New Energies: Disintegration of lower soul self.


This is the time for immense energy changes, and what will impact the most at this time is the disintegration, the leaving, the dying, of the Old Adam, the Old Eve, so that we can be resurrected and reborn into our new Adam/Eve Kadmon Lightbodies.

So many of us have been put through severe initiations in the last few years and we have had to shed skin after skin, memory bank after memory bank.  We have been stripped naked and bare to our very core soul self, and then some more.

That little boy, the bewildered teenager, the little girl and the bewildered teenager, has to be released, for it is the LOWER soul self, the animal self, which makes us sometimes behave irrationally, and holds on prisoners of fear:  the fear of truly opening ourselves to love and being loved, the fear of abandonment, of loss, the fear of dying, the fear change, the fear of having to move out of our self-made prisons and into the utter freedom of just BEING.

The Higher Soul Self KNOWS  and is not planetary bound, but flies free cosmically.  It is the infinite expanded version of ourselves, the limitless soul which has had billions of lives, parallel lives in cosmic Universes and Omni verses.  It limitless, eternal and therefore knows no time and bounds.  It is free to BE – just BE in any existence or form.

In Ancient times those high adepts and initiation could easily shape-shift into any form they wished to adopt for certain energy work.  They literally BECAME the force, in allowing themselves to be disintegrated and reassembled.  There was no fear of loss of the physical form, for one was not attached to this form.  One knew that the physical body was but a vessel, a vehicle one adopted for a short eyewink in eternity, for its true soul-form was that of pure Light-energy.

The Higher Soul Self knows just LOVE. It cannot be other than love ever expanding upon itself.

However, when our lower soul self rules us while we are here on this planet and are sinking into the Sea of Forgetfulness, fears move in to hold us prisoner, and blame, shame and low self-confidence, low self-worth, make us shrinking violets who fear the power of love and who fear the catalyst of change.  We hold on for dear life to our pain, our fears, and our limitations.

The Higher Soul Self knows only love, and in expanded form, knows no fear, knows no loss, knows no boundaries, for it only functions, operates from a cosmic KNOWING and deep inner WISDOM, that knows that there is no such thing as fear, no such thing as ever losing love, nor gaining love, nor does it see limitations.  It only knows the cosmic expansive BEINGNESS, CONSCIOUSNESS in its limitless form.

I gained this understanding of the limitless, the expansiveness of the Higher Soul Self, in those times when I was asked to open up massive energy portals, and I literally had to allow myself, my lower soul self, to be disintegrated, so that my Higher Soul Self, could totally step in and allow itself to BECOME the energy and energy fields and then allow all to shift as it should.  The I, as in my lower self, the fearing, bound, I, had to completely leave so that this energy clearing work could be done.

It gave me immense understanding that when I was totally able to step up and into my Higher Soul Self, then it did not matter what happened in and around me, it did not matter how everything disintegrated, I could stand fully in my power, my Higher Soul Self power, and allow myself to be expanded cosmically into the infinite realms, where I BECAME that which was ever Present, ever expanded, ever re-creating itself.

There was no fear of loss, no fear of disintegration, no fear of losing self, no fear of losing bodily form, no fear of change or expansion.  I had nothing to hold onto, to cling to, no self-made empires, no self-made prisons, and no self.  The SELF had disappeared, but simultaneously activated the limitless ME, the limitless SOUL-SELF, the TRUTH of who and what I am.

This is now exactly what is happening to all of us at this time.  The Old Adam and Old Eve served their purpose.  This was the lowest form of existence the human soul ever experienced on this planet in the 3D world.  This is now disintegrating.

We will only fear change, fear to love another soul with all that we are, or fear pain, or fear to lose ourselves totally and our self-made prisons, if we refuse to let go.  Some people cling onto their little boy, girl, then teenager, the lower self with all they have, for that little one is like a bewildered and scared self, who is scared to lose, scared of loving with an open heart, is scared of being hurt, is scared of being abandoned, is scared of the world at large.  It conjures up fierce and scary monsters, where in reality there are none.  It always find excuses not to love, not to be, not to expand, not to get out of its own prisons and comfort zones.  It fears its own power most of all, and it fears taking responsibility for its own life, in the measure of what the soul wishes to bring in.  Once it was hurt or pained, it builds fortresses around itself and its heart, and then some more for the very frightened and hurt inner child, wants to cuddle back into the mother’s womb for protection and not face the world at large.

There is no need for that little child anymore.  That little child and teenager, has to now step up into the higher vibrational frequency fields, and in truth it cannot go there.  It has to disintegrate in order for the true soul self to step through the portals opening up, and into the full expanded soul-core-self, the Higher Soul Self, which knows no limitations.

Only the Higher Soul-Self can step into the full power of Co-CREATION, which is what the New Earth will be created from.

I see this as expansive consciousness, the conscious awareness of co-creatorship and taking full responsibility for what one creates.

One cannot truly love another human being, as long as that fearing inner child is present, for one will always hit out where one is most vulnerable, create fortresses because one fears pain, and separation, one fears that in loving the other, something will have to give way – one fears a dying inside and outside oneself.

This has to be released so that one can step into full soul maturity and full soul activation as well as incredible high ranking service work.

We cannot allow ourselves to be shrunk by the lower soul self anymore in these next few months and years.  We have to step into full maturity and full activation, as well expanded cosmic service.

The Old Adam and Eve and all the fear-based personas, the lower self personas, the masks, the pretense, ALL of it, has to go.  If we are not willing to let go of this consciousness, parts of ourselves will disintegrate, and if we cannot sustain our physical form because of this, we will have to leave the planet.

This is the reality of this time.

As the earth ascends in to much higher and more potent frequency bands, our lower selves have to be put through the fires of purification and this is what this time is all about.  Purification.  Disintegration, so that we can be reassembled into the much higher version of ourselves and into expanded consciousness and BEING.

Let those who have inner ears – hear with full activation.

Let those who inner eyes – see with full activation.

Let those who have knowing – understand with full activation.

Let this be written.

Let this be done.

So it is for all immortal cosmic Sun consciousness.

(Judith Kusel)

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Energy fields of the earth

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It is not that the Ancient Ones did not leave signs carved and engrained into the earth – it is as much as we forgot how to read them.
The earth has songs, and heart, and love and within all her energy fields, there lies the full potential of a reborn place, where we will remember the ancient songs, the ancient way of life and the ancient ways of using natural energy, which is there and free for all.
I was standing in an amazing place last week, as early evening dawned and the sun was busy setting on the horizon. I was tapping in deeply and profoundly into the energies there, amplified by the sheer granite rocks all around me, and standing between two huge stones which formed a portal.
There were people all around me, hiking this trail, and sitting on benches, yet they were totally unaware of the energy fields, and the massive vortex arising there. I was standing there, and touching the stones, and I immediately was communicating not only with the whales and dolphin energies, but with the song fields of the earth.
I had been led there, for even before I started my journey south, I had been told that I needed to link up the energy fields here, with Antarctica and with Australia, New Zealand.
Standing there immerse in the interplay of this massive energy field, I again understood that here were multiple dimensions, and multiple layers of energy fields carefully hidden in the landscape. Yet, far more than this, it was a type of FUTURE-past interplaying here. That means the technology within this energy field was so highly advanced, that 99% of human beings, would not even sense it being there.
It is mainly due to the fact that most human beings have been de-sensed, meaning they have lost the ability to SENSE energy fields, and to use their heart energies to read these fields. One can only do so, when the upper chakras from the crown chakra upwards and the earth star, as well as the Light-bridges are activated and one can raise one’s consciousness so much, that one becomes ONE or ATONE with the energy itself.
In these last few months, I was connecting these energy fields to Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica, Arkansas and France – and of course the whole of the southeastern parts of Africa. There is a much higher reason for this, and that is that some of the energy fields have been hidden and in such a way, that one has to have your own antenna tuned in to these fields – much like when you tune into the TV station, or radio show.
The more advanced the civilization, the less they left behind in any form of writing, nor monuments, for those they built were of crystalline nature. Some of these were liquid crystalline substances, and some of it just changed form over billions of years.
We have sunk so far behind the incredible knowledge of the Ancients, that we have become a species lost at its very core. In order to find ourselves again, we have to find the core within. Without going deep within, the outer cannot reveal it, for it is with the inner eye, the inner ear, and the inner heart energies, and the sensors in our solar plexus area that we tune into energy fields.
Some people use geomansy to try and map energy fields. Yet, most of these maps, miss vital energy fields, because they have not learnt to use their own sensors, as are there in the heart and soul and the physical form.
In this moment in time, with more mass cosmic energy releases, our whole idea or concepts of what is real in material and physical form and what is real in the cosmic form and energy forms will take massive quantum leaps. This is because our crystalline bodies are now forming more and more, and we are becoming liquid crystal. As we become more crystalline something deep inside starts changing, and the keys and codes of our souls are awakening – that inherent memory bank which is that of our souls and soul groups.
This is no accident, but great design.
If you think of your whole system as one energy field with intricate sensors, then you will also understand, that higher your consciousness grows, the more you can tune into that higher state of Being, and the higher and more potent energy fields.
I have found that I do not need maps, or any person to show me energy fields – I tap naturally into them. For the same energy field that I tap into in order to do soul readings, the Super-consciousness field, is there all around us in certain places on the earth. It is one single vast energy field, and it is cosmic and not earthly bound.
It is simply a matter of being open to receive and being willing to go beyond the norm and move into that un-formed, un-mapped, and un-chartered field, where nothing else exists – but one single energy field.
Such is the mass cosmic gift at this time.
Judith Kusel
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Renaissance of the Heart…

1231226_406000546190121_1066850899_nWhen the Earth emerges from the time-warp she was in, for 72 000 years and now moves into the expanded time which is the true cosmic time, this brings about immense changes from inner core heart of the planet, and most of all the core heart of the cosmic whole.
I sometimes don’t quite know what to call this bubble of amnesia that the Earth and collective whole were in, for within our sinking deeper and deeper into the 3D and core of forgetfulness, we lost so many of our higher talents, abilities and inner seeing.
A lot of this has to do with the deliberate brain washing the collective went through, but also that phase of truly descending into the underworld, the world of Hades. The darkness, that phase where the Light hardly comes in, and there is that sense of dying and decay. It was the phase when mankind was totally ruled by the mind, without the activation of the heart, for the heart comes in conjunction with the use of right brain, the creative and feminine force, that caring, nurturing and immense open heart.
When one looks back at this time, it will be time of stagnant incubation where the intuitive side, that beautiful KNOWING side, was squashed to the core and the deep inner connectedness to Mother Earth. It was the Dark Ages, before one of the greatest Renaissance’s mankind will ever go through, which is now happening.
As that intuitive knowing side of us emerges more and more with the return of the Divine Feminine, we are changing in our whole physical form, to start accommodation the Higher Vibrations and Frequencies of ATONENESS, that totally moving at molecular levels, where our consciousness rises and we become aware, and knowing, that we cannot destroy anything, without destroying ourselves, we cannot make war, without all being at-war deep within….. we cannot live peace, with our hearts and soul are not at peace.
Descending into the Underworld, we have learnt a lot. We have learnt that if we cut ourselves off from the rest of Creation, and Love force itself, then we in reality experience the pain of separation – of not being whole. The wholeness has never left us, has always been…. But we had to experience that separateness, in order to find our way back to wholeness and completeness, in order to appreciate this.
I think of this as the Renaissance of the heart. That heart is making itself felt now. It is making itself felt most deeply and profoundly in the way our relationships are falling apart. As the suddenly realize that we cannot make another love us unconditionally, that we cannot force love from another to the extent that we love, we are finding the way back to our own hearts and souls.
There is a profound shift here: – the shift comes from the understanding that we ARE love, and that love is what we are at the core. Yet, how often does that lack of love for ourselves, trip us up in the love we share for others. The shift here is to understand that another cannot be responsible for our inner well being, our inner happiness and contentment nor the love for ourselves. If we do not honor and nurture ourselves, to the very core, then how can we honor the sacredness of the heart and soul of another?
It extends to the cosmic core heart and the Divine. When the heart expands to overflowing, when the intuitive shines through and its connection to the Divine is intense, then the feeling of separateness vanishes into the whiffs of air it truly was, and we understand that we are ONE – with all of creation. We are one with dark and light. We are one with all that is…. Every molecular, and cellular existence, in all its myriads form. We are all that is, and all that is, is us.
We start to understand that all opening up of the heart, is in reality the openness to love and trust. It is mostly dis-trust which keeps us regularly closing our hearts and buildings walls around it. It is dis-trust that makes us close even our most vital life forces. It is distrust in the Divine Love and guidance. It is dis-trust in completeness, in the wholeness of Love in its completed form.
The shift then, is the shift of the heart. It is here that I feel. If is here that I am most connected to the Soul. It is here and in the solar plexus region, that our core energy matrix, when fully activated forms the interconnectedness with all, through the channel of the kundalini and the open channels of the pineal and pituitary glands. When all are open and fully functioning, and all 12 chakras are activated, the channels are wide open for the Divine Energies to lift up and expand within us.
When the whole channels are open to the Divine and the channels are open to the core Earth heart, then we are fully activated from above and below. WE ARE ONE.