The Shift in context of the Super Consciousness fields….

In these last three months I have found myself moving deeper and deeper into the Super-consciousness fields, which opened up for me in my inner and outer journey through this part of Africa, since 2008.

I am realizing more that consciousness has many levels or octaves of Being, just like musical notes form octaves of sound. 

When one looks at a spiral and spiraling vortex energy, like a springing coil, then on understands that the vibration at the bottom of the coil is very different from that at the top of coil.  So it is with the Super consciousness fields.

In the process of all of this I have found that one cannot just tap into the higher fields, without having the inner keys and codes to match the frequency field which one wishes to tap into.

In essence then the Ancients, who had access to this field, and who have had to vacate the planet very quickly, were forced to shut down this field, but leave it hidden in many forms, which we will only be able to access once more, when we raise our own consciousness to a certain advanced level.

They communicated telepathically, and had no use for a written language.  Their communication system was in high tech energy forms, which we have not yet rediscovered on this planet.  Because they used their whole brain capacity, and not just a fraction, like we are doing on this planet, they were far more advanced in the uses of energy and energy fields than we are.

As they had no use for written language, they often used sacred geometries in the designs of their buildings, and then the pyramid structures, and domes.  They did not use the later squares and blocks, which we tend to favor in architectural designs, which came much later, and were inherited from the Greeks and Romans and some of the buildings in Egypt.

However, what remain of the general structures are but the foundations of such buildings and not the whole design.  For the squares would just be the foundation, for much larger domes and pyramid structures, which in turn were used in multiple levels, with the key then geometry, but sacred geometry.

I am trying to get a concept across here which will not be easy to understand, unless one gets past the notion, that the first man, who lived on this planet, was a Neanderthal.  They existed much later, than the original civilization on earth and only after several disasters had happened and then was the survival of a certain species which were left behind, in the rush to evacuate the outer planet.

To come back to the energy fields:  As this planet is now moving into a higher consciousness field, the whole of its energy centers then are also now moving into a much higher octave of energy frequency.  The whole inner earth (apart from the civilization in the inner earth Agartha), it made up of layers of octaves of energy centers, and they move with certain fluctuations according to the cosmic energy fields.  The earth itself, is a living being, and is made up of certain minerals, etc. which are conduit of energy fields.

So, instead of this solid mass, we imagine her to be, she is an immense powerhouse and conduit for sheer energy. 

This energy does not need to mined, not does it need to be extracted from the earth, but this energy only needs to find the correct conduit for it, which is naturally made up, and the whole earth and all that lives on it, will have an endless free energy supply for humanity to tap into and for all the rest of life!  Such is how the Ancients created their energy fields, when they first laid them down.

Please do not confuse this with the so-called ley lines or Web of Light.  I am talking of something completely different here.

As the consciousness of Mother Earth rises, this energy will make itself felt more and more, and the very dense human body, in its 3D state, will not be able to sustain life on this planet anymore.  It is too dense to hold its form at this high energy frequency.

This is one of the reasons why the new crystalline body is forming around the spinal column.

However, and this is the crux:  There are certain immense energies which will be released all at once, for there are centers on this planet, where the ancient energy fields have been severely blocked.  When these open up, from the sheer pressure within, it will bring in massive earth changes, e.g. Volcanoes erupting, land masses sinking, landslides, Tsunamis etc.  It is all part of the rising of consciousness and the energy fields on this planet.

The deeper I delve into this energy field and the more that is revealed to me, the more I understand that this is going to cause a mass EVOLUTIONARY change, in all of life, at molecular and atomic particle level.  So, not only our physical bodies are changing, but also that of the animal and plant life on the surface of the planet, underneath the surface and in the oceans.

All is evolving into a much higher frequency band of existence!

This is what this shift is truly about, and unless we learn to raise our own energies, and releasing what is clogging us up, we will not be able to sustain life on this planet. 

This is immense and it is happening now!