Energy shifts


We are now going through the greatest phase of being revamped and this will continue throughout and more or less until 2024.

It is an intense time of wakening up to the new and ancient energies being released.  It is something so powerful and potent, that I am doing my best to translate this into a language that you will be able to understand, as I have had mass downloads of energy field knowledge yesterday, with intensely important keys and codes getting activated.

In this there is a huge shift now from what we had in the industrial and technological ages, where all was in the mind.  The balance is now returning into that the mystical and magical is now returning.  With magic I am really referring to changing energy forms – therefore whatever one can dissolve and then reassemble is but a form of high technology.

Remember that in ancient days, magic basically was to understand the alchemical laws of fusion.  It was also a method of dissolving what looked like solid matter, into tiny particles and then rearranging it into a different form.  Therefore it was understood that all of life was but energy, and because one was energy one could have an effect on other energy fields, if one just knew how.  One was consciously rearranging energy fields and creating them into new patterns and forms, within the cosmic laws of creation.

It truly was not magic, but just a much higher state of consciousness and a more advanced evolutionary state.  Please do not confuse this shamanic work – I am not referring to this at all.

One of the components in doing this, was sacred geometry.  Another was sound and yet another was the vortex energy field as in the use of quantum energy fields.  This is something mankind will start remember how to do in the next 50 or so years – at the moment we are not even grabbling with an inkling of what this was all about.

In what I have been shown recently, there is thus a whole immense type of energy field now opening up within the earth which has lain dormant for billions of years.  It was removed or deactivated a long time ago, and it is now going to make itself felt. 

For want of a better word I will call this a marriage between the vortex energy fields and Goddess energy fields but in reality the two are one and same.  It is a vast creative force and it works via the intuitive heart-mind.  Therefore certain energy channels in the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual bodies have to be activated in order to be able to allow this energy to move through one and then to activate certain unused chambers within our third eye-brain, dormant for so long, and within our heart and solar plexus areas.  In reality this all links up to our spinal column – as this works in tandem with our chakra energy systems, but the higher chakras, need to be activated in order for all of this to start functioning and one whole.

I have had some amazing experiences in the last few months as I was shown this and I was being activated within so that I could move into this advanced technology – I had to get my own frequencies and vibrations up to that level in order to even glimpse this.  This is such advanced technology – but it is ancient – and it is like stepping into the quantum future of this planet, but in reality it is stepping into the past.

In a lot of ways we have to be reprogrammed to move into a different state of advanced being, where we can remember all of this.

The triggers therefore are not so much then in our energy fields and that of the planet, but are far more intricately evolved that this.  It works with the SOUL energies, as each one of us has unique soul frequencies and vibrations, and some souls are programmed to activate at certain times, when they get into contact with certain vortex energy fields in the planet – often they do not do this consciously but subconsciously, when they are being pulled to a certain place and then just feel like they FEEL better, or more activated there.

With all of this which is being now reactivated within us, we need to understand once and for all that the old ways are leaving us.  It does not help to try and rationalize this, nor go into fear patterns, nor try to run away from it – for indeed how can you run away from your own soul and its soul contracts?  How can you run away from what you knew would happen when you would incarnate onto planet earth?

It is just that most have been so controlled and programmed by the society and institutions that they cannot think for themselves, and more than this, they have not learnt to question and find the truth from deep within. 

All paths lead within.

I would not be able to share all of this with you, if I had not been brave enough to leave behind my old life and then follow my visions and calling and move into a totally different way of seeing and experiencing life. 

I know this to be true of many people who shared their stories with me.  We all at some point lost everything, in order to regain our soul and be led to expand in many ways.  This expansion has given us a whole new conscious awareness – but the old first had to disintegrate completely, and we had to be reprogrammed so to speak from our soul connections, and cosmic citizenship, in order to remember and then allow this to be activated from deep within.

So these next few months and years are going to bring us in truly more and more quantum shifts in consciousness.  It will literally shake us awake from the sleep of billions of years and the depths of forgetfulness. 

I have found the more I remember, and the more I am getting activated, that there is a sense of familiarity – some part of me knows this and has known this for eternity.  I just fell asleep for awhile, that fraction of me that is incarnated in the here and now on this planet.  The rest of me as access to the most amazing information held in the whole cosmos, for it is all one and same vast energetic field – all creation is one vast energy field.  It is a matter of learning to tap into this vast field and claiming your own keys and codes within it.

(Judith Kusel)

12 thoughts on “Energy shifts

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    • Hallo, recent heb ik ook al deze dingen ervaren. Omdat ik de diagnose bi-polair heb gekregen kan ik dit vrijwel niet kwijt in mijn omgeving omdat dit naar het land der wanen wordt verwezen. Ik blijf toch bij mijn overtuiging en blijf mensen die dit ook ervaren via Facebook volgen. Groetjes, Karin Weber

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  4. Thank you Judith, this brought some clarity around what had been coming into my awareness recently. We are so multidimensional and we have placed all of these reminders of Oneness within our consciousness and within the Earth herself to be activated when we are ready and it seems that We Are Ready. 🙂

  5. Reblogged this on NR Wishart Healing and commented:
    Lovely information! Thank you Judith. I can say that only the other day I had an experience where as I was travelling through a certain area one evening, I had a complete energy revival. As I tuned into what this meant, I knew why I had felt out of kilter for some time and I instantly recognised that I needed to be in that place where my energy literally lifted and balanced. I was with a good friend at the time who witnessed the change in me. It was visible to the physical eyes.

    Blessings x

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  7. Dear Judith, my entire life came to a halt nect to a river simce 2013 in order for me to receive, process and tru to communicate very similar to what you are channeñing, feeling a strong need to share with you :it is the womb wisdom that was activated in 2012 inside the core – Kore inside the vortex inside the womb of Earth, the Light or spiritual placenta from Source, Mago, la Fuente beginning to pour through every womb, thus nurturing and dreaming awake our inner golden child or liquid light bodies. If we spiral our consciousness inside the vortex of our WOMBS we start connecting consciously, if we connect the energies of the cores of our wombs, hearts and creative brain – the centre of the brain – pituitary, hipothalumus and pineal, the light can flow through us. please take a look at my videos where i try to guide women to that core, her and Her Kore: with all of my heart appreciating your work

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