Karma: Releasing old contracts, vows, etc. especially dowry agreements, marriage and business contracts, etc.


When humanity lost its innocence with the proverbial fall from Grace, which was really a matter of free will and choice, and choosing the wrong option which separated mankind from the Divine, and unified cosmic laws and Tree of Life,for the first time ever karma was created and with it the karmic board.

Karma was basically created because of humanity willfully breaking the cosmic laws, and sometimes out of sheer ignorance, and there needed to be lessons in balance.  It basically has to do with the lesson of CAUSE AND EFFECT – what you sow you will reap and mastery of such.

All energy moves in a circular pattern and it understood that at some point the negativity created would need to be transmuted back into peaceful Love and cleared.

We are given the lesson of experiencing the outcome of our actions or inactions, making wrong choices and ignoring the Divine and all Divine Cosmic Laws of Creation, in order to learn the correct use of power.  Yet, at the same instance, we at any time have the freedom to bring all back into balance, clearing the karmic debt, and therefore releasing the old harmful patterns we created somewhere along the line.  We may ask the Lords of Karma for a dispensation, or we can ask help from certain of the Archangels to help us to release outdated vows etc.  If this is for our greater good and soul growth it will be granted.  

It basically comes back to understanding the basic cosmic laws of creation, for all of creation is perfectly structured and rest on the foundation and principles of these laws. They act as the building blocks for the greater cosmic order.

As co-creators in the beginning, we knew this and adhered to these laws, and therefore harmony reigned.  We created from our heart space, and with great love, and always within the greater cosmic whole.  We knew we were part and particle of this whole – this vast energy field, and that whatever we created, had to enhance, built upon, and expand upon what was already there.  In other words, the wheel had been invented, all we needed to do if help to perfect it, and not break it into a thousand pieces and then not have the tools to reconstruct it again.

I see this very much like a child who pulls a toy car to pieces because he would like to see how it works, inside and out and thinks he can create a better one  – and then when the only the pieces remain, realizes he cannot put it back together again, and starts crying and asks the parent to put it all together again. When the parent cannot do that he throws a tantrum and goes and pulls the next one to pieces…

That is basically what humanity did time and again, and in the mess that we all made, civilization after civilization managed to destroy itself.  Our greatest collective lesson is to now let go of the past once and for all, and to truly start to master the cosmic lessons and find our way back to wholeness again.

As with all things, wholeness, balance and healing all starts with the individual and with each soul.

Every time, we enter into an agreement with another soul, it is recorded in our soul records.  Every time we make a vow, or a commitment, it is recorded.

It does not matter whether these were dowry agreements made by our parents in some lifetime, a contract was signed.  It does not matter how many business deals, political alliances, or whatever we ever made in this lifetime or another, we signed a contract.

It does not matter how many marriages you have had in this lifetime or another, you signed a contract and made a vow somewhere along the line.  And every time we make a vow, sign a contract, and especially if this formed part of some religious ceremony, even like hand-fasting ceremonies, or blood vows, or whatever, there are angels who administer to these vows and will keep you to them – lifetime after lifetime until the vow is released and the angels keeping you honoring these vows are dismissed.

The same applies for poverty vows, vows of obedience, chastity, etc.  which religious orders often forced upon their members and are still valid today, if not released.  That is one of the reasons that some people will still believe in these updated vows and apply them diligently in their own lives and then wonder why they never seem to make ends meets and want to give it all away.  Unless these vows are released, the angels will keep you honoring them.

The Archangel in charge of all vows, contracts, etc. is Archangel Michael and his legions of First Ray Angels.  I won’t go into details here, for the space does not allow it, but one can call in with Archangel Michael’s help and with the help of your guardian angel, agree with their permission, to call in all those souls that you ever made contracts with, or vows, or had worn token of those vows on your person (bracelets, rings, begging bowls, chastity belts, tattoos, etc.)  to gather in a vast cathedral, and those who have ever witnessed you making such vows.

If you start doing this, you will be surprised about whom you find there and how many souls were involved – especially if you were a public figure in some past life.  So be prepared to be amazed.

Then see how you and Archangel Michael stand in front of an altar, and on this altar is a huge Golden Book, the Book of Life.

Archangel Michael now starts calling in one by one, all of those that you ever made marriage vows with, in this lifetime or another, in all parallel lifetimes and existences, etc. and ask them if they are willing to release those vows, and are prepared to sign the Golden Book.  He also asks all those who witnessed at the time, to stand as witnesses.

When the Golden Book has been signed by those with whom the contract was signed, Archangel Michael asks you to take off any tokens you are still wearing in your etheric soul form, e.g. rings, etc. which will bind you to the vow and asks you to take them off and place them into a bowl one of his angels is holding out for you to be transmuted by them in to the purity of God energy, and then he dismisses the angels administering these vows.  If you had tattoes or symbols ingrained even into your auric energy fields, the angels will remove these too.

Repeat the same with ALL other vows, contracts agreements.

After all have signed the Golden Book, Archangel Michael asks you if you are now willing to sign the Golden Book to release all of these forever.  Do that.  And then see how the whole congregation are celebrating your release from these vows and your newfound freedom.

You will be amazed at whom you find there, and how many vows you ever made in all lifetimes and existences.  Once these vows, contracts etc. are released, you will find that something deep within you starts shifting and resolving.

You might have to do this a few times at first, sometimes twice a week, and every week you find new vows popping up and something to release as your soul memory banks get triggered.

In this way we finally release ourselves and others from old contracts and old agreements etc. which truly do not serve our highest soul good anymore.

So many of us were sold into slavery and were owned by others.  So, it does not matter what contract was signed where – it was to be released, otherwise you will be kept to it in some form or way and it will come to haunt you.

My Twin Flame Soul Readings point to these contracts, vows etc. time and again, for most often we will be pulled into the same souls and into the same relationships in this lifetime, because of those vows still being valid from many lifetimes ago.

(Judith Kusel)