The Cosmic Master Plan Unfolding – The New Human Master Race Emerging


We on this planet never were entities on our own – in reality we form part of a much greater confederation of galaxies, star systems, etc. under the Great Central Suns.

Therefore when cosmic changes occur on a very grand scale in and macrocosm, this will affect life on this planet in all microcosms in existence – whether this is human life, or any other living organism and life form.

What is above reflects below.  What is ordained in the Greater Cosmos is relevant on Earth and this has always been so.

In that last years since the Second World War, life on planet Earth has steadily been transform as massive paradigm shifts started happening.  Nowhere has this been more orchestrated cosmically as for the influx of highly evolved volunteer souls from the Centrals Suns galaxies, who came in to assist with this massive change, and to truly bring their inherent genius, the knowledge, technology, etc. to planet earth.

As these souls were briefed what to expect on their sojourn here (some had been here before) they knew that the danger would always be to fall into the sleep of forgetfulness and forget who they in truth are, and more than this, to never wake up to their own inherent genius and what they came in do to.

The greater Galactic Federation knew that this would happen, and therefore have always carefully monitored the situation and have seen to it that certain souls with important missions would be woken up at certain stages in their lives, so that they could be activated for Higher Service and then render such.

In the process of these years, then since 1949, steadily the DNA and the Cell structure of human beings have been carefully changed, in that those who are in charge of the greater life and life forms in this galaxy, have been steadily working towards developing a new prototype of human being, who will be able to withstand the immense upheavals coming towards us now, and would be able to sustain the greater shifts in consciousness, but also, at the same time, would be the FUTURE HUMAN RACE.

In that various prototypes were developed and then fine-tuned, it was found that the first volunteers had to cope against tremendous odds.  They were the baby boomers of the fifties and then those of the Sixties, seventies.

The next prototype which followed were those of the late seventies, eighties, nineties and then in different modifications, as their bodies were already more crystalline in structure and formation that those of the first.

The next prototypes, even more fine tuned and modified, genetically, etc. were those born from 2004 onwards until about 2010/11.   They form part of a new generation of Children who have never incarnated onto this planet before and are new souls.  These souls were created to be able to span dimensional states, and therefore will be the new human prototype living in the fifth dimension.

However because of the density of the earth, and the fact that human beings themselves, seem to not be able to understand the basic principle that they have to adjust their sciences in order to adopt higher and more advanced medical and technological advanced systems to help these children to cope with life on planet earth, and also to assist to immediately nurture and develop the genius – they are the SPECIALISTS, in other words, they have been born with the knowledge, wisdom and technology to build a highly advanced new Earth, with technology we cannot even dream of now.  So, they have the ability to create the new Earth, with their inherent genius.

In that is was found that the parents, teachers, the medical profession still were using primitive and outdated methods of treatments, of understanding the basic education needs of these children, and even more interesting, the innate inability of human beings to understand that new prototypes of the human race will not fit into old paradigms, old systems, and more than this old medical practices, and teaching methods.

In that then the next few months and ten years, will bring in an even more advanced prototype which is the ADAM and EVE creation and therefore those of the fifth and seventh to eight dimensional state.

They will have genius far beyond anything we can even understand right now and will be unlike any of the other prototypes as far as intelligence goes.   In this they will be much taller as the old master races are making their genetic codes felt at this time.

I have been alerted to these new Prototypes for the last few months, and all I can say is that these are true CENTRAL SUN children.  They are radiant.  They glow as if they have an inner Sun, and in truth they have.

What truly struck me about them is that they appear to have a longer skull and larger eyes, and with it a type of more advanced body, which purely crystalline.  It is of a much higher frequency than ours and even the children born in 2010 and they vibrate thus at higher frequencies and have more chakras or energy systems in their bodies activated.  They also have more strands of DNA and they carry within them a more advanced and newly programmed Master Cell system which is inherent their own.

These children will slowly but surely incarnate and some will be conceived in the next few months.  However they will seek out only those parents who can assist their higher life passage and development – thus high frequency parents, who have a high consciousness level and who are on track with their missions and also sensitive and empowered enough to help these children to adapt to live on planet earth.

That means that most children conceived will still be the older prototypes, as these new prototypes will be gradually introduced as the development of the forerunners as carefully monitored.

During this time the older children will become more and more unreachable and also treatable with old educational systems which simply do not work anymore, and medical practices which are totally outdated.  They will cause human beings to scientifically advance into the much higher consciousness level where science and spirituality meet on so many levels that it will transform into a new way of life on this planet.

This truly is then the New Earth emerging now, and I am so inspired by this, that I stand in awe and wonder.

To be able to bring in these children, to truly be able to work with them and to nurture their inherent genius is a PRIVILEDGE.

Let us serve these children with open hearts, minds and immense love.

Let us help them to adjust to life on this planet and truly change ourselves, so that the old can now leave us and the new emerge into being.

(Judith Kusel)

Just Judith 197

11 thoughts on “The Cosmic Master Plan Unfolding – The New Human Master Race Emerging

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  2. I know someone whose main aspect is from the 8th dimension. I know somebody else whose main aspect is from the 13th dimension… both born in the eighties and I would admit they are super intelligent in ‘combining’ different fields (even scientifically, manually and spiritually)and making things work in total harmony. Even their mother’s ability in bringing innovative healthy is very good to earth.Can it be that someone from the 8thetc dimensional state got incarnated in the eighties or is it restricted as from the year 2004?

    • Emilia – I do Soul Readings all the time and all souls have inherent genius and this is not restricted to any area – all Ages have had souls that were highly evolved coming in and uplifting humanity and a lot of those came in in the 1950’s etc. What I am talking about here is something unique and different – there are many life and life forms, dimentions, and OCTAVE of dimensions….. indeed there are so many levels of octaves of dimensions that we human beings do not even know about. These children are coming in to do specific work and therefore to create that which will be in essence the New World.

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  5. wonderful insights on birthright – I too see it with the more recent incarnate souls, though cannot always put it to words. I am a ’73 Scorpio vintage and have a 4 year old Arian daughter who is most certainly as you describe – a Central Sun Child. Each night before bed, she never fails to want to talk about the stars…any good sources for stories I can share with her – I seem to be running out of material 🙂 much gratitude for your communications…

  6. Thank you for that deeply insightful post. Although I was born in the seventies and have to work extremely hard to keep myself receptive to the as much of the new energies coming in as I can, I have been managing to work successfully with a thirteen chakra system. As a healer I strive to make people aware of the extra chakras in order to help maximize their psychic potential. I’m realising now that it’s not enough to just keep those higher chakras balanced, and receptive we must encourage their use more fully as an extension of everyday reality in order to help manifest those changes.

  7. I love this commentary, we live in such exciting interesting times, and many of us, through much work and trial and errors, now fully understand our purpose on earth at this time. It has taken a little time to fully realize our potential and purpose, but we’re there. You can feel the changes coming, there is an excitement within many of us, a feeling unlike anything we have ever felt before. We are reminded of this through the synchronicities’ which occur daily for many of us. Judith, thank you so much for this, again synchronicity as I was shown your blog through a friend on FB this afternoon…. gratitude and blessings . Jean

  8. Are their any particular signs that show these children are around us for example any thing particular they talk about or show in behavior and thankyou for this post .

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