Cosmic Ripple Effect – the Radiant Soul


We are not meant at this time to shrink away from our highest soul purpose and calling.

Some of us have worked many lifetimes for this ultimate raising of the consciousness levels of mankind, as we witness the fall of the same from the 7th dimensional state and into the third.  Some of us vowed that we would not rest, until mankind finally learns to ascend into the higher states of Being once more and therefore incarnated at this time to see all of this into completion.

I have been working intensively with the spinal column of the planet, the pyramid energies and the Rivers of Light, the Tree of Life in the last few years.  It has brought to me a type of understanding that the earth is intricately linked to the human body.  Indeed, the body of the planet reflects our physical forms.  As we are of the earth, so we return to earth.  As the planet moves into the higher octaves of being, we move into it as well.

With this comes the understanding that we all are cosmically wired as well.  So, although the earth is part and particle of our bodies, our soul is cosmically linked to the rest of creation.

It is only when we incorporate BOTH heaven and earth into our daily lives,  that we start to function at a greater level.  As long as we are in denial of any aspect of earth and cosmos we are not balanced.

In that we expand our consciousness, we expand into ever greater understanding that nothing is ever at random, but all fits perfectly into a greater Master-plan, a cosmic one.

As above – so below, as within – so without!

In that the human cell is an amazing and intricate cosmic machine in itself, reflects the immensity of the Being who created the human body and whether we inherited this form via our ancestors or from cosmic Beings, is of no essence: –  for all is part and particle of one single Masterplan and the same Mastermind which created all.

If one single cell in our physical bodies can have a ripple effect on all the other cells and organisms in the human body, then imagine how your own soul sends out ripple effects to the rest of the cosmos.  You are not on this planet randomly, but because your soul chose to be here at this time.

So, with every single thought you think, with every single moment that you live life on this planet, you are sending out, or rather radiating out energy into the greater whole.  That is how powerful you are.

Imagine then, that you are sending out these ripple energies into the earth and having an effect on all the people that you meet in some way or form.  How are you impacting then?

Are you like a sickly cell that is effecting the other cells of human consciousness in downwards spirals and it part of the dis-ease in the collective of mankind?

Or are you a healthy and radiant cell, bringing in more radiant life-force energy and love into Being and thus lifting the greater humanity into the higher states of Being?

If one becomes aware of this, something deep inside is awakened, and one starts to live life differently.  You start to take control over your own life, and the way you are living it.  You start empowering yourself from soul level and then reconnecting to the cosmic soul and the heart-force energy of all life itself.

I cannot stand in the understanding of all of this, without standing in awe and wonder at the magnificent and omnipotence of all of Creation.  When I understand that my own soul is pure energy, and I transmit this energy in all that I am and am aspiring to be and to become, then that means that I act as a type of energy force, which is a co-creative force.

I can use this energy for the greater good of all – or for the destructive and splintering of all.  That is how powerful I am – and you.  For we all have this inherent ability deep within ourselves!

Perhaps then, the more we understand energy and energy forms, the more en-light-ened we become, the more we are lit up from deep within.  That light is our birthright as children of the Sun.  Like the Great Central Sun radiates out from the inner galaxies, which were the core 12 galaxies ever created around  the Great Central Sun, there are different octaves of Being.

For there are 12 Octaves of Divine Being in itself, and each one of the radiant Galaxies reflect this.  Therefore the 13th holds the Master Key encodements.

The whole energy shifting on this planet is all about understanding this.  It is more than this the understanding that we are all cosmic Beings, and have the ability to expand beyond the norm and into the extra-ordinary, the higher octaves of Being, not only via the planet but also via our own souls.

For truly there is no higher calling, than to become ignited from deep within, and then to ignite the rest of the world and the greater cosmic whole.

(Judith Kusel)

The Wayshowers – the FIRST

The most profound truths have remained hidden to mankind for thousands of years, as the mainframe minds of men and women were hijacked by those who wished to control others because of their own agendas.  It has not been so much as serving the self, as in wanting to have some powers and then using these powers solely for self-service and then in order to, as said CONTROL.

Yet in a strange way this has served some souls…. For these are the souls who came in and truly shone their light, refused to adhere to the status quo and in such, gained immense insight into what the make-up is or was of those who imposed such restrictions and rules.

In a higher sense these were old patterns of behavior repeating itself.  It was that imbalance created when the one half or even a quarter of the population of this planet and other solar systems and galaxies got infected by a certain dark or mass consciousness, which tended to suck in and then destroy.   It was a consciousness which existed even when the Divine Source was birthed out of that darkness and it suddenly appeared, or rather made itself felt as a power.  It was then when the wars of heaven broke out for the first time and since then it has gained in some ways and lost itself in others.

There are always moments when enlightenment come and when those who seek the path of truth will find it reveals it hidden face to those who truly seek it.

In the very beginning of time, this planet has ONE landmass and then it was the time, when those who first decided to settle here, knew that they were partaking in an EXPERIMENT.  No-one knew how this would work out…. The plan was there, the guidelines set out, yet what would be created out of it all, this is the one factor that no-one quite knew.

This was a relatively new solar system, and the planets nearest to the Planet, the SUN, which suddenly out of nowhere, started to orbit this sun, was Mercury.  It was from here that the first life started in this solar system, and then Venus, with Jupiter following, then Saturn, and then the other planets.  Mars was a relative newcomer and therefore linked to Planet Earth, while the Planet which blew itself up between Mars and Jupiter, was the one, who had been the first of such experiments to be created, as a satellite space station, between Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, Saturn etc. towards the sun and then, also, at the same time, acting as a type of portal or wormhole from which the other galaxies could be reached.

This planet as such as then just a mass of gasses starting forming in shape and then the scientists aboard the great Mother ships and then from the Federation of the Brotherhood of Light, started to work with the settlement of this planet, thus forming its gasses into matter and then first her waters, then the landmass and then started introducing plant and animal life to the planet.

These Mother ships were proverbial ARKS, in that they had on board a vast collection of plant, and insect life, as well as animals.  Most of these animals, were volunteers from these species and then they agreed to participate in this experiment, as they too wanted to evolve in some extend and with it all wanted to see how life would or could develop on this new planet.  It was supposed to have been the Crown Jewel of Creation and everyone wanted to make her something very special, like a great act of higher service to the Divine.  When this is done, these scientist then do this, as CO-CREATORS and thus within the Divine and Cosmic Laws.

What essentially made this planet different was that the moon was first used as a satellite station and then the underground cities, the underground space stations on this planet were in place.  This was essential at that time, for already there were stirrings of the wars of heavens starting to overflow into this galaxy and then into these universes and solar systems.  Thus, by going underground, all who then sought shelter there could do so, from asteroids which were then very real, as the wars continued to create havoc.    It was also a way, then of having a resting place for the crews of such Mother ships, when they could not go home, because of these self-same wars.

As the landmasses settled then, the sea life was introduced and then plant life and then slowly but surely the animals.  The elemental Kingdom worked closely with this whole process as in the forming of landmass etc. crystals naturally formed between the layers and then also were USED to create – thus the scientists used crystals to create and stabilize and then the same elementals would assist with supplanting their own life forms onto the planet.  ALL WORKED AS ONE, for this was how it was in the beginning.

Animals have souls and are part of soul groups, just as we are.  Most volunteered as said, to partake in the experiment on planet earth to experience, learn and teach, just as we do.  Some are highly evolved and maintain a fifth-dimensional energy while on this planet.   Most take their experiences back to their home planets to enrich them.  Once on Earth they way we treat the animals affects their incarnations and their spiritual growth.

The following galaxies, stars and star systems, constellations were involved in this EXPERIMENT: 

ANDROMEDA:  They are a very tall race with mostly white to golden blond hair, as well as the red to auburn, and are WHITE skinned.  They have very large and beautiful eyes, are gracefully built and have mastered the art of peace and eternal life.  This however came at a great cost, for they at first, being one of the first 12 galaxies to be birthed by the Divine Source, the wars in heaven brought its toll, and a quarter of their own home galaxy got destroyed.  They thus saw that wars bring only destruction and then they pledged to bring peace to all the far outreaches of the cosmic heavens.  They are very highly evolved, and thus have such high-frequency physical bodies, that our eyes cannot see them, unless they beam their bodies in holographic form, so that we can see them.  (I come from Andromeda, and I remember my friend, who can see your true celestial body, saying to me that all she could see in the beginning was flashes for immensely high energy light.  It was only later that she could see my true form and then said it appeared to be see-through).  They are a very gentle, loving race and bring immense CREATIVE abilities with them, and hold the codes and keys of WISDOM, ILLUMINATION, HIGHER TEACHINGS, KNOWLEDGE AND HIGHER HEALING.  They act as the Keepers of the HIGHER SECRETS AND CODES, THE HIGHER ALCHEMICAL FORMULAS AND THEY CREATED THE WEB OF LIGHT, THE ENERGY CENTRES OF THE PLANET, THE PORTALS ETC.    They were involved with this planet at first via the ARCTURIANS and the PLEIADEANS.

THE PLEIADES:  The Pleiades star cluster is often know as the SEVEN SISTERS and it radiates feminine energy light and wonderful blue healing energy.  Their healing is based on wholeness and truth.  Beings from the Pleiades are bringing healing to people and places on this Planet.  A lot of the old races on this planet remember this in their myths and legends and thus acknowledge them as one of the creators of the planet.  One of these are the SAN or BUSHMEN people of South Africa who particularly point to the fact that they got their sacred animal, the ELAND from there and the Praying Mantis. 

ORION is known is the planet of enlightenment, where there are many established training schools for those souls who are ready to accept cosmic wisdom.  Beings from here have very fast-frequency energy in their auras and open others to their special light.  They got especially involved after the first major slip in consciousness arose and were most prominent in Atlantis and then later on Egypt etc.

SIRIUS and LAKUMA:  Sirius in the constellation of CANIS MAJOR, the Greater Dog, is the brightest star in the night sky.  It is known as the star of Isis.  The Dogons of Africa are from Lakuma.  They hold wisdom of Sirius and dance its movements.  Sirius holds spiritual technology and sacred geometry for this galaxy and downloads it to those who are ready to visit its training establishments in the inner planes.  The children being born who incarnate from or through Sirius are programmed with the new higher technology for use in the New Age.  Horses, Cows, Deer, Camels, Elephants and dogs come from Sirius.  All the birds come from here and had to step down their frequency considerably in order to be able to function here.

The LION people come from Sirius and Orion and they were one of the first volunteer races to settle here.  

ARCTURIUS brings in the higher states of awareness and consciousness.  It brings in the healing through sound and then the higher understanding of how sacred geometry and sound work together AS ONE.  It brings in the knowledge of how to use crystals in the working with the body, mind, spirit and soul and they are known as the Higher Healers of the Cosmos, as also the first true herbalist and those who use the geometrical structures of plants in higher healing.

PEGASUS has always worked with ANDROMEDA and from these combined galaxies, come the higher teachings, wisdom, healing and understanding.  They were the ones who laid down the WEB of LIGHT, the energy centers and then also the ones who built the first CRYSTAL PYRAMIDS on this planet.  They are also the ones who work with the energy of Earth, the Cosmic Energies, the balancing of the mind, body, spirit and soul.

These then were the MAJOR role players, in the FIRST SETTLEMENTS, although other galaxies and star systems were involved, via the Intergalactic Federation of the WHITE Brotherhood, which does not depict the colour of the root races involved, but who was behind it all! 

 For instance from PISCES:  the fish species and all related species stem from here.

The others who were involved in the first settlements, where those from the BEAR Constellation, from URSUS MAJOR and of course our own MILKY WAY GALAXY.   The ones, who came much later and influenced the shape of mankind, were the NABIRU, who came to the planet uninvited and caused much havoc.

Those planets involved here from our own solar system, were Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter with Saturn playing a lesser role.

The first colonies were set up on the SURFACE of the earth, thousands years after the first settlements INSIDE the earth, and mainly because those working on the surface loved this so much, that they asked permission to settle here.  Thus the first settlements on the surface arose and thus the EXPERIMENT OF PLANET EARTH BEGAN.

In the beginning all was beautiful, balanced and in harmony.  It seemed as if all life forms were adapting well to life here and indeed, would thrive….. That is until things started going dreadfully wrong in another part of this solar system and then spilt over to planet Earth.  Yet, this is a story for another time and space….

Hidden in there are the patterns created by the mass consciousness of the first volunteers at the time, and what went wrong there, has repeated itself over thousands of years.  We now have to BREAK those patterns, and CREATE new ones…..

The Return of the Feminine Divine to Planet Earth….

Wake up Planet Earth!  For too long you have bought into the Illusion… the Sleeping Dream that you have been living… the lie that has been fed, you from the time you were born…. You have forgotten your own truth…

You have been fed information in the form of false education… you have been seduced by the Power that Be, into a form of life that is not serving your own Higher Purpose… You believe that the material world will bring you lots of happiness and contentment, when in truth it will merely be adding to your own discontentment and to the inner void…

If you do not fill your own cup from deep WITHIN, then do not expect it to be filled from without!

See, you, you who pretend to have it all together, who are submitting others to drudging slavery, who are withholding food and other supplies from the masses: – your time is up.  You think that you can hide away in bunkers and not feel the brunt of the upheavals that are coming…. Yet, know that you too, will have to face your own truth: – you will have to face the fact that you might hold power in your hands, but do you hold the Power of Life, of Love and Light?  No, you do not!

You are not MORE THAN YOUR OWN CREATOR GOD…. You are not more than the Mother who gave birth to all..

For so long you have suppressed the Feminine Principle.  You believed that the Male should dominate all and you feared the Feminine Power, because it is nurturing, it is life-giving and life-enhancing, it is powerfully creative.  So you denied this inside yourself, and you raped and abused women…. you sold them as sex slaves and you disempowered them, by trying to mould them into men…. You sowed misery in making them feel ashamed of their own curves and their own bodies so that they would starve themselves to death…. 

You even denied the feminine Principle, within yourself.  You wanted to be Macho…. to put all life into boxes and then to label them… to bend those to your own will and whim and then you brainwashed others into war and destruction…. You wreaked trauma and pain and you cared not when you trod on others, like some tread on an insect…

Yet, in all you served a much Higher purpose.  You showed the way: – that creation goes, when it is in total imbalance, when the scales of life are tipping too much to the one side, and not to the other.  You showed what a man can do, when he just lives for himself, and his own whims and his own ego.  You served the darkness, in that sense…. as Lord of the Underworld…. Your Archetype is Hades….. You ruled in the fashion that destroys, and does not build up….

You not only raped women…. and abused them…. You raped this planet and you abused her, the Goddess,  too… all in the name of technology and advancement….

You deliberately clogged up her Web of Life, you put debris and muck in her portals… you clogged it up even more with stuck and lost souls, too afraid to step into the light… Some so traumatised from war and destruction, from dying of disease and starvation… Yet, you cared not…. For you believed yourself to be greater and more than them…. For you fed on power and all that power could buy: – so you build bigger war machines, and more sophisticated methods of destroying others and the countries you were at war against… mostly because you desired their minerals, their resources and their wealth…

Yet, see the tide has swung… the pendulum has shifted… the scales are tipping… and the Divine Mother – she is back…

Her power is love and her sword is Light…. and she brings immense and powerful creative energies…. Whatever she touches she fills with the spirit and soul of rebirthing… renewal… she sweeps through the bowls of the Earth Mother and she is renewing the birth giving forces….

She is penetrating the shields of destruction… She is opening the heart and soul of mankind…. She is assisted by the Cosmic Forces gathered around the planet and assisting her in beaming in powerful light…

She is penetrating each cell and DNA strand of all bodies… She is activating the portal and grids…. She is sending her hand-picked maidens to open the portals and grids and to bring the crystal chambers back to the fore and  into action once more and to activate the Web of Light…

She is sending her women and activating them in all four corners of the earth… she rallying them forth…. She is bringing the Ancient Wisdom and Knowledge back to this planet…. She is sweeping clean the debris, and war and destruction…. she is cleaning the oceans, the cleaning the mountains, rivers and stream.  She is sweeping the air of all pollution…. she is bringing the children to be birthed to rule the new planet, birthed from the death-throws of the old…

Her touch is gently…. and her heart filled with love…. For her Love is unconditional, knowing that even the darkness fears the Light and thus served the purpose of showing all souls what the darkness is like, when not in perfect balance with the Light… for darkness reflects the light and makes it shine all the brighter…

She embraces the masculine…. She is awakening the feminine powers within the masculine and bringing this into balance once more…. She embraces the male, for in a way she has to have his power, his manhood filling her womb with the seed of his love, in order to truly create the new….

She is seeing their fear, the men, and she cradling them in her arms of compassion…. for she chastises with a light loving touch…

Yet, they, God and Goddess are dancing the tango, the beautiful dance of love and light, when in perfect harmony and balance…. When all is a dance of creation and all is one with Creation…. Never one more than the other, simply a beautiful balance between dark and light… masculine and feminine….

She is bringing the New Golden Age…. She is gathering all her women and maidens and she is preparing them for their feminine powers to blend beautifully with the masculine and to teach men the art of open heart and the Power of Love.

She is returning the Ancient Sexual Rites (which have been forgotten – and mal-practiced by certain cults who only used a quarter of the feminine power)… She has hand-picked her maidens and she has identified them and trained them by hand.  They are the ones who will return the web of Life to its full power and open the tonal cord energies of the planet… for they are only 12 in number and only holds the Master Key, in which the rest slot into for she is the 13th, and triply blessed.

She is empowering the mineral kingdom and is programming the crystals hidden deep in the pelvic bowl of Mother Earth…. She is activating the vast crystal chambers and is activating the Crystal Pyramid Temples for their ultimate return to Planet Earth… 

She is beautiful…. she is stunning…. she is blossoming forth… She is opening her arms wide and she is holding the whole planet in her arms… cradling them to her ample bosom and awakening all women to their inherent feminine powers and their beautiful selves…. 

She is embracing the male and she is tempering their masculine power, so that the earth can be healed by the feminine power, and then brining the balance of male and female back….


She is teaching All Creation to sing the songs of their heart and souls…

She is back!