cannot even dare to put into words.
      Much Love Light and infinite blessings

    • Thank you for sharing your story Sarah, it resonated deeply with me. I have been dealing with past life trauma from being a prostitute (not voluntary) in 18th Century France.
      The sentence you wrote : ..The memories of what he did to me were so sadistic and painful, yet part of me loved and wanted him despite everything, which made me feel insane… clearly describes how I felt towards a regular customer who was all but nice and kind to me yet I developed feelings for him. He took advantage of that by abusing me in every way imaginable, making me feel nauseous just thinking about it.
      We met again in this lifetime and have relived a great deal of this old pattern. Your comment gave words to some parts that have remained unhealed and I will be able to work on them now to clear, release and heal this experience.
      A very heartfelt thank you ❤

      • I’m so glad my story could help you, Rachel. It would have been such a relief for me if I could have found someone with a similar experience as mine when I was going through all my trauma and depression during the first 6 months of this year, so I’m glad I could be that person for you. Although I found lots of resources and stories of people with past life trauma, I couldn’t find anything like what I was experiencing. I read the experiences of rape victims and completely identified with the pain, anger, guilt, everything, but I had never personally experienced any sort of sexual abuse in this lifetime, I was still a virgin, which made me very confused and I felt like there was no one I could talk to about what I was going through. While I doubted my own experience for months, I finally came to accept that these were indeed my memories and my pain, and only then was I ready to release all of it.
        I am beginning to see now that I was never alone in this, and it’s a very common experience for many women, and probably men too. Today I realized it may be a great thing if I start a blog to share my story and the stories of others who are dealing with past-life sexual trauma, so people know they’re not alone and they can heal.
        I wish you all the best in healing and releasing these negative cords. You are very strong and are on a wonderful journey. ❤

  4. Thank you Sarah and Rachel for sharing your stories. I am in a karmic relationship with a man that owned me in China in 1700’s when I was born into a brothel. I was his personal sex slave from age 5 until I was 25. He was married, but I was trained to pleasure him exclusively and his specific needs. He paid and selected me when I was a child. Our sexual history stems from Ancient Egypt. Judith is helping me to release these negative cords that are attached all over my body. It’s a struggle forward every day but I am seeing the light and healing myself of this past trauma. Much love and blessings to you. Myriad xx

    • Thank you, Myriad. You are very strong for choosing to work through all the trauma. I know how painful and how much of a fight it can be just to get through the day when dealing with it. The memories haunted me at all hours, and when I lay down to try to fall asleep I had flashbacks so I often had to put my hands over my mouth to keep from screaming. But I am free from him now, and finally I can rest peacefully. I wouldn’t be surprised if our abusive relationship spanned many lifetimes just like yours. I wish you the best and have no doubt you will release all this pain and be able to live a free and fearless life. I’m so glad Judith is helping you. Also your guides and angels are ready to help you whenever you ask, I wouldn’t have made it through without help from mine. If you’re interested, I could also give you a list of books that helped me greatly with understanding and healing my trauma.
      Love and light,

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