The Sun Discs revisted – as consciousness rises the Ancient Order returns……


There is a great and ongoing connection now the great Central Suns and the 12 Master Galaxies pertaining to those, which all formed part of the original Creation.

Therefore then there is a steady awakening of very ancient energy fields, which hold within themselves immense encodements and glyphic awakening keys for mankind, as it has been ordained by the Intergalactic Federation to come to pass at this time of massive shifts on the planet and in the Milky Way Galaxy.

The Ancients had immense knowledge of energies and energy fields, which were then utilized in ways in which we have forgotten about.  This is was high technology and it worked on a different dimensional scale that what we are used to now.  All our modern technology cannot even compete with this type of advanced knowledge and as we grow more and more into conscious awareness as the planet shifts, we will be given access to this knowledge as we are ready to receive it, without abusing its powers.

In the last month I was called to Mauritius and Reunion to open up a vast energy field portal there and as I was tapping into this, I became aware of the immense knowledge held within such force-fields.  I also stood in sugar cane fields tuning into what is the remaining pyramids in Mauritius, and then tuned into what has been there before.  All of this has been confirmed in the meantime, but I just want to use this as an illustration that one has to be consciously aware of what is encoded and used in glyphic keys in these places, in order to access them.

Pyramids Mauritius 052

I will not go into more details here as this forms part of my book WHY I WAS BORN IN AFRICA, but my understanding rises every single day of what these vast energy fields contain.

A lot of people talk about the GRID, Ley lines, or Web of Light, but that was laid down at the time of Atlantis and therefore is much younger than the original energy grids and fields laid down when the earth was created.  So the Grid is there yes, and those doing dowsing can tap into that energy grid quite easily and most this aligns with the moon and sun, but all forget a third component, which were the sun discs, that the ancients used and had massive golden ones in their temples to remind them of the Central Suns.

The Sun discs did not incorporate the 12 signs of the zodiac, but in fact the 12 original Central Suns, as each of these Central Suns, holds a certain key encodement of the higher states of Enlightenment, thus Cosmic Consciousness.   They all slot into one single Central Sun Super consciousness Energy field and therefore the 12 and 13 always play a central role in the unlocking.

Most people on earth are only aware of one single Central Sun and unaware of the rest, but one cannot reach the higher states of evolutionary enlightenment or super consciousness without understanding of the 12 Master Central Suns – for they hold the keys and codes of ALL of Creation – therefore all that is held and created and is operational within under the Central Suns.

The Ancients knew this, and therefore the Sun discs were not just there for adornment or for some or other ceremonial purposes – they were in fact giant computers which tapped into the vast knowledge and Super consciousness energy fields of the Great Central Suns.  Their inner workings was like that of a clock – as each central spoke clicked  mechanisms it would open a portal to  a certain energy field as held within the disc this would unlock the knowledge contained therein.

The Central Suns then are great powerhouses of immense importance and unless one learns to access their knowledge, one cannot move up into a certain higher evolutionary dimensional states.  There are conscious Beings on other galaxies and star systems who are so highly advanced that we are like the most primitive or primitive species in comparison to them.

The meaning and the purpose of the Central Suns will be more and more understood as we advance in consciousness as the shift now is escalating.

However with this one has to first of all understand, that unless one is open and ready for such information, one will not gain access to it.  It is mostly so, that those who think they know, do not know, for they are blind to that which stirs the cosmic science and therefore is the foundation of what knowledge is – but in a totally different form than any human being would look for it.

Such is the wonder of knowledge hidden purposefully and with great innovation, that the blind can see, and those who think they can see – are blind.

(Judith Kusel)

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Cosmic Harmonic Sound and human and earth energies

376580_443406145703907_1759383951_ngridbkwhAs above so below…
What happens in the macrocosm…. is happening in the microcosm….
Whatever is created in one form or another – will always have a reflection somewhere in the whole of creation. It can be no other way.
In the beginning, even before light was born, there reverberated through the cosmic whole – SOUND. Thus then from the SOUND of heaven, a spark of Light was born, and thus all sound frequencies, have a colour ray which will vibrate at the same frequencies.
The sounding of God’s name, in that we sound the OHM, or in the hearing of the sounding of the Sacred name of God, YHVH through music, as some artist have recorded, we tune into the sacred sound of God itself – therefore creation.
A combination of chords reverberating throughout the cosmos is an immensely powerful source of sheer creative energy. There are harmonic frequencies of sound, which are unique to each galaxy, universe, solar system and star system. Thus, if one wants to tune into a certain galaxy, one then has to understand how to tune into that harmonic frequency.
Some sound frequencies of the harmonic frequencies are many octaves of sound higher than the human ear can hear. Some of these super-sounds can be felt though through the vibrations which all sounds give off.
I remember that my father always told me that old Zulus (meaning the ones who still grew up without the modern gadgets like cars), would simply put their ears to the ground, and could pick up the coming of horsemen many miles distant, via the sound vibrating on the earth.
The self-same Zulus, had a bush telegraph going which would outdo the telephone for many years (it needs no radio reception either.). They used to be able to project sound via standing on the top of mountains and relaying messages, and also be means of sounding the drums….. In this way their bush telegraph for many years was far more efficient than any telephone and they knew more about what was going on – and any of the settlers at the time.
I do believe that with the immense sound pollution that we have had, with the advent of mechanical things, that we have lost a lot of listening and inner hearing abilities, which should come naturally, like a 6th sense.
However, at the moment with the immense solar flares and the cosmic storms raging an interesting thing is occurring. There is now an opening up or a massive portal in this universe, which is opening up the influx of cosmic harmonic SOUND to move in at a higher frequency rate – as the cosmic energies have already penetrated and made holes in the protective shield around the planet (which had deliberately put in place by those who wished to keep mankind in a type of time-warp bubble), the cosmic sounds can now penetrate deeply into the Mother Earth again.
The Pyramids were programmed to respond to certain frequency sound vibration, which is much higher than the Schumann Resonance. It cannot be heard by human ears and it activates certain mechanisms within the crystalline structures of the stones itself. The stones were carefully selected because of the crystalline content, and some have had their outer shell removed, they still have been programmed to respond at a certain very high frequency band. I will not go deeper into this, for it is connected with a lot of other things, but this is one of the reasons, why one will feel this vibration in some part of the body – whether this is affecting the alpha and beta co-ordinance in the brain, or the physical body in some form or another.
These Cosmic Harmonic sounds are already starting to reverberate through the stone circles and the monolithic sites in the world – some of these have been forgotten about and are underground. It is working through the ley lines and the Web of Light.
It will have an immense effect on the Sphinx itself, and all that water which was pumped into the underground levels underneath the Sphinx, will start giving immense trouble – that whole site was never meant to be flooded like that and it will cause major havoc in Egypt, because of man’s own ignorance as to the cosmic laws and especially those which are in effect there and have been in effect for millennia.
Most people do not understand that if we expose ourselves to jarring or discordant sound, we are damaging our own physical bodies, never mind our ear drums. We bring dis-ease into our bodies and we start becoming angry, easily agitated and aggressive. Anyone who has ever had to work in a sound polluted environment will tell you this. One can literally go mad with discordant and dis-harmonic sound.
Bring in the higher frequency sound of the crystal bells for instance, and the human being will immediately raise its frequency. Listen or chant the name of God, and the frequency will up even higher. We can fine-tune ourselves to the immensity of the Divine Frequency once we learn how to do this and we allow ourselves to uplifted by healing sound.
When the human beings re-learn to move 33 x 3 octaves higher than what is known in sound frequencies today, it will enable them to tap into the cosmic harmonic frequencies, then all ailment associated with the mind will start falling away, as this brings in the balancing between the left and right brain and brings in the full activation of the pineal and pituary glands – without any artificial aid whatsoever – or stimulants. It is sound that works with our mental and emotional bodies, and it is to sound that they respond.
This will truly be the greatest journey of rediscovery for mankind into the realms of the cosmic whole

Ancient knowledge and Web of Light Ley lines

Since about 2004, I have become aware that I am able to read the earth’s energy lines and also what is underneath it. I travel through landscapes like the Karoo, and then I find myself, seeing the landscape as it was millions of years ago – and then start talking to geologists and read up about it…. Only to discover that what I have seen is then affirmed by geologists in their own way.

This part of Africa, for instance goes back 40 million odd years….. Yet, the historians wish to say that life at the utmost goes back to the civilizations of Babylon and Egypt. Yet here in South Eastern Africa, life is far older than that, and Michael Tellinger and others, have now dated some of the stone circles and ruins as going back at least 250 000 years.
Around 2004, I asked myself the question why I was born in Africa. What was then revealed was at times mind-boggling, and I have learnt to record what had been given, and then learn to absorb this, first and foremost from the HEART and NOT from the mind – for my mind cannot take it all in…. My heart and soul though knows, because my soul is immortal and does not live within the extreme limitations of my physical form and my physical mind.

I have learnt in all these years, not only to write down and record what has been given, but to keep my camera and journals with me at all time. I often would be led to places without having any idea what I was supposed to be doing there, and then found myself suddenly downloading information regarding the landscape and the civilizations which were here before.
In the beginning I used to rely heavily on what has been written and recorded before, and then found a sense of peace in knowing that there had been others who had recorded things, and maybe left this part of Africa out of the equations. I remember reading Thor Heyerdahl for instance, and his research and travels in on the Maldives Islands, Mauritius and Zanzibar, for instance where exactly the same type of step pyramids are found, which are found in Mexico. Another who goes into this is someone like Graham Hancock, etc. Yet, all seem to do then to Egypt, Babylon, Mexico and Peru and poor south-eastern Africa is lost in the equation.

I sat for hours wondering about that. Geologists have for so long said that in the beginning there was ONE single LANDMASS, so South America, Antarctica, the Island offshore of Africa, which includes Madagascar, Sri Lanka, and Australia and New Zealand, all link up, for here where I am living examples of life in the Salt River have been found, which not found elsewhere in Africa, BUT IN AUSTRALIA AND SOUTH AMERICA and here the landmass was torn off and the mountains here were pushed up by immense inner earth activity.

My question then arose = why was this part of Africa then forgotten, or why did it slip into oblivion. My answer came in the mists of time and I have recorded the whole history of mankind since the first civilizations were founded here more than 40 million years ago. I was given details (which I have recorded in my book) which are mind-boggling and this then comes back to the fact that the first inhabitants of the planet were GIANTS and that they were an immensely evolved race of men – in fact they were light-years ahead of us and because of having spacecraft and Mother ships, they left the planet en masse, when these landmasses were torn off – some died in the immense catastrophes, which by the way, were MANMADE……

I do not wish to go further into these stories, for they are a story on its own. Suffice is to say, that this part of Africa, is the oldest, the Cradle of Mankind in so many ways, and it was not the Neanderthal who was the first inhabitant here, not the San people, but in fact there were much older civilizations who have left their fingerprints here in this part of Africa IN THE LANDSCAPE and only those who open themselves to journeys of inner initiations in the Mysteries, will be allowed to read them – so carefully was this hidden.

When the first settlement on this planet occurred, THOTH and his twin flame SESHAT, (and by the way, he goes under many names, like Merlin and Hermes), laid down the WEB OF LIGHT and the ley lines of the planet. The portals, were these lines crossed, had vast CRYSTAL PYRAMIDS built on them and at first there were 12 massive ones.

All interlinked and formed one massive and powerful ENERGY GRID AND ENERGY VORTEXES and thus ALL HAD NATURAL ENERGY TO TAP INTO FOR THEIR SPACECRAFT AND FOR THEIR ABODES AND TEMPLES (a lot of smaller pyramids were built over time).

The landmasses which then were separated, like South America and Australia, still had some of the ley lines and the web of light intact, but over time, the next generations who came in had to do massive repairs on them. In the meantime other vast civilizations them came to the fore: MU AND LEMURIA and ATLANTIS…. All of these then followed the same destructive patterns and started destroying themselves, with the end result of more landmasses sinking under the sea.

The earth has shifted a few times on its axles and the poles have changed places a few times….. So what was originally put it place, is still there, but then some of the lines have shifted over millions of years…. Yet the INNER CORE OF THE PLANET HAS REMAINED STEADY. The whole planet is interlinked with a vast underground tunnel system and underground lakes and rivers. In some cases, like in this part of Africa, that river is GOLD, and this is the FOUNTAINS or RIVERS OF ETERNAL LIFE. (Again my book is about this)

In my studies and revelations of these lines and web of Light I have found that there is a whole science here waiting to be discovered – yet the planet is not ready for this yet.

At this moment in time, there are two places on Earth which need urgent attention and which need healing, one in Africa, and one in Australasia.

A lot of us are souls who are here on SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT – meaning we have knowledge and technology which we need to start tapping into and using in order to start repairing these lines. In my soul readings lately this has come very much to the fore.

We all are interlinked through time and space and we have come in to assist the whole revolutionary progress of bringing this planet into balance once more and then to assist with the repair of the Web of Light. I know my soul was involved with this in the beginning of time and is here to do just that.

We have to learn to step out of boxed in thinking and the sheer confines of the mind and all the programming and control mechanisms which have been placed there to make us forget who and what we truly are and what we have come here to do. We can only remember, once we learn to go back into the space of HEART and learn to open up our third, to 12 inner eyes and learn to tap into the vastness of the SUPERCONSCIOUSNESS field again.

This too is now getting activated in certain individuals who have been handpicked to the task…..