Co-creatorship and the Law of Intent


In essence we are now more and more stepping into that higher state of Being, where we can start assuming all those powers that we once had at the very beginning.  To me this is in essence then, that stepping into co-creatorship.

We all innately at soul level have the ability to co-create with the Divine Creator.  The only stipulation ever placed upon us was that whatever we create would fall within the Divine Cosmic Laws, the Laws upon which the foundation of all that was and is created in the Cosmos rests.

The firmaments in heavens were laid on these foundations.  All the energy and energy fields were created resting on the same principles.  That is why there is greater order and harmony in the whole.  The one part cannot function without the other parts, and one single part enhances the whole.

The Tree of Life which was in the First Eden was not so much off limits to those living on Earth at the time.  It merely contained the whole principles of cosmic laws, and contained therein were the Laws of Co-Creatorship.  It also worked on the principle of Free Will and Choice and taking responsibility for whatever you then chose to create.

The law of responsibility meant that if you created something, then you would also be responsible for the outcome – thus you would be responsible for the way that whatever you created would function, grow, or be within the greater whole and SERVE the Greater Whole.

This made whoever was then using this ability, very careful what they wished to create in their own lives, and in the broader cosmos – for after all, if they had to one day, stand before the Creator with the mantle of responsibility resting on their shoulders, they would also stand accountable for how their creations affected the greater whole.

Now, the first law of co- creation is the Law of Intention.

At the first seed of inspiration, or vision, or whatever, there comes then a moment, where we have to set the intention that we wish to create this, or bring it into form. However before we put that intention out, it is wise to just for one moment bring that intention in higher alignment with the cosmic laws.

For it is here that humanity, at large, has had the Tree of Life, all Knowledge and then when they finally understood that they had free will and choice whether to create within the cosmic laws, or not, they created their own fall from grace, by not adhering to those laws.

In other words, they had not mastered the most important principle and that was, that before you can create you have to ask yourself if what you are creating is for the higher good of all, or will it destroy more than it builds up.

For example, Hitler had that inspiration and most certain had a calling.  Yet, what did he create?

The Dalai Lama had a calling and inspiration – what did he create?

For whatever we create in some form we are responsible for, and whatever we create will impact the world in some form or another.  It might not impact so much on this generation, but certainly on all the generations to come.

One can only look at family dynamics to understand, that often within families you inherit was has been created before, and you yourself leave something behind for the next generations.  What you leave as a legacy, might appear three or four generations down the line, but it certainly started somewhere within you.

I love this whole concept of creation, and what I find so fascinating, is that in essence  what has been created before, in civilizations long gone and buried beneath the sea or sand or just forgotten about in the mists of time, have left us lasting legacies of what they created.  However, what I am finding in my own quest for what I am uncovering about energy and energy fields, is that that they were Light years ahead of us as far as Light energy technology and its use was concerned, and somehow, many thousands of years later, human kind has forgotten how to tap into this energy field.

This is to me a shining example of creating something wonderful, and then somehow creating that which destructed it – so much that it disappeared, and then with the destruction came a fall down from evolutionary scale into the state of forgetfulness, the Dark Ages, and only now at this time, are we able to climb up that same ladder again.

What is so fascinating is that we invented the ladder, and then destroyed the same ladder, and fell down to the very last rung.  Now we have to reconstruct, recreate the whole ladder and all the rungs in order to climb up to where we once were. 

When I do my Soul and Twin Flame Soul Readings, I am always astounded at the gifts, talents and abilities that souls have inherently encoded and programmed into them to be co-creators.  Indeed all souls have been created to enhance creation and to expand upon it.

In some lifetimes on earth, especially in the very beginning, they knew how to use this and did not suffer from amnesia.  Indeed some soul readings leave me stunned at to the incredibly high technology and higher healing abilities these souls have and I battle to translate this into everyday language what I transmit, for this does not exist on the planet today.  So these souls have all this high advanced knowledge within them and have not yet learnt to tap into this and return it to the planet.

We so often we trip ourselves up, because we do not use these gifts, talents and abilities, or we are too timid, too differently programmed, too indoctrinated to start using them, and most often when to want to use them, we do not know how.

Most often as children we remember, and use these gifts but somehow along the way our systems get shut down and most never wake up again.

“Deep down, I have always known this,” is the reaction I get most of time from those for whom I did my readings, as they start to remember.

What I find so exciting about my own life and then all our lives, is that we now have this window of opportunity to truly step into that inner ability to co-create and to use our soul gifts and talents in higher service.

However first we must delve deeply into ourselves and then get crystal clear about how we are going to share these with the world.  It is then that we have to set the intent.  In using these gifts, talents and abilities, in creating this, how am I serving the Higher Good, and how does what I am creating impact on the lives of others?  How will it make a difference?  How will it serve the greater whole?

It is same with love.  If I set the intention to love someone and to walk some part of the life path with them, then I also have to get crystal clear about what I intent to create with this relationship.  For love needs to be tended, nurtured, and looked after just as much as one would tend, look after, adjust, innovate, as with setting up a business, or bringing your gifts, talents and abilities into the world.  If there is no communication about the common goal, the common intent then where is this all heading too anyway?

It reminds so much of a quote I love from Antoine de Saint-Exupery:  “Perhaps love is not so much gazing at each other – but outward, in the same direction.”

So it is with all of life.  If we wish to create a new world with harmony, with rainbow nations coming together, then we have to set the intent and get crystal clear about how we are co-creating this in our own lives.  For we cannot just leave that to others – we have the same responsibility to partake in the new creation as everyone else.  Essentially what we create in our own lives does have a ripple effect on the whole, just as what happens in the greater whole has a ripple effect on our lives.  It is all one and the same.

Make sure your intentions do not come from the ego but are for the highest good.  Universal energy supports intention.  It is the basis of manifestation.

An intention is like an arrow in flight.  Nothing can deflect it.  So aim carefully.

When your intention is honorable and noble, even if your plan does not come to fruition, you will be cosmically rewarded for the purity of your ideals, for what you intended.

I leave you with a quote from Dr. Wayne Dyer:  “Rather than praying to God or a saint for a miracle, pray for the miracle of an inner awakening, which will never leave you.”

When the inner awakening, the visions, the dreams, the quest will always be in higher alignment with your soul purpose, and calling, and when that triggers, one is in higher alignment with the greater Divine plan and will.  When one then sets the intent, miracles do happen and the rest of the cosmos conspires to assist us in our co-creatorship in all and every way it can.

(Judith Kusel)

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