On the threshold of a new life! Read on…..

We are on the verge of truly becoming…. we are being stretched, reformed and re-activated… We are in the process of masses Earth changes and with it massive inter-personal, and inter-heart changes.

What worked once, will work no more… We have to find new systems, new ways of life and living and we are on the threshold of great portals opening up, which will simply be releasing all the old pent-up emotions, the traumas, and all of those things stuck in the collective consciousness of man, which has been holding him back…

As all of this is being released, and with this the cages being opened up in which man was stuck, in his self-created prison that is called Planet Earth, and starts truly learning to Master himself, he will sprout forth into a totally new Being.  A Being who will be able to co-create by using the forces of nature and by learning to tap into the natural energy forces that Planet Earth already HAS, without harming or stripping her.

With the opening up of massive portals, released through volcanic activity, through earth quakes, and natural disasters, the earth is healing herself.  She is loosening the shackles that man places upon her… her is rejuvenating herself.  She is releasing those land masses which have sunk under the sea so very long ago….

You will have to simply change your whole outlook and start truly learning to centre yourself in the cosmic energies now being released.  These are potent energies, and when you do not acknowledge them as working in your life, you will have great difficulty adjusting to your light-body, which has a CRYSTALLINE form.

It has now been confirmed by science that the 12-strand DNA has been activated, and we are going to step up in octaves in 2012, in that some people will have 24 to 36 strands activated and with it a greater brain capacity will become available, which man will have to learn to use….

I can provide you with tools for this new journey and the shift that is happening…. It is your free will to use these tools, or to simply carry on with your life