The Cosmic merging of Twin Flames


There comes a time in Twin Flame Love when all the old squabbles, the old discord, that which makes one run away, and then towards each other again, fades away.

That first adrenalin rush has settled.

Those moments of pain – and all that was there in one form or another, is slowly fading away.

One starts now to move more and more into a stage where the inner YOU, has gone through transformation and you have become whole in many ways.  Before the insecurities, the low self-worth, all the old dragons that used to haunt you, are slowly but surely disintegrating.

A new you has emerged – a greater and more balanced you, that revels in that sacred sanctuary of your heart, womb and soul, and finds that life indeed is just a matter of loving and that one can love in new and more profound ways than ever before.

It is not so much that twin has changed – as one has changed.

It is not so much that one finds the other in a different way – it is because the neediness that you once felt has vaporized before the inner Sun now emerging deep within yourself and your old fears and all the old patterns have dissolved for they no longer serve your highest soul growth and good.

When all has been said and done, only love remains.

The love for yourself.

The love for the Divine Other.

And more than this, it is a love which grows through each moment of union, through each moment of bliss, through each moment when one feels intense unity in motion – that cosmic merging which is truly not of this world.

It is then that one finally realizes that the Power of Love spans all dimensions of space and it is ever expanding upon itself – ad infinitum.

It is not earthly bound.

It is cosmic love, which has been there since the very beginning and will be there eternally.

Just for this moment, this single moment, you are united as one.  Yes ONE.

Two Soul souls merging into the greater God-fire, God-flame and this is what resurrection is all about.

It is not so much found in gazing at other as moving towards, looking outwards, merging towards a greater cosmic movement, where this merging is used in Higher Soul Service, and in merging one is paving the way for infinity to move into conscious Being on planet Earth.

There is a joy, a delighting in each other, and sometimes that profound moment, when one is moved to tears – tears of awe, gratitude and intense love.  That love is so great that heart opens to the very core and in the merger, one expands to that state, where words are superfluous and tears of immense grace and gratitude mingle.

One has touched the heart and soul of the Divine in sacred union.

One is that which is the Sacred Divine Merging.

Such is the ultimate blessing of Twin Flame Union – that moving into the infinite space of the true merging of soul with soul, body with body, heart with heart, love with love.

Supreme euphoria and bliss.

(Judith Kusel)

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8 thoughts on “The Cosmic merging of Twin Flames

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  2. Thank you Judith for your words.
    You think that is possible that two twin souls run away from each other and don’t recognize themselves until they have released the old patterns? it isn’t the relationship between twin souls supposed to help the same purpose?

    • Dear Valeria
      A lot of twins do run away on meeting their twin because the twin will reflect all their own unloved parts back to them for this is the most challenging relationship there is. I address all of this in my book SOUL EMPOWERMENT which is available on Amazon and on my website:

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  4. Hi Judith

    i found this to be very interesting , i am not sure if i met my twin soul, but Iam currently in a connection with a man i have known for four years now, we haven’t met in person, just talk over the phone. the intense connection we share together is nothing i have ever experienced in my entire life. when we speak its like i can literally feel him touching me or there with me. we do love each other and want to share our lives together but right now circumstances are not in our favor, its weird, whenever i push him away or stop communication, we are drawn back together and can never say goodbye. could we be twin souls? or am i misinterpreting this?

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