2 thoughts on “The Shift in Consciousness escalated by the return of the 7th Sun and reconnection to the Central Suns’ energies

  1. This is exactly what I received today from my “higher” Self. And I could sense the connection with others. Also, lots of info on what it means to wake up and the levels of waking up. Everything is perfectly planned and unfolding as it was put in motion outside of “time”. We will not even remember that we once shared any form of limitation including “time”. All the old patterns of behavior must go. They are becoming more “toxic” as we awaken. Fear will be seen as a positive for growth like a startling. It will be a blessing as everything is truely a blessing. Those who can not let go will suffer the most but just for a short “time”. All the old teachers will no longer have anything to teach as we awaken to our own deeper teacher. Some will melt with the cleansing rain and others will be dancing and feel the freedom of connection with the whole.

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