Diving into the Abyss of Love…..


We are all transformed at some profound level, when what we have been programmed to believe as the truth, dissolves before the very flames of Divine Truth and whatever is hindering our higher soul selves from seeing the truth has been removed.

In no other timeframe in human history is this more applicable than now.

For many thousands of years the truth has been severely repressed.  It forced a lot of those who were the custodians of the truth to go underground and to try and hide the truth in sacred geometry, in architecture, or in hidden lore. 

Often the truth was embroidered into stories, into legends, into a masked type of storytelling which had many multiple levels of meaning – you literally had to un-wrap the whole, in order to find understand what was being told and if you were not an initiate you would not even bother to dig deeper.

It is therefore then no accident that  when we become awakened at some level, and seek to become an initiate of the higher teaching and learning, and even higher healing, that we have to go through an intense deprogramming.

  It literally means that the programs in our subconscious hard drive, which has been programmed into us from the moment we were born on this planet, via our parents, grandparents, teachers, education systems, etc. will have to smashed and scattered at some level.  The original Divine hard drive, the original Divine blueprint, has to be reintroduced and with the Divine programming.

We will often be led to the truth only once we start questioning.  At some level we will find that we start awakening, because we feel that there is more to life than meets the eye, we feel a deep longing, a wanting to truly know why we were born on this planet, and why things seem to happen in our lives.  We have a yearning to go and delve deeper and deeper, until we find whatever we are looking for: –  deep down we know that what we are looking for is not going to be found in the status quo, but somewhere else.

In itself this becomes a journey.  It becomes a journey of rediscovering ourselves and find our truth on multiple levels.  

The moment that awakening dawns, the inner journey will start on many levels.  The deeper we delve within, the more we have to release – for there are many things which happened to us during lifetimes which we have deeply buried in our soul memory banks, and in order for us to raise our consciousness at this time, we will have to release all of these, for they no longer serve our higher soul growth.

Nowhere is this more applicable than in the field of loving relationships.

In lifetimes before this we might have created negative patterns with souls whom we were married to, had as lovers, and some of us were forced into sexual slavery or some kind of abuse, and will attract the same souls into our lives – for we have old soul patterns to dissolve and to heal, to bring into higher alignment with, so that we can heal on many levels.

The deeper the love, the deeper the delving into those patterns will be.  For our souls are energetically linked through time and space.  Higher healing can only come, when we are prepared to delve ever deeper into the patterns and into the pain.  Where did the pain start?  Where did the distrust start?  Where the blocks, the hindrances?  Why am I allowing myself to react like this to the other?  Why do I allow this to happen time and again?  What is hindering me from delving deeper into this relationship?  What are my deepest fears and why do I fear? 

I have found that when I had the guts to face my own shadows, and delve ever deeper into my soul wounds and the pain, that I was always led back to LOVE. 

Love for myself – Love for the other – Love for the Divine.

In intimate and especially Twin-flame relationships, those patterns and soul wounds can go very deep.  Don’t think that the pain will go away, the blocks, the hindrances, the challenges, unless you are willing to delve ever deeper into the pain, and find the truth about where the feelings and emotions, the reaction come from.  For the triggers are there buried deep inside of you.

It brings one into the higher states of LOVE.

The realization dawns, that when I move into the immense depth of love that I have for another, and especially a Twin-flame, there comes a moment when you feel, I cannot love more, I cannot love more deeply and more profoundly.  Being reunited on any level, is sublime but beyond words.  Yet, it also moves deeply, so deeply into the core depth of our souls, that it is excruciatingly painful – because of the depth and breadth of love. 

Maybe the ultimate state of Love is where one is so cleaved open to the very core that one can do no other than LOVE in its ultimate and most exulted form.

It is RAW love, pure Love – it the intense feeling, energy, and BEING which goes back to the first of Creation.  PURE LOVE.  LOVE AS IT IS IN PURE MOVING ENERGY.

It the energy of love without scope, without form – it is moving into a formless abyss.

Maybe in order to truly experience the ultimate and sublime love with another, is to allow yourself to be pushed into this formless and endless abyss and overcome your own fear of being drowned in it or to lose yourself totally within it.

One is not just a particle within this vast abyss and energy – ONE IS LOVE – ad infinitum!

There is not one particle held within the abyss not filled with love, and LOVE. 


When we allow ourselves to dissolve into abyss of love we find that we can never be separated from LOVE.  WE ARE LOVE.  We are the abyss we delved deeper into and we are ONE.

It is only through dissolving totally into abyss of LOVE that we can transcend the ordinary consciousness state and span dimensions.  We enter the Super-consciousness fields – the cosmic consciousness fields, the Divine consciousness fields.

It is only by having come through this abyss, that you can truly love the other, beyond what is humanly possible – for you are now ONE with LOVE and in that ONENESS the other is ONE with you.  You have entered the supreme state of Love, beyond all possibilities and the impossible, where all you can see and find in the other is LOVE, the same Love which is you and the same Love which is held within all of Creation.  ONE.



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