3 thoughts on “Illumined Twin Flame Love

  1. good morning Judith, I am so enjoying your blog posts…

    Two questions,, #1 have you ever tried to do a reading on two people together in a relationship??? I would be most interested.

    #2 Are you doing anything with the mystery school you referenced in the past?

    thank you and God Bless,

    Blair Holder

    • I may not go into other people’s soul records without that person’s permission and mostly the Twin Flame reading will give karmic patterns, karmic links and indicate if someone has a twin flame incarnated or is this or not. I do teach on the Internet – you can find the links on my website http://www.judithkusel.com. However my first priority at the moment, and for this year 2015 is to finish the writing and editing of my book on Why I was born in Africa, as this is of utmost importance. My highest value has always been to write, and I will not be swayed from that. The Soul Readings came as a direct result of my going on the inner and outer journey of discovery which I write aobut in that book, and a lot of information never before released on this planet is going to be in that book. I truly, at this moment do not foresee me starting any Mystery School – maybe much more in the future. My first task is to do the work I have come in to do, and that is the retrieve the information I have and am busy retrieiving for the greater humanity. That is my first priority and as much as I need funding for that whole project – my soul readings are paying for my writing and research and I have no other source of income and have to stand on my own two feet.

  2. oh my gosh….you are an answered prayer!! I cant believe someone understands what im going through!! I have met my Twin-Flame…we are currently separated from each other…he comes to visit me spiritually sometimes,(we can “talk” to each other in our heads) but i cant figure out the pattern or what im doing wrong…other than smoking still….please help….this is so unbelievable, but i have been “different” since i was a toddler…i am now 46..my twin is much much younger..it has been so challenging…all my other relationships have suffered because of it….but it is our eternal lives at stake here..i was shown what it would be like for an eternity without my twin…”crazy” is the only way i can describe it…like i was half dressed. like i was half a person and could relate to absolutely no one else in the whole universe for an eternity!! I haven’t even met you, but i love you because i know you understand!! Thank you so much…

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